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Posted 11/13/2012 by Nana2Callie in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 11/13/2012 9:19:30 AM
What product lines are you using with Project Life for 2013?


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November 2010
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Posted: 11/13/2012 10:02:52 AM
I'm going to use some of the Sn@p stuff and a lot of stuff from my stash. I also signed up for the SC kit.

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June 2010
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Posted: 11/13/2012 10:20:30 AM
I make my own 3x4 and 4x6 inserts using all the paper and cardstock that I currently have on hand.

I cut it to size and then use some of the scrap or leftover rectangular pieces as accents along with stickers and I stamp on journaling lines if needed.

I cut my mat stacks to fit and then I use the leftover scraps to add layers of dimension. I then corner round off the edges.

I keep them in stacks and file by theme if needed.


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April 2009
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Posted: 11/13/2012 10:20:51 AM
I'm using some of the Pebbles Seen and Noted and Family Ties, my stash, some Sn@p and most likely subbing to the Citrus Twist PL kit.

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Posted: 11/13/2012 10:45:30 AM
Simple Stories "Sn@p!" mostly, supplementing with things that match it.


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Posted: 11/13/2012 11:12:38 AM
I subscribed to the SC project life kit as the PL stuff is supposed to coordinate with the main kits. I bought the BH page protectors and AC 3 ring album. It works for me!



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April 2009
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Posted: 11/13/2012 12:24:48 PM
I was considering the SC kit as well but if they are along the lines of their main kits I'll pass. It's not really my style.

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March 2003
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Posted: 11/13/2012 7:01:00 PM
I really want to see what the SC products look like.


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Posted: 11/13/2012 9:25:21 PM
I signed up for the SC kit. And then I went through my stash and started cutting down to 4x6 and 3x4 cards. I probably have about a 3-4" stack of each size.

I was on the fence about getting a BH kit, but I just have so much stuff, I will wait for now. Ordered the big box of A protectors and the BH 3x4 grid cards so I can stamp and decorate those to use too.

I am a project lifer. That's why I am taking so many pictures.....
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July 2012
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Posted: 11/14/2012 7:21:46 AM
I signed up for the SC PL kit, I have 5 sets of BH kits, and a lot of the sn@p stuff. Excited to start!!

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September 2011
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Posted: 11/14/2012 9:00:30 AM
I will continue to use the four I have (two physical) and two digital from Becky's lines. I also use freebies I find here and there and digital sb kits to journal and embellish my pics and inserts in photo shop elements.


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June 2011
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Posted: 11/17/2012 3:47:54 PM
I have way too many papers, tools, stamps, and embellishments. I really am going to just cut my paper down and make my own. Then I will of course have to restock my stash!!!



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August 2002
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Posted: 11/17/2012 4:25:09 PM
I think if I don't get the Cherry kit for Christmas, I'll be using my stash. I've got some older papers that I love but just can't seem to get into an album. I'm hoping for some gift cards for Christmas so I can pick up some Sn@p stuff.



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Posted: 11/18/2012 10:11:15 AM
I will be starting PL for the very first time in 2013. I bought a kit from BH and was a little disappointed (for one, the colors are so different than what they appear online). I will use some items from the kit, but not many. I bought the orange soda pop WRM album, and one set of Design A page protectors. I have a silhouette and many of Ali's kits from Designer Digitals that I have collected over the years. I plan on using those as well. I wish I would have researced it a little more before I purchased the kit as I would have just used my stash! lol

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November 2008
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Posted: 11/18/2012 1:04:18 PM
I will use a little bit of everything.\
I still have left overs from 2 BH kits.
I signed up for the SC PL kit.
Today I decided that I will use Shimelle's document idea and adapt it. I will create 2 layouts with inserts in between for every month. I like the idea that the layouts will 'frame' the inserts for each month. And because I sub to the SC main kit and the PL kit the colors and embellishments will coordinate!



