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Posted 11/17/2012 by Scrappin Amy in General Scrappin'

Scrappin Amy

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October 2003
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Posted: 11/17/2012 12:35:58 AM
Wanted to see if anyone knew the answer to my question before I checked out shopping. I dont have credit card so I was waondering if "pre-paid" cards work in the 2peas shopping ???
Thanks in advance.

Going Up

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Posted: 11/17/2012 1:31:52 AM
Yes it will.

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Scrappin Amy

PeaNut 110,462
October 2003
Posts: 59
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Loc: Tyler,Texas

Posted: 11/17/2012 3:43:48 PM
Thank You SO much Now to town to get another card...lol


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Posted: 11/17/2012 4:14:55 PM
You know, I have always wondered this myself.
Do most online retailers accept them if they have
the MC/Visa logo? It would be a whole lot safer to use
than a debit/credit card.

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Posted: 11/17/2012 4:19:29 PM
the only card i use is my walmart prepay credit card. as long as the money is there i have never had a problem using it ANYWHERE. including 2 peas


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Posted: 11/17/2012 8:14:23 PM
I use a Walmart prepaid debit for all my online purchasing. It only costs $3 to load, I keep money on it at most times for purchasing here and at Amazon, I tunes, etc. I never have a problem!

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Posted: 11/17/2012 8:16:42 PM
does anyone have a free shipping code?

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Posted: 11/17/2012 10:47:07 PM
Free shipping code is 98G74C.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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Posted: 11/17/2012 10:52:00 PM
They also accept paypal here as well
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