How would/did you scrap your Thanksgiving?

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Posted 11/27/2012 by jenniferlala in General Scrappin'

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Posted: 11/27/2012 11:44:51 AM
I had an especially wonderful Thanksgiving this year, and I have just over 60 photos from that day. I can't bear to not use most of them just to create a one or two-page layout; I'm thinking of a mini-album, but I am at a loss as to where to begin! It may take so long, I'm afraid I'll just end up with a one-page 12x12 digital collage. I don't have the time to get extravagant, so I want something simple, but then again, I don't want it generic and boring. Any ideas?


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Posted: 11/27/2012 11:54:41 AM
Last year we had a similar Thanksgiving, with all 3 of our dd home and a lot of friends. This year they were scattered across the country, so we had a quiet weekend, and Thanksgiving at a friend's house. I used the opportunity to scrap last year's photos.

I ended up with five double page layouts- and I bet I have about 50 photos in all. I broke it up chronologically- Day before Thanksgiving, Preparations and pre-dinner gathering, Serving Dinner, Eating dinner, After dinner/family & group photos.

I used co-ordinating papers from a Fall stack from years ago, plus some embellishments I just got at CKC Seattle. More importantly I use the KiwiLane framing method. I also made sure to journal on every layout about the memories. All of the pages go well together, but each is also unique. It was great to use up a bunch of paper from that Stack. Inking the edges really "updated" the look.

It didn't take that long because I chose a bunch of paper and just used that pile for all of the pages- basically making my own "collection". Good luck!


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Posted: 11/27/2012 12:03:11 PM
I haven't scrapped my TG yet this year but I only took enough photos to do a couple 2-page layouts. I kept an open Word doc on my computer throughout the long weekend and journaled every day so that is ready to go. I plan to use this kit from SG Super Sketch Club:

If I was in your boat, I would scrap it Project Life or Simple Stories style. I'm the type that doesn't want to leave out any photos; I want to scrap them all! I would grab some PL or WRMK page protectors and a pack of Simple Stories "Harvest Lane" and get it all done in one sitting.

Since it was such a meaningful holiday for you, I'd get all my journaling down while it's still fresh in your mind

"Harvest Lane" in Two Peas store


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Posted: 11/27/2012 12:28:28 PM
I didn't for the first time in six years.. Gasp! I had my camera with me, but I was having so much fun that I forgot to take photos. I think that's part of what playing with all my grandkids does to me. I'll survive though.

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