Has anyone tried the Dawn Dishsoap and Vinegar thing to clean their shower?

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Posted 6/9/2012 by scrapnchick in NSBR Board

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Posted: 6/9/2012 8:42:11 AM
Before I go tackle my shower this morning with heavy chemicals, I am wondering if this works and if it was really as easy as they say it is on pintrest. I would love to come out of there without a headache and a sore throat.


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Posted: 6/9/2012 9:16:38 AM
I use the Dawn,JetDry and White vinegar mixture to spray my shower down after each time I use it and I hardly have to deep clean it at all now. I just windex the glass doors and wall weekly now.

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Posted: 6/9/2012 9:21:25 AM
I haven't tried that mixture, but I can tell you that peroxide works MAGIC on mold/mildew. I had some on some areas where the grout needed to be repaired and I tried everything on it - bleach, Magic Eraser, Scotchbrite pads, steam cleaner, every cleaner known to man - and it didn't budge so I thought it was impossibly stained. I figured I would try one last thing and poured some peroxide on it and I'm not kidding when I say that it just disappeared. Literally disappeared.


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Posted: 6/9/2012 9:25:56 AM
Lemishine is my secret weapon in the tub/shower area. Target or WM carries it and they have instructions on their website for the amounts to use for a shower spray.


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Posted: 6/9/2012 9:36:27 AM
I've used Dawn and baking soda for years to clean the tub. I soak often after hot, sweaty, dirty days working outside, and we can accumulate a serious bathtub ring. Spray with water, squirt Dawn around the whole thing, let it flow down, swirl baking soda into the soap, let sit. Rinse and maybe rub gently and everything is clean.


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Posted: 6/9/2012 9:49:44 AM
It worked for me. I heated up the vinegar, added the dawn and sprayed it on. Left it for a couple of hours and cleaned it up. I do not have shower doors.

I think any combination of vinegar, dawn and baking soda really cleans just about anything. The vinegar does smell though, but goes away shortly.

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Posted: 6/9/2012 10:12:22 AM
I have only been using white vinegar and magic eraser.

What ratios do you use in the vinegar/dawn mixture, etc?

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Posted: 6/9/2012 10:19:58 AM
I have a full glass shower surround, and it works "meh". But since it's not worse than the chemical cleaners, and they certainly aren't better, I keep using it. It's just not good at getting the spots off the glass.

I use the Dawn,JetDry and White vinegar mixture to spray my shower down after each time I use it and I hardly have to deep clean it at all now. I just windex the glass doors and wall weekly now.

How much Jet Dry do you use? I'm wondering if I add that if the spotting issues will be taken care of.


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Posted: 6/9/2012 10:26:21 AM
I have a glass shower surround and I've had the best luck with Bar Keepers Friend. It does a fantastic job at removing water spots and doesn't stink when using it.

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Posted: 6/9/2012 10:35:54 AM
Works for us.

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Posted: 6/9/2012 6:19:19 PM
What a weird coincidence.

I have never heard of this shower cleaner concoction before but just last night we were over at a friend's house for dinner and the hostess was raving about it. She said she never used anything that worked so well, ever. I guess I'm going to have to try it.

What ratios do you use in the vinegar/dawn mixture, etc?

She told us 50/50 but now I'm thinking that doesn't make sense. 50% Dawn? That's a lot.



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Posted: 6/9/2012 6:21:20 PM
I love oxi clean for the bottom of the shower (make a paste, let it sit and the dirt comes out of those tiny crevices so easily). On the glass? A microfiber towel and Vinegar works awesome!
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Posted: 6/9/2012 6:22:12 PM
It worked for us


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Posted: 6/9/2012 6:28:11 PM
I'd love the "recipe" too - I have the worst time getting my grout and the bottom of my shower clean. The magic eraser works great for the glass doors but shreds when I try to use it on the textured shower.

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Posted: 6/9/2012 9:35:35 PM
This thread sent me searching pinterest. I found this unrelated cleaning gem: clean you ceiling fan in seconds! By using a pillowcase.


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Posted: 6/9/2012 10:32:44 PM
I did 2 weeks ago. I put a cup of vinegar in the microwave to get hot and promptly spilled it on my hand. Oh my word be very careful and do not do what I did. I soaked my hand for 5 hours in ice water. It hurt like a mo fo. My hand is just now healing after two weeks.

I managed to make the solution the next day and it worked great.

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Posted: 6/9/2012 10:37:42 PM
Having lived in many parts of our country, (plus in 4 foreign countries too) I will tell you that all water is different! Each area has it's own minerals dissolved in that area's water - so what works to clean in some parts of the country does not work as well in other.

If you know people locally who've had great success with ...whatever shower cleaner mix.... then I would recommend trying that one first. It must react well with your local water minerals.

We are currently living in an area where we DO have good luck removing "build-up" with vinegar. However, the state we lived in previous to this move - we had much better results with things like Bar Keeper's Friend.

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Posted: 6/11/2012 5:49:22 PM
I tried it and it does work, but it leaves lots of suds. I want to try the Dawn/hydrogen perioxide method, but I didn't have any H2O2


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