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Posted: 11/18/2012 2:59:26 PM
Is anyone else finding that the 3x4 Sn@p cards just barely fit into the PL page protector slots or are just a {tad} too big?

I know I can cut them down to fit but also thought I may have a wonky set of Sn@p cards.


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March 2008
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Posted: 11/18/2012 3:26:59 PM
I have stocked up on a variety of different page protectors from AC and EP.

I decided to give SC a try and I have hoarded the Pebbles 4 by 6 journal cards, WRMK Target ones, EP Photo Freedom, and the new Recollections Creative Chaos. Took an inventory this morning and I have a lot to get started with!

I'm still on the fence about ordering the BH Seafoam kit...

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May 2009
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Posted: 11/19/2012 1:10:21 PM
simple stories
and i saw a few recollections stuff at mikels
the smash stuff too

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Posted: 11/19/2012 1:32:29 PM
I'm on the fence about even doing PL next year, but I probably will. I've done it for four years now and I'm getting a little tired of it. I might just do monthly instead of weekly. I only did photo a day the first year I did it. After that, I did weekly each year. I won't be buying any kits though. I have tons left over from other years and so many digital things from Ali and Cathy and others. I find I print more elements than I use from Becky's kit. I will order the page protectors (Design A) but that's probably it. I'll just use a WRMK album. I don't care if mine don't match each year. I use a different album every year and up to this point, they have all been from Becky.

Then again, I might totally switch to Snap since I'm in love with it!


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September 2008
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Posted: 11/19/2012 3:47:25 PM
@ verucasalt- BH page protectors are designed to fit her cards which are not 3x4 but 2.875 x 3.something or other that is almost 4 but not quite. There is a post floating about with the exact measurement and I think she posted it on her blog.


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March 2007
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Posted: 11/20/2012 11:24:27 AM
the core kits i like are: turquoise, clementine, and seafoam - i'm seriously lovin' seafoam
i absolutely love the 4x6 and 3x4 grid cards
i need a new set of design a (and the design h - love those!) page protectors
i want to download some things that ali e and cathy z have designed
i'm still considering the sc plife kit, but not sure and the fact that it's supposed to coordinate with the main kit doesn't help - so i sub to both? lol...

i'm bad with shopping!

in my basket at home for this year, i have some amy tan stuff and lots of day and calendar stickers i've collected.

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October 2003
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Posted: 11/20/2012 12:13:31 PM
I'll be using a combination of the Studio Calico PL kit and whatever else my little heart desires.


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July 1999
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Posted: 11/20/2012 12:14:53 PM
I think mine's just going to be a hodge podge of everything out there



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March 2003
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Posted: 11/20/2012 12:36:36 PM
I am pretty sure I will be going with the PL Aqua line. (I think that's what it is called). I'll also be using a bunch of other scrap stuff. Too many to name.

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June 2012
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Posted: 12/19/2012 11:51:22 AM
The 2 core kits that I will be mixing up for the year are Clemintine and Seafoam.


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July 2008
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Posted: 12/19/2012 12:00:38 PM
I'm going to use Echo Park's photo freedom Vol 1 and also they have an everyday storyteller line, I think. They are aqua, orange, green fun colors and very vibrant. Echo park has the design A page protectors and they are the same price unless you get the big pack of BH's, which are sold out.

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Posted: 12/19/2012 12:28:31 PM
I bought some of the Sn@p stuff, and I want to use some of the new PL lines that will come out next year. I also bought some of the cards that Archivers has - exclusive to them.

I've also cut tons of 3x4 and 4x6 cards from my own stash, with my Cameo, to use. It's so easy to do with the Cameo and uses up a lot of paper, which I need to do I've used a lot of paper I don't necessarily like as a 12" x 12" sheet, because it looks good as a smaller piece.


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May 2007
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Posted: 12/19/2012 12:29:16 PM
I plan on using the Seafoam PL Kit (with Binder)and SC kit. I do have leftover stuff from the BH PL Clementine from this year.

