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For more detail and information see our website:

December Newsletter 2012
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

December 8th-Welcome to our 12th Annual December Holiday Crop. We will have our much loved “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree with our handmade tree skirt, wreath, ornaments, our traditional dinner, prizes, and most of all holiday crop time with our Sunshine sisters.

 Our “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree has ornaments representing our Sunshine Scrappers family through the years. Some ornaments are store bought and some are handmade. Feel free to make an ornament (include the year) for our Christmas tree and bring it in December. It’s a Sunshine Scrappers annual tradition.


The doors OPEN at 10:00am NO earlier. The SS Elves would like the room to be festive when you all arrive-it is Christmas after all. Doors CLOSE at 10pm so we must be packed up and cleaned up by then. (It is a long day for us villagers)

December Crop Fee

As with every December Crop your entire crop fee ($6) will be donated to the church as a thank you for allowing us to crop each month. If you would like to donate more then please do. St. Alban’s will make sure it is used in a positive way. We enjoy giving back to our community. Rental fee for the big crop room is $185 -they are only charging us $75.00- THANK YOU ST. ALBAN’S!!

Please read all...we have a lot of things planned-don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Prizes and Gifts!

Festive Attire: Santa hat, socks, etc. show your Christmas/Holiday spirit the Sunshine Scrappers way to win a prize. Wear your Sunshine Scrappers shirts too!

Tackiest shirt/sweater: NEW this year tackiest attire wins a prize.

Most crops attended: 4 names will be drawn from the list of those who attended the most crops in 2012 and each will win a prize.

Best decorated gift exchange bag: See info below about the optional gift exchange and how to be eligible to win a prize.

Cookie exchange: See info below about optional cookie exchange and how to be eligible to win a prize..

Thank you gift: for all who attend the crop a token of our appreciation from the Sunshine Scrappers Village.

Group photo: taken after dinner. So look cute… LOL It’s another Sunshine Scrapper tradition!

Gift Exchange
This is of course optional

Gift Exchange RULES: (exchange will take place after dinner)

Please place your scrapbooking/stamping/crafting gift, $15.00 and under in a BROWN PAPER GROCERY BAG.

Please add your name (FROM: Sunshiner _______) IN the bag so the receiver knows who the gift came from. We thought it would be fun to see WHO the item(s) are from so we know who to thank.

Decorate the “brown large grocery paper bag”. There will be a PRIZE for best wrapped/decorated paper bag. When you arrive at the crop please place your gift under the Christmas tree. You can see photos of past gift exchange bags under the PHOTOS file on the left of the home page for ideas.

After dinner we will gather around the Christmas tree for the exchange. We will go by “PODS”. Each pod will be assigned a random 12 Days of Christmas verse-and your table will be marked with your verse so remember what verse is yours. I will pull a verse out of a basket. When we call your pod verse each person at that pod who placed a bag under the tree will gather round the tree and pick a bag. After selecting your bag please have a seat by the tree.

TADA! You will open your gift for all to see (and oooh and aaahhh) then you can read who your gift came from. If you wish to exchange gifts with each other the gift exchange is complete you may certainly do so.

Don’t forget to use those coupons for purchases!

Janet’s Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange

We have an annual Christmas cookie exchange every year. It isn't mandatory for you to participate but it's always fun for those who do.

Here are the guidelines:

Sign up under "Database". Include your name and what kind of cookie you are making. The cutoff date to sign up is December 3rd-Monday.

Make one dozen cookies per person signed up. So if there are 15 people signed up, make 15 dozen cookies. Include yourself in the count. It makes it so much easier to redistribute the cookies.

Place each dozen cookies in either a zip lock bag or a cello bag you can get at Mikes or Joann’s (they are in the cake decorating section).

Attach the recipe to each bag and don't forget to include your name.

Bring them to the crop in a large container so you will have something to carry all your goodies home in.

Please, only home baked cookies.

We will have a table reserved for the cookie exchange. You will be entered in a special drawing for participating. Happy baking!



Before you leave the crop can you please help us out by cleaning your area/table? Empty your trash bowl and pick up any paper, scraps, food, take down decorations etc.  Please DO NOT fold your chairs or tables. When we are in GRUNDORF HALL (big room) we just move the tables and chairs back where we found them. This is a BIG crop and we could use a lot of extra help especially with trash and removing the decorations. Remember ALL of US volunteer our time. THANK YOU!


PLEASE SIGN UP ASAP under DATABASE (prior to Monday 12/03) for the food item you are bringing. Here is a list of traditional food items we need for our dinner. Dinner is at 5:30p-ish. We’ve asked Father Ralph and his wife to join us and bless the food before dinner-Thank you Father Ralph! Lisa U. and her husband are also joining us for dinner.

WHAT’S ON THE MENU? We have found that having a designated menu helps us have a balanced dinner. So when you sign up, choose something from the list FIRST. Once the list is filled you can bring something additional of your choosing. This traditional dinner has always worked beautifully each year if we follow the list and make sure all the basics are covered. Thank you for your help.

Please try to bring your dish in something disposable, it helps so much with clean up. If you bring something that needs to be heated, mixed, pulled out of the refrigerator, cooked, etc. it is YOUR responsibility to have your food completed and on the buffet table by 5:30pm, dinner time.

3-4 people, each one brings enough for 10 people

6-8 people, each person brings 10-12 lbs. turkey or enough to feed 8-10 people

4-6 people, each person brings 3-4lbs ham or enough to serve 8 people

3-4, each one bring enough to feed 6-8 people

2-3, bring enough to feed 10 people

3-4, each one bring enough to feed 6-8 people

2-3, each one bring enough to feed 10 people

3-4, each one bring enough to feed 6-8 people

3-4, each one bring enough to feed 6-8 people

3-4, each one bring enough to feed 10-12 people

Pumpkin pie -3 people
Pecan pie -3 people
Christmas cookies
Chocolate candy (must have chocolate)-like Hershey kisses

Please continue to bring your own drinks and cups as we do not supply them.
“Coffee Bar”-we have 2 coffee makers-provided by SS funds regular & decaf.

Now, when we have every spot taken, you can bring *whatever* you'd like. Of course, if you want to bring more than one thing, by all means, do it. Thank you!!!

Last but not least

Lisa Torres, Kelli Tennant, Pam Hartman, Janet Martin, Sarah Rigby, -(The SS Village) Stacey Lindamood-THANK YOU! We couldn’t do this without your help!

THANK YOU SS Sisters for coming each month and supporting YOUR group! We wouldn’t be a group without YOU all attending, giving your ideas, love and support. Thank YOU on behalf of the SS Village/Elves.


January 12th
>>>February 2nd (FIRST SATURDAY)<<<
March 9th
April 12th & 13th (2 day event)
May 11th-Happy 12th Anniversary
June 8th
July 13th
August 10th
September 14th
October 12th
November 9th
December 14th (Biggest Crop of the Year)

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!!!!
Have a happy and safe holiday season!
Stacey Gonzalez- Sunshine Scrappers Founder


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Once on our website click on FILES at the left of the screen for:

*Our yearly retreats
*Biggest Crop of the year
*Monthly Crops-details
*April-annual 2 day crop
*Monthly Newsletter
*Raffles, prizes
*SS Shirts and Tervis Tumblers

We are a non-profit group who share the love of scrapbooking and meeting new friends.

Our motto: "Making FRIENDS, while making MEMORIES"
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