Please help my sore, cracked feet.

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Posted 10/2/2012 by LesleeW in NSBR Board


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Posted: 10/2/2012 10:11:01 PM
Hi ladies...

For the past 2-3 years whenever fall hits, my feet become cracked and very sore around all the edges of my feet. There are big flakes that peel off sometimes, but mostly it is deep cracks. Once in a while I will get a spot that bleeds, but not too often.

I bought one of the Ped-eggs 2 falls ago, and try to use that to get whatever dead skin off that I can. I have bought a couple of creams at stores that promise an end to this painful condition and they really haven't worked. I have also lathered my feet up with lotion (trying many different kinds over time) and putting socks on and trying to "lock in" the moisture.

I am miserable. My feet hurt all the time and I just can't seem to get a handle on this. Has anyone had this same problem and found something that helps? I am on my feet all day teaching and then running after our three kids until 9ish at night, so any help and possible relief would be greatly appreciated!


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Posted: 10/2/2012 10:15:03 PM
Bag Balm at night and socks.


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Posted: 10/2/2012 10:20:23 PM
Cornhuskers lotion and socks at night. Awesome stuff but it looks gross. You can buy it at any drug store.


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September 2004
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Posted: 10/2/2012 10:21:18 PM
You might see a dermatologist about it. I have a vague recollection of reading an article suggesting that "dry skin" on your feet can actually be a variation of athlete's foot. Perhaps it's a recurring skin infection of some sort... or perhaps something that might need a steroid cream.

In the mean time, my suggestion for the cracks would be to apply neosporin with pain relief and bandage what you can. (My thumb keeps splitting, and it hurts terribly, so I can only image how your poor feet feel. I use the neosporin for that.)


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March 2012
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Posted: 10/2/2012 10:23:37 PM
Bag Balm is very good. Also Ahava (most expensive) makes a rich foot cream. And there is a product called Zim's Crack Creme. (that is really the name) I've found that any type of cream works. The trick is to sleep with socks on after you put the cream on.

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Posted: 10/2/2012 10:28:46 PM
I would see a dermatologist or podiatrist. It's recurring and it's seriously impacting your life. {{{Hugs}}}

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Posted: 10/2/2012 10:32:54 PM
Try soaking your feet in vinegar, then an anti fungal cream, and spray your shoes and shower floor with Lysol after every use.


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Posted: 10/2/2012 10:35:40 PM
I use the Hemp foot protector lotion from The Body Shop. That stuff works!!

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Posted: 10/2/2012 10:43:24 PM
Whatever cream or lotion you decide on, keep it on your nightstand and use it every night. With your very busy life I'll bet you often get into bed and realize you forgot to use the lotion on your feeties. Having it within reach will help. Although sometimes I'm just too tired to care, even with it inches from my pillow!


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Posted: 10/3/2012 2:57:45 AM
See a podiatrist or skin doctor to check it's nothing fungal.

Add Vit E to your diet with a supplement and try Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream 'ointment' overnight (you'll need socks). It's magic stuff.


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April 2004
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Posted: 10/3/2012 3:20:29 AM
There is no better lotion for this than Amlactin. That is what I learned from a podiatrist.


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September 2006
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Posted: 10/3/2012 5:03:22 AM
Heel-tastic. It will change your life forever!!!


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May 2012
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Posted: 10/3/2012 6:48:25 AM
Flexitol is brilliant.


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February 2011
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Posted: 10/3/2012 6:55:24 AM
Does your diet change in the fall? Make sure you are keeping the good fats in your diet. After a good soak in warm water with vinegar or tea tree, use some Crisco and an old pair of sports socks for the night.

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Posted: 10/3/2012 7:02:33 AM
Cracked feet mean an over abundance of yeast in your system.

Great ideas already mentioned.

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Posted: 10/3/2012 7:45:07 AM
A thick layer of Aquaphor and socks at night.


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May 2007
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Posted: 10/3/2012 8:50:56 AM
I agree with seeing a dermatologist to rule out any infections.

Then, if all's clear, try some of the suggestions above.
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July 2009
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Posted: 10/3/2012 12:40:35 PM
Another vote for Amlactin!
I have horrible feet all year (cracks that bleed bad) and my endocrinologist started me on it 10 yrs ago. But it is an every night thing!
Also, be warned, when you put in on open sores, it burns like crazy! But after a week or so, no more cracks!

