Thiefs suck!

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Posted 6/27/2012 by ccookwood in NSBR Board


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Posted: 6/27/2012 8:50:09 AM
My daughter called my last night from the summer college program shes at (for 18 days) and said someone stole her ipod. I honestly thought it was misplaced I've seen her room at home! NOPE, she called this morning they also took her money and somethings of her roommates. I'm so sad for my daughter this wasn't' the best experience for her but she was making the most of it and sounded so happy last night the first time she called. My heart is breaking for her.

It's not really about the ipod or the money its that they hurt my kid. She sounds so sad on the phone. I go get her tomorrow I so can't wait to hug her.

The program itself was worthwhile but the kids are Juniors and Seniors, 36 of them and they did an intense 3 week class schedule, they were only allowed their phones during certain hours and had to sit with certain people at mealtime. She only sorta new one other person going and didn't even get to have meals with him.

My daughter had never been away before, this was tough she actually said last night on the phone she hopes to get asked back next year, which shocked not so sure.

Why oh Why are kids so mean.

Sorry got long needed to vent.


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Posted: 6/27/2012 9:05:45 AM
Bummer, with all the iphones, ipads, droids and tablets I think they need to have a safe place to put that stuff at camps and stuff when they are not allowed to have them.

Sorry someone chored her ipod.

Even with the snark, trolls and spelling police you are a great group of ladies!

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Posted: 6/27/2012 9:07:52 AM

It's incredibly sad. Kids could care less about others property, if they want it, they take it. My nephew had some items stolen at camp and they discovered that it was another group that was there for the day, not his fellow campers. Hopefully, this is the case with your dd.


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April 2007
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Posted: 6/27/2012 9:17:01 AM
this is your second post on the same subject

I have quite a few learing disabilitys that effect my spelling a grammer. I do know my grammer and spelling suck. I have been working on this problem all my adult life.


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Posted: 6/27/2012 9:31:31 AM

this is your second post on the same subject

And your point?? Why does it bother you if she did post it twice??

Just Tricia

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Posted: 6/27/2012 10:04:51 AM
"this is your second post on the same subject"

Nope. This post is about the theft and why are kids mean. The other post was asking how to use the find my phone app. But thanks for playing.

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Posted: 6/27/2012 10:09:31 AM
That really sucks people are so mean. I guess the only upside is that it won't be hard to explain to her why she needs to lock things up once she is at college. Sometimes when kids are raised to be good honest people and hang around mostly good honest people they have a hard time learning how awful other people can be. It is truly a shame her fun adventure has been spoiled but maybe it will save her some more serious losses in the future.


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Posted: 6/27/2012 10:34:41 AM
Thanks ladies for sticking up for me! Nothing like kicking me when I'm down already.

Unfortunately the find my ipod app won't work because she has it password protected.

Thanks Carrie

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Posted: 6/27/2012 10:40:21 AM
You are right, thieves do suck. You feel so violated. Sending hugs to you.


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Posted: 6/27/2012 7:37:50 PM
Sorry you got hit.

There is a learning opportunity here for her, that I wish I had done (I got hit in a massive apartment robbery/vandalism last summer): get all devices etched with a unique # (one of parents' driver's licenses for example) and record all serial #s.

Really, these places need to have somewhere secure to store these things.

I am amazed that so many hotels still do not have room safes, for example, when you are travelling.


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Posted: 6/27/2012 7:52:40 PM

this is your second post on the same subject

Some people steal Ipods and some steal oxygen. Real classy darkangel.

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