I haven't shared any Christmas paintings lately because I've been working on these...

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Posted 11/15/2012 by Free~Bird in NSBR Board
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Posted: 11/15/2012 9:01:47 PM
My goodness, beautiful work! You're very talented - I really like Aspen Forest - beautiful piece!

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Posted: 11/15/2012 9:06:09 PM
Your work is beautiful! My favorites are Aspen Forest and the bird with the holly, but then there is the snowman... at first I didn't care for it but it's so cheery I can't help but smile when I look at it.



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Posted: 11/15/2012 9:08:59 PM
You have amazing talent.

My favorite is also the Aspen Forest.

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Posted: 11/15/2012 9:13:38 PM
So talented!!!!

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Posted: 11/15/2012 9:32:16 PM
These are fantastic! You do beautiful work.


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Posted: 11/15/2012 9:37:16 PM
Both totally awesome and incredibly talented. You rock, girl!


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Posted: 11/15/2012 9:38:34 PM
I absolutely love all of it!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you were in Maryland.....I'd snatch up the aspen print ina heart beat. Followed closely by the winter wren.


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February 2007
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Posted: 11/15/2012 9:42:33 PM

Those are lovely pieces that show real talent. No wonder your show was so successful.

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Posted: 11/15/2012 9:50:31 PM
Be still my heart! Amazing, beautiful work. Watercolors are my very favorite. I think I will be staring at these again and again. Is there a place online you sell your work?


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January 2005
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Posted: 11/15/2012 9:50:40 PM
Beautiful work! Do you have an online shop?

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Posted: 11/15/2012 9:52:12 PM
2peafaithful... Not yet! I probably should get around to doing that this week :/

Thanks everyone for the kind words. You're all swell.


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Posted: 11/15/2012 10:07:37 PM
Beautiful! I love the feathers and the chickadee.

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Posted: 11/15/2012 10:31:19 PM
These are SO beautiful!!! My personal favorite - yeah, it's that cardinal sitting on the snowman nose!!

Lisa =^..^=

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Posted: 11/15/2012 10:42:24 PM
Just gorgeous work. Without a question. Lovely, lovely stuff. Thanks so much for sharing with us.



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Posted: 11/15/2012 11:42:35 PM
You are incredibley talented! Love everything you have shared here!


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February 2011
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Posted: 11/15/2012 11:49:03 PM

Still haven't figured out what to paint my other little sister. She's so damn practical.

I enjoy your paintings so much! Soft...but with strength. (Sounds like a toilet paper commercial, but you understand what I mean.) Love them!

I do believe you just answered your own question. What is the most pratical item she owns? No matter what you paint, I'm sure it will be wonderful

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September 2003
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Posted: 11/15/2012 11:55:55 PM

Holy Cow! Those are just amazing! I love them all! How long does it take to paint one? How long to paint the Aspen? Do you have showings or a studio? Have I asked enough questions???

Thanks for the kind words

Time depends on the painting. A feather might take me around an hour. The aspens took me about 8-9 hours. We're opening a shop/studio downtown (my husband owns a glass shop, I own a photography studio). I'll be painting up there. He totally wants me to put up "gallery" too but seriously there's just not enough room. I'll probably display some pieces there just because I love it.

Our local museum education director is really hot to get me into the museum. I'll be working this winter (my off season) to paint 25 pieces just to show the museum in HOPES of getting a show in 2 years. (at that point I'll be expected to have around 100 pieces) This is a huge lifetime goal of mine. I swear I'll probably faint over dead if it happens. LOL.
My theme is "rural america" and I want to put some emphasis on local heritage as I think that'd be very interesting and more likely to get a show. Plus all show pieces are for sale, so I think it would increase my sales.

I'm thinking of approaching the museum and seeing if they'd like some of my prints in their gift shop. Apparently it does well, they expanded it recently.


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Posted: 11/16/2012 12:28:26 AM
those a beautiful

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Posted: 11/16/2012 7:17:04 AM
I just *LOVE* all of your work!!! You do amazing stuff.

I have to admit that the snowman/cardinal one is my favorite, but that is because those two things bring back some great childhood memories of people who are now gone.

Please keep sharing !


