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Posted 11/16/2012 by jenne94 in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 11/16/2012 9:01:32 AM
Wow! Is it already Friday again? This week went super fast. And I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I had hoped. <sigh>

Oh well, Next week is going to go even faster-- because there is that much more to do! We are spending our long weekend installing new floors in the daycare, so I'm going to go ahead & give you two weeks worth of prompts today.

For next week, if you can find time, you might try:

11/18 Mickey Mouse Day
Get a photo of any Disney Memorabilia you might have and the story behind it.

11/19 World Toilet Day
Get a picture of your bathroom or maybe the products you use to keep it clean.

11/20 International Hug a Runner Day
Get a picture of your "running" shoes

11/21 Tie One On Day
Get a photo of any "liquid fortification" you might use to help you prep for the big day! In our house, it's usually a nice margarita. But I'm not cooking this year, which is good because I can't have the margarita for another 18 weeks. lol

11/22 Thanksgiving Day
Make sure you get pictures of the prep work that goes into your celebration, along with the family photos.

11/23 Black Friday
Buy Nothing Day
Either way, get a picture of your accomplishments today

11/24 Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
Get a photo of something you can do that most people can't.

For next week:

11/25 Get a photo of something you are thankful for that isn't your kids. (That one's too easy!)

11/26 Cyber Monday
Get a photo or screen-shot of your online shopping

11/27 National Day of Listening
Get a photo of someone that you love to listen to.

11/28 Get pics of your family putting up your holiday decorations.

11/29 Electronic Greetings Day
In the days of texts & emails, I think it's more fun than ever to actually get something in the mail. Get a photo of the stack of holiday cards you are sending out.

11/30 Stay Home Because You're Well Day
I think this should be a monthly, maybe weekly holiday! Make sure you get a pic of what you do when you stay home well!

12/1 Rosa Parks Day
Get a photo of a woman that you are especially proud of. Make sure you journal about why!

I'm not sure if I'm being brave or overly-optimistic, or just plain stupid by attempting a large home-improvement project with my SO while 6 mons pregnant, but hopefully, I will not end up in prison for killing him & will be back the first of Dec. with some more ideas. Pray for us.

Hope you all have a wonderful, stress-free, safe holiday week!!


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Posted: 11/18/2012 3:46:01 PM
11-18-12: POTD was of our first batch of cookies - gingersnaps.
11-19-12: POTD was of dd's new makeover and purchase of makeup. We had a blast!
11-20-12: POTD was of dd picking up my Thanksgiving groceries for me. She drove that car through the parking lot like it was a tricycle.
11-21-12: POTD will be from our assembly at school today. Lots of photos of former students returning for a concert. Yay!
11-22-12: POTD was of dd baking her first chocolate cream pie!
11-23-12: POTD was of dd's next baking adventure - a pizookie made in her dorm when we took her back to college.
11-24-12: POTD was of dd at her college football game. Dh got an amazing shot of her on the field.
11-25-12: POTD was of the wreath I ordered off Etsy for a Christmas gift.
11-26-12: POTD was of my marked catalog pages for Christmas gifts.
11-27-12: POTD was the view out my back window at school when the little kids were on the playground at the elem school behind us. Great action shot of tons of whirling dervishes!
11-28-12: POTD was from a new restaurant we tried tonight - our 31st wedding anniversary. Delicious!
11-29-12: POTD was of dh all decked out in his hunting gear, headed out the back door to our woods.
11-30-12: POTD was of my new red leather watch I bought myself on sale at Kohl's.
12-1-12: POTD was of the quilt top I made today for a Christmas gift.

Thanks for the thread. You'll get through the home remodel just fine!
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