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Posted 9/18/2012 by luvmypics in General Scrappin'


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June 2012
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Posted: 9/18/2012 11:47:22 AM
I was wondering how many of you get this kit club? Do you love it? Is it worth the money, with the add on and such? I was watching mercytiara on youtube and really enjoying it and she works a lot with studio Calico kits. They look great. Tell me all about this kit club. Thanks


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Posted: 9/18/2012 11:50:49 AM
I'm a fairly new subscriber and haven't yet ordered any of the add ons. I worked with my first kit and actually got 10 pages out of it! I had reservations before joining about whether it was worth the money but I'm glad I joined. I especially like being able to add on to my kit order for the same delivery price.



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June 2012
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Posted: 9/18/2012 11:55:16 AM
Oh thanks so much for responding. That's wonderful you got so many layouts with it.


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Posted: 9/18/2012 11:59:49 AM
I've been subing for a few months, so far I really enjoy it. I tend to go matchy-matchy with my paper/products selections, SC really forces me out of my creative box. As for their customer service problems, so far I've had nothing but positive experiences. One of my first kits came with 3 pieces of the paper bent on the corner. Instead of replacing the 3 pieces, an entire new kit shipped. One other time I had one small embellishment missing and they sent new ones no questions asked. Really, I couldn't be happier.

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Posted: 9/18/2012 12:33:43 PM
ive been subscribing for about 5 months now and I love it!!! I wish I had of known about SC sooner!!
plus free shipping incentive for internationals, I can't tell you how amazing that is!!!! not many, if any, company's offer that but I can tell you they get for my business!!! hehe
I'm really not sure why some people have a problem with SC? I'm not saying that narky, I just really honestly don't know!! but I'm 100% satisfied with them
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April 2012
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Posted: 9/18/2012 12:50:38 PM
I have been subscribing to Studio Calico kits for 6 months now, and I love it! I kept noticing the style on layouts in Scrapbooks Trends magazine and admiring it, so I tried SC for a couple of months, and I now intend to keep getting it, its so fun.I have ordered a couple of add ons and enjoyed them, and I have had to contact them as gorgeous yummy thing was missing from kit, and they were super nice and it arrived in the mail a couple of days later. Love getting such up to date supplies as we have no local store. My only problem is keeping kit complete in a paper file or splitting it up and filing under colour?At the moment I am keeping them whole until they are nearly used up. Love their style, really got me out of my comfort zone,


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September 2010
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Posted: 9/18/2012 1:02:58 PM
September was my first month as a subscriber and I love it. It's really nice having a kit with paper, embellishments and letter stickers that all coordinate. Also, the exclusives can't be beat. They are so much fun to have.

It is hard to not spend a ton of money since as a subscriber you can shop from the 27th until the end of the month with free shipping with your kit. So I went overboard my first month getting 2 add-ons and a few other things. That's not Studio Calico's fault, but my impulse control. That is a nice feature though if you decide later you want to buy more items.


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Posted: 9/18/2012 1:33:08 PM
This will be my third month coming up as a subber and I really love it too. You can squeeze a lot of layouts and cards out of just the main kit but the add-ons are lots of fun too (this last month they were actually easier to get because SC was rumored to finally stock more add-ons).
This though, is very true for me:

I tend to go matchy-matchy with my paper/products selections, SC really forces me out of my creative box

There is always at least one product that I never thought about using that I end up loving because it was in the kit.

I say go for it and enjoy it!


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Posted: 9/18/2012 1:49:12 PM
I really enjoy it. It's been funny, the kits that I've been like 'Hmm, not sure if I want it' have been really great at getting me out of my creative box and really getting me to use supplies and scrap. I'm super excited for October, and there's one add on I am in love with, and I hope I snap it up (my main issue is that it's been hard for me to get some of the addons with the sheer number of interested people).

And I love that I got some digi files, they ended up being super fun to cut with my SCAL 2 and my Expression. I've been really inspired and totally scrappy lately, and I think SC is sort of responsible.

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April 2011
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Posted: 9/18/2012 1:59:44 PM
I want to join the club so bad! Whenever I think about going for it, they come out with a month that I absolutely hate and then I get scared out of it I always see them getting sold on here and on Facebook so it's pretty easy to get your money back if you don't like the kit.



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Posted: 9/18/2012 10:37:52 PM
I just joined last week so I will get my first kit this month or shoulde I say the first of next month. I am excited as I too see lots of people really enjoying these. I can wait to see all the extra goodies(add-ons) that will hopefully be available.


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Posted: 9/19/2012 3:10:05 AM
I am about to celebrate my 1st aniversary and have loved it.
I too sometimes look at a months kit and don't like it much like this months but then when I got it yesterday I was so pleased. The thing you have to remember is they don't show the "b" side of papers so if there is one you think you could never use more often than not you can work with the other side.

The other neat thing is the exclusives in the kit like this month they have an Amy Tangerine alphabet in exclusive colours. And their stamps are awesome.


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Posted: 9/19/2012 3:19:33 AM
Next month I will celebrate my one-year anniversary, too. I have loved every kit this past year. I especially love the exclusives but I also really like the mix of product.

And I usually get a couple of add-ons, too, because I really hate to pay shipping.



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Posted: 9/19/2012 3:29:53 AM
I love SC. They've introduced me to new products and styles. That's why i joined and i couldn't be happier.

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Posted: 9/20/2012 2:09:37 AM
I have been buying SC kits for over 2 years now and have only not kied 2 of the kits, well i should say i actually did like them but they were just not my colours to scrap with. both kits were about a year apart and i just sold them here, no biggy

I say go for it, i have been in 4 or 5 clubs and you won't find one better than SC

Happy Scrapping


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Posted: 9/20/2012 7:23:14 AM
I have been thinking about this for a while too....I might have really consider this..

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