Dec Daily Reverb 10 prompts- where to find these?

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Posted 11/24/2012 by Sophikins in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 11/24/2012 1:55:08 PM
After reading the post here about doing a Dec Daily in an Art Journal form, I started looking at some of the links to examples. A lot of people (including Ali Edwards) talk about the Reverb 10 prompts for each day in December as a launch point. They list a link to Reverb 10, but the page with the original Reverb 10 prompts for December seems to no longer exist. Does anyone have a list of these?

Looking at some of the posts of journal pages I can kind of reconstruct the prompts, but it would nice to have a list.


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Posted: 11/24/2012 3:41:01 PM
I am not sure, but this person did her own version in 2011, maybe you could take a look.

Edited because now I am curious and did some more searching. This blogger did some/most? And she has a label for her posts so you should get at least a partial list by reading these posts:
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Posted: 11/24/2012 6:09:13 PM
Here is another list by one of the Reverb founders, along with a link to her posts for the original Reverb 10: Thinking I might try this.



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January 2003
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Posted: 11/24/2012 6:44:11 PM
Now that I've seen more examples from previous years I am definitely doing this!!

All 3 of my dd are off at college or on their own, so it will be a pretty quiet December until later in the month. I've done a Dec Daily in 2009 and 2011, so I am ready for something different.


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Posted: 11/24/2012 6:50:41 PM
i think this is an awesome idea, especially seeing as how i have no little ones...


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Posted: 11/24/2012 9:43:35 PM
Looks like great prompts.


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Posted: 11/25/2012 12:35:55 AM
Here's another blogger that is going to being doing Reverb this year again. She makes wonderful journals. Her blog is : besottment by paper relics and here is the link for the 2012 reverb prompts.

besottment by paper relics reverb prompts


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Posted: 11/25/2012 1:24:27 AM
here's another awesome list of prompts for reverb12

embrace life
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