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Posted: 10/3/2012 3:33:04 PM
"Cracked feet mean an over abundance of yeast in your system. "


Pick up some anti fungal cream from your local pharmacy.
Soak your feet in tea and Epsom salt.
Then use sand paper a foot file or a rasp while they are still wet
Dry thoroughly
Apply the cream thickly. Don't move until it's soaked in

Apply the cream twice a day
Soak your feet once a day

Your feet should be much better within a two weeks

Don't stop using the cream just because your feet get better. Keep using it once a day before bedtime and sand the rough skin off everyday

If you ask the pharmacist they will tell you the newest and most effective cream for athletes foot to buy
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Posted: 10/3/2012 4:03:13 PM
I use a PedEgg and then use Kerasal ointment (not the lotion) with cotton socks. It's the only thing I've ever found that really works. Can't tell you how much I suffered before I found this combination. Sending healing thoughts your way!


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October 2001
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Posted: 10/3/2012 8:01:03 PM
Flexitol, I got it at Walmart for around $5. Works over night! It is amazing! I use it at night put on socks and in the morning it's almost gone. Found it by the foot care items.


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August 2007
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Posted: 10/3/2012 8:30:06 PM
I use plain old Vaseline and a pair of white socks.


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Posted: 10/3/2012 9:19:17 PM
Dry, cracking, painful feet that bleed can be psoriasis or dermatitis so if possible, you should see a dermatologist. While great ideas for "normal" feet, rasping, filing and Ped-egging can aggravate psoriasis and make it worse, even though they might look better for a few days. In the meantime, any good moisturizer is better than none.

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Posted: 10/3/2012 9:32:40 PM

A thick layer of Aquaphor and socks at night.

I second this. I used to get deep gashes and cracks in my feet from them being so dry, and this heals them up and makes my feet look and feel pretty again in no time!

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October 2005
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Posted: 10/3/2012 9:33:52 PM

I use plain old Vaseline and a pair of white socks.

That's what my manicurist recommended too.


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November 2003
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Posted: 10/3/2012 9:43:51 PM
I would have said vaseline too, but I also agree with getting them checked out by a doctor


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February 2005
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Posted: 10/3/2012 10:42:28 PM
I also use Amlactin, and it works wonders.

Before going to bed, I file the dry spots with a large good file, slather on Amlatin, and then put on special socks. I apply Amlactin in the AM as well, after my shower. When I follow this protocol religiously, I have no more dry, cracked heels.

Good luck!


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Posted: 10/3/2012 10:54:27 PM

Flexitol is brilliant.

Flexitol, I got it at Walmart for around $5. Works over night! It is amazing! I use it at night put on socks and in the morning it's almost gone. Found it by the foot care items.
I can't emphasize it enough. Seriously. The stuff is a miracle cream. I suffered with dry, cracked heels for most of my adult life. Bleeding, cracks as deep as the Grand Canyon, the whole bit.

A couple of years ago I started using Flexitol Heel Balm and couldn't believe how quickly my feet started healing. Within three days, I noticed a definite difference. Along with a regular regimen of alternating with Flexitol, Earth Therapeutics Tee Tree lotion, and B&BW Tru Blue Lay It On Thick cream, my feet have never been in better condition.

Get thee to your local Walmart and pick up a tube of this stuff - it cost about $10 for the 4 oz tube. Follow the directions and use religiously. You won't be sorry.


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Posted: 10/3/2012 10:55:15 PM
I recently tried Lush's Volcano foot mask. My feet were BAD!! I put it on and wrapped my feet in Seran. I left them like that for about an hour. SO amazing. Followed it up with their Fair Trade Foot lotion, which I've been using every night before bed. My feet have never been better.
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Posted: 10/3/2012 10:59:55 PM

I would have them checked medically, if not a doctor then a podiatrist and then take their advice.

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Posted: 10/3/2012 11:06:01 PM

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Posted: 10/4/2012 12:04:28 AM
raw, organic, virgin coconut oil and socks!
it's amazing!
i buy Nature's Way brand.. I'm sure others are fine too
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