Mac Users...and Photoshop Elements 11

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Posted 11/26/2012 by Scrapcollectorcrazy7 in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 11/26/2012 11:00:51 PM
Does anyone have a Mac with Mountain Lion and have Elements 11? Does it work ok I can't seem to find any answers....I would like to take advantage of Amazon's sale but on't want the hassle of it not working right like the older version of Elements that I don't use cause it never worked right with our Mac...Thanks


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Posted: 11/26/2012 11:13:30 PM
I don't have elements, but mountain lion has been working great for me with photoshop and Lightroom, maybe post in the digital scrapping forum too ?
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Posted: 11/27/2012 3:28:21 AM
Elements 11 works fine with my mac (with mountain lion) - great deal on amazon!

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Posted: 11/27/2012 8:34:39 AM
I just installed PE 11 on my Mac with Mountain Lion on Sunday night. PE works great, however, I did have some problems with Organizer working. It kept crashing upon launch. I spent a lot of yesterday on "Chat" with Adobe. Ended up with them telling me that it was a problem in my preferences for my main admin account. It would open in a 2nd admin account with no problem. Soooo, I spent a bit of time last night researching and going through preference files. Finally located the culprit. (It wasn't the main Library preference files for PE or PO) After deleting that preference, it works fine.

Mountain Lion hides the user Library. Figured out how to make it visible and found the corrupt preference file in there. Most people do not have the wonderful experience that I had, but if you should, just Peamail me and I will try to help you find it if Adobe can't. I would buy it all over again, even knowing the trouble that I went through. It is worth it. I upgraded from PE 8. Now I am thinking about upgrading my PS CS4 before the price goes up.

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