[OT] Christmas day activities?

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Posted 11/27/2012 by bluna in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 11/27/2012 6:55:11 PM

I apologize for the non-scrapbook related topic. If there is a better place on this board for this post, please tell me and I will move my post. But...

I am trying to find and activity for my family to do on Christmas day that will be exciting for my 4 year old. It would be great if it could be a tradition (in the future) but that is not necessary.

My main objective is to down play the role of tearing through the gifts. It doesn't have to be spiritual (though it certainly could be). I just want to find something fun enough to be anticipated by the little ones.

Thanks in advance for any & all suggestions!!


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Posted: 11/28/2012 5:56:24 PM
First of all, good for you for wanting to curb the tearing thru the packages thing.
I don't live in California, so I really don't have any idea what might be available. Four is a little young to be able to help in a homeless shelter or anything.
Church service? A movie? A walk on the beach?
Are there any parades there? I know there aren't here in Iowa on Christmas Day.
Good luck. I'd recommend googling you area.


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Posted: 11/29/2012 4:37:19 PM
You could come to San Jose, go to Christmas in the Park downtown and then go ice skating.

Or you could stay home and decorate cut-out cookies or cardboard ornaments.


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Posted: 11/29/2012 7:28:44 PM
You mentioned it could be religious so maybe bake a birthday cake/cupcakes for Jesus and decorate it/them. Then eat them.


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June 2005
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Posted: 11/30/2012 9:59:57 PM
Thank you for the suggestions! I really like the idea of making & eating things...cup cakes are big favorite in our house so I'll be looking into those!

We will be in Tahoe so I'm going to look for ice skating/sledding up there! GREAT idea. Thanks again...If anyone has more ideas, would love to hear more as I plan to do something every year.

This sounds like a scrapbook waiting to happen, doesn't it??

~ Barbara
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