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Posted: 11/16/2012 7:19:40 AM
Those are gorgeous!! I love the little wren one! Love the Aspen Forest as well as the bird sitting on Frosty's nose! Too cute! You are one talented Pea!!

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Posted: 11/16/2012 7:26:57 AM
Amazing! In my next life, I want to be an artist.


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January 2011
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Posted: 11/16/2012 7:50:06 AM
Awesome paintings


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October 2007
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Posted: 11/16/2012 7:56:38 AM
Wow. You do great work!! I really like the heart in the rocks. If you do an on-line shop please share with us I would love to buy some note cards with the love-rock one.

I have an oil painting a friend did and I went and had it framed and it's all fancy shmancy, I just love original art work.

Just Beautiful!!

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Posted: 11/16/2012 8:03:17 AM
Wow, those are all so wonderful, I can't pick a favorite! Nice Job!!!

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Posted: 11/16/2012 8:06:21 AM
When you start selling online, I hope you will post internationally!

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Posted: 11/16/2012 8:10:06 AM
They are all stunning but Winter Wren is my favorite. WOW!

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Posted: 11/16/2012 8:11:13 AM
Those are beautiful! The Winter Wren was my favorite!

Amazing talent you have!

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Posted: 11/16/2012 8:20:52 AM
These are beautiful and so detailed. Thank you for sharing them!


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Posted: 11/16/2012 8:23:03 AM
I had no idea you could do this! How talented!!! You have lovely work, I think they are beautiful!

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Posted: 11/16/2012 8:27:17 AM
I love the Botanical prints.

I think some people like the idea of being able to buy a little bit from several artists instead of spending their entire budget on one piece, kwim?

Plus, smaller items are good for gifts.


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November 2003
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Posted: 11/16/2012 8:31:22 AM

2peafaithful... Not yet! I probably should get around to doing that this week :/
Please post here or pea-mail me a link. I am very interested.


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Posted: 11/16/2012 8:33:18 AM
Those are awesome! I wish I could paint like that.

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Posted: 11/16/2012 9:03:21 AM

Mostly it's just a silly message board. Except when it isn't.

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Posted: 11/16/2012 10:03:11 AM
Nice work! I can draw, but painting ha always been one of my weaknesses.

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Posted: 11/16/2012 10:42:47 AM
Well, I am not surprised you did well. All of these are awesome! I just love the little wren. Reminds me of our Marvin. So cute!


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February 2007
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Posted: 11/16/2012 10:50:19 AM
Freebird, these are amazing. Thank you for sharing. Love the rocks...


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Posted: 11/16/2012 11:04:22 AM


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July 2003
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Posted: 11/16/2012 11:11:02 AM
You are very talented. Simply put, amazing.


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November 2004
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Posted: 11/16/2012 11:44:13 AM
You do wonderful work!


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July 2003
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Posted: 11/16/2012 11:57:34 AM

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Posted: 11/16/2012 12:02:14 PM
Absolutely beatiful work!!!! Love it all!


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August 2006
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Posted: 11/16/2012 12:15:27 PM
these are all just gorgeous!!

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January 2005
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Posted: 11/16/2012 12:40:59 PM
Absolutely beautiful. I'm not an art afficiandao in the least but I know it when I love something and I absolutely love your stuff. I'd buy it all. I'm serious. I just love it. Where's your website? If you don't have one, start one!!!

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Posted: 11/16/2012 12:42:49 PM

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Posted: 11/16/2012 12:59:42 PM
I think I need to get one started! We're opening our glass shop on Monday so I've been so busy with that. I'll let you all next week when it's open!


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Posted: 11/16/2012 1:18:33 PM
Wow - beautiful! You are very talented. And I can see the smaller stuff selling for a variety of reasons, with cost being one of the big ones.

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Posted: 11/16/2012 1:19:30 PM
Those are gorgeous!

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Posted: 11/16/2012 1:38:03 PM
I love the last three. The Aspen one is just gorgeous. You should look into having prints made - I think most of us on this thread would buy it!

Awesome talent, I'm jealous.

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Posted: 11/16/2012 1:58:15 PM
you are really talented!!! tfs your lovely works


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Posted: 11/16/2012 5:46:40 PM
What an artist you are! Those are gorgeous!

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