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April 2007
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Posted: 12/19/2012 12:37:15 PM

Is anyone else finding that the 3x4 Sn@p cards just barely fit into the PL page protector slots or are just a {tad} too big?

I know I can cut them down to fit but also thought I may have a wonky set of Sn@p cards.

Yeah, it's technically the slots that don't fit the Sn@p stuff The Sn@p cards measure exactly 3x4 and 4x6.

When I found out her "3x4" slots are actually smaller than that (after I ordered a mega-amount of Design A's), I was pretty ticked.

My whole method of Sn@p + PL Design A was ease of use. I'm super busy and the whole point was quick and easy. Now that I'm going to have to cut down every. single. card., I am not happy

She should advertise them on Amazon and her site with a disclaimer about the size. Not everyone reads through the whole blog, etc. before they purchase (like me). /vent


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May 2002
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Posted: 12/19/2012 1:26:30 PM
The physical pockets are 3"x4", I believe. The cards are 2.9"x3.953". If you want other products to fit in Project Life page protectors (which are designed to go with the Project Life cards), why is the fault laid at Becky Higgins' feet?? Yes, it's a bit frustrating, but I don't think she should have to post a disclaimer on Amazon that if you intend to use other manufacturers' products in her page protectors, they might be a bit snug.

There isn't an Aqua kit, but there is a Turquoise and a Seafoam (both shades of blue).

That said -- I will be using a mix of manufacturers (physical and digital products), with the Seafoam core kit as my base.


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Posted: 12/19/2012 7:47:13 PM
But BH inserts to supplement the core kit are labeled as size '3x4' or '4x6', not 2.9 x 3.953. Perhaps the products should be labeled with the correct size. Its misleading and frustrating.
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Posted: 12/20/2012 6:17:20 AM
I'm using my paper and embellishment stash and creating PL cards from my Silhouette Library Stash.


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May 2009
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Posted: 12/20/2012 8:45:20 AM
simple stories

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December 2011
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Posted: 12/21/2012 1:11:36 PM
I'm using what I have in my stash. I started PL last year but didn't go through with it so hopefully I will stick to it
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January 2003
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Posted: 12/21/2012 5:41:46 PM
I bought the page protectors from Becky and an album at Target. I plan to use my stash. I hope to use up a lot of odds and ends this way. I am hoping to use a lot of my stamp sets as well.

I want to order a few digital items to play with as well. I just have to figure out which ones.

I have always done the kit I did it two years but took 2012 off and hope I don't regret not having a kit.

It sounds like quite a few are going to be using their stash this time around.

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Posted: 12/21/2012 5:50:49 PM
I want Seafoam. But not sure if it is in the budget. I am hoping for a Christmas gift card for Amazon. I already have lots of Sn@p stuff and the Clementine digital kit. Plus I use stuff from my stash and downloaded cards from all over.

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November 2009
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Posted: 12/21/2012 8:27:02 PM
I am using the Citrus Twist Project Life kit and little bits that I filled a drawer with

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Posted: 12/21/2012 10:14:45 PM
I'm going to use BH pages with all kinds of random October Afternoon stuff.


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January 2008
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Posted: 12/25/2012 7:40:55 PM
I received the BH Cherry edition PL kit today for Christmas and I love it I am so excited to get started
Using a WRMK leather album in red (It was supposed to be temporary b/c they were sold out of the albums when my mom purchased the kit, but I really like the look of the red album with the cherry kit)

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Posted: 12/25/2012 9:03:22 PM
Seafoam and my usual WRMK's black leather album. I used Clementine this year and still have quite a few items left over. I will probably use a mix of the two plus some of my stash.

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June 2012
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Posted: 12/25/2012 9:03:38 PM
I'll be using my stash, SN@P, and some gorgeous map, music sheet, ledger, and newspaper print cards from etsy as per my gift card!
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