iPhone - Camera Roll v. Photo Stream questions!!!

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Posted 7/22/2012 by amybaby in NSBR Board


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Posted: 7/22/2012 10:47:33 PM
I desperately need iphone photography help!

What is the difference between my camera roll and my photo stream?

Do I need both?

Are all of pics in both? I take photos mostly with the regular Camera app and Camera+.

My iCloud says I don't have enough space to back up right now. Will deleting a lot of pics help? I think I have them saved on my computer. I have 1600+ photos in my Camera Roll and 800 pics in my Photo Stream.

Any help is MUCH appreciated!! Thanks!


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Posted: 7/22/2012 11:04:01 PM
Your camera roll is all the photos that were taken or saved to the phone. The photo stream is all your iproduct photos. If I take a photo with my phone, then it goes to my photo stream and I can access it on my iPad and iMac without having to do anything extra.

If you have several iproducts then I would say, yes you need them both.

If your iCloud is full, try going through and checking which apps are being backed up. I found a bunch of apps that I didn't need taking up space on there. I don't delete photos unless they are blurry or "misfires", so not backing them up to the cloud doesn't work for me.

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Posted: 7/22/2012 11:27:56 PM
The photos in your photostream are what you can see on other devices without having to hook up your iphone. Your photostream photos do not count towards your iCloud storage limit, so you have to delete something else.

Also, you can only keep 1000 photos in photostream, or keep them in photostream for 30 days, whichever comes first. So, don't forget to save them somewhere, such as your camera roll or your computer.

ETA: just found out something about the 30 day rule. That is how long the photo stays in the cloud for sharing. After 30 days it is no longer in the cloud, but it is still in your photostream until you hit 1000 pictures. I checked my own photostream and I still have older pics in it. I am not near the 1000 limit yet.

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Posted: 6/19/2013 4:21:18 AM
Photo Stream is a feature in iCloud that allows Apple users to wirelessly sync photos and video between multiple devices. The service lets you take a picture on your iPhone or iPad 2 running iOS 5 and have it uploaded automatically in the background to your Photo Stream folder. That folder is then made available on all of your devices that are logged into iCloud, including iPhoto on your Mac.
Note: Photos on the Photo Stream only last 30 days.

Steps to Delete Photos from Photo Stream
Step 1: Login to your iCloud account on iCloud.com from a Mac or PC.
Step 2: Click on your name at the top right of the main iCloud page.
Step 3: Click on the Advanced option.
Step 4: Click "Reset Photo Stream". You will then need to confirm.
Step 5: This Photo Stream reset will not go into effect until you toggle Photo Stream on and off on your devices. In iOS, Photo Stream can be turned off and on in the iCloud settings window of the Settings app.

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Posted: 6/19/2013 6:09:09 AM
Ok, I just had this problem. Don't delete your photos.

Go to Settings, General, Icloud. Then at the bottom it says Manage.

Turn stuff off! You will get all your storage back!


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Posted: 6/19/2013 7:13:18 AM
This is an old thread???


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Posted: 6/19/2013 11:45:37 AM
Oh yeah it IS an old thread, but I've been having this question lately about the difference, so I'm glad it was bumped!


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Posted: 6/19/2013 3:01:05 PM

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Posted: 8/3/2013 2:23:16 AM
Yesterday,Apple informed me that my iCloud space is running out so that I have to delete something.
According to Apple official documents,Photo Stream is not in the free space,so it's useless to delete photos to release space.The iCloud space is taken up mainly by three parts -- e-mail, backup and documentation.
In order to figure out which files have taken up the most space,we can make a investigation.

1.In the main screen, click the "Settings" application
2.Click the "iCloud", and select "Storage and Backup"
3.Click "Manage storage space."

Then you can see iCloud account space usage situation then decide what should be deleted.

Personally ,I don't like backup things via iCloud since it's space is limited.
I always copy my phone content via iTunes or other tools.

Here some articles about iPhone backup problems.
Maybe someone here would need them.

For PC users:How to backup iPhone to PC

For Mac users: How to backup iPhone to Mac

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