do you use your duvet without a cover?

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Posted 12/2/2012 by Free~Bird in NSBR Board

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Posted: 12/2/2012 12:04:04 PM
My 23 yo son has a new "serious" girlfriend. I know she spends the night sometimes. So I got to thinking he probably has crappy blankets and pillows that are 1/4" thick because that's just how he is.

I decided to buy him a duvet on black friday with a couple new pillows.

Then I got to wondering if I should buy a cover for it. I'm not sure he'd "get it" or take care of it, but on the flip side, the duvet will probably get pretty dirty without it. Thank god for girlfriends right?

So I'm wondering if I should get him a cheap cover for it. I didn't pay a lot for the duvet but still, I'd like to see it last a while.


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Posted: 12/2/2012 12:05:21 PM
I would get the cover. To me, it's like sleeping on a mattress without sheets.

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Posted: 12/2/2012 12:05:39 PM
No, I wouldn't like it "neekid".

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Posted: 12/2/2012 12:06:06 PM
I would get a cover for it and a couple clips to hold it in place. Show him how to use it and then let him deal with it in the future.


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Posted: 12/2/2012 12:07:44 PM
Yes, it definitely needs a cover. You can't really wash a duvet like a blanket so it needs a removable, washable cover or

Plus some tiny little down feathers always find a way to get out of the duvet and without a cover to contain them, it would be like a little duck blew up in the bed.

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Posted: 12/2/2012 12:10:07 PM
or under it.....

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Posted: 12/2/2012 12:10:53 PM
or under it.....


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Posted: 12/2/2012 12:12:23 PM
Get a cover. They have some nice ones at It's one of the only places that I have found them on a consistant basis. They have some that are 300 count cotton (hold up well) and are a reasonable price in basic colors. Plus since they are all cotton and nothing foofy they can be tossed in the machine to wash.

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Posted: 12/2/2012 12:14:32 PM
Ours is currently without a cover, the dog ripped it last year and I still haven't recovered it. Since I haven't found anything I really like.

I keep planning on buying sheets and making it myself or course it's lower on the list


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Posted: 12/2/2012 12:14:52 PM
Wouldn't that be like sleeping on a pillow without a pillowcase? I'm hesitating in case the term duvet is for a slightly different thing to you than what I think of in the UK.

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Posted: 12/2/2012 5:44:32 PM
Yes, it needs a cover, at least to keep it clean. You can wash the cover but can't wash the duvet


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Posted: 12/2/2012 5:45:19 PM
Our duvet is a down comforter and is dry clean only. I use a duvet cover to keep it fresh longer and the cover itself is washable.

I would just get him a comforter if you don't think he'll take the time to keep it all 'set' in the cover. Ours requires you to tie at the four corners and buttons across one edge. We 'fix' it frequently enough that I would look at a comforter instead if you have any question on that front.

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Posted: 12/2/2012 5:53:11 PM
I have down duvets on all our beds and wash them in our front loader on the same schedule as I would wash any other blanket on our beds (the duvets are on top of the top sheet so they don't get full body contact ) I usually wait til it is a good, windy outdoor drying day and hang them out to dry but then put them in the dryer to ensure the are completely dry and to fluff them up. Have never had an issue and I've been doing it for years.

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Posted: 12/2/2012 6:06:16 PM
Yes because it's a freaking pain to put on. I gave up five years ago.


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Posted: 12/2/2012 6:37:31 PM

Wouldn't that be like sleeping on a pillow without a pillowcase?

Both my kids do that too, much to my chagrin!
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Posted: 12/2/2012 6:45:44 PM
Actually, even though it says dry clean only, you shouldn't dry clean down. I've washed mine in the washer for 15+ years. It works best in a front load and use less than half the amount of detergent you normally would--I used to go to the laundry mat to wash mine. I also wash my down pillows in the washer. Throw a couple tennis balls in the dryer and dry on medium high until dry (an hour and a half to 2 hours)--pull it out now and then to rearrange it and fluff it around.

To stuff: Start with the top 2 corners, get them in place and use clothes pins to hold while stuffing the rest of it in, match the bottom corners, hold on tight and give a couple good whips/shakes on each side.

Overstock and Marshalls have great prices on duvet covers.


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April 2012
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Posted: 12/2/2012 6:49:08 PM
If you're near an Ikea, check there... I got my cover there and it's holding up well, has a large enough opening that it's not bad to put on/take off, and it was cheap... They had lots of colours/patterns and some plain ones too... Can't remember where I saw it, but I've seen ones that have snaps in the corners (flat ones, don't think you'd feel/notice them) and you can iron on the other side of the snaps to your duvet so the corners always stay put... Didn't buy that cover - figured I had enough seeing ability to attach four snaps, but I still have two binder clips at the bottom of my duvet six months later Whatever works

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Posted: 12/2/2012 10:12:39 PM
Nope, my duvets have covers. I have a few purchased ones, and a few made with queen sized flat sheets.

I was my down duvets just like any other blankets, and use tennis balls in the dryer to fluff them as they dry. I have huge front-loaders and they come out just like new. I hate dry cleaning solutions, so I never have them cleaned. Just washed and covered with a clean duvet cover. Same thing with my down pillows. Just zip them into pillow covers and toss them in. They fluff with tennis balls too.


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Posted: 12/2/2012 11:15:57 PM
How to put on a duvet cover.

Take one inside out duvet. Put your arms in find the top corners. Grab the two two corners of the duvet inner. Flip the cover onto the inner. Dome up. Done. It should take only a few seconds. Store all duvet covers inside out it saves time. It really is that easy. I do it with a king size duvet inner.

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Posted: 12/2/2012 11:59:27 PM
If duvet=down comforter, mine doesn't have a cover. I just wash it in my washing machine when needed, dry it with tennis balls in the dryer and it's good to go. I've had the same down comforter (duvet?) for 10+ years.


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Posted: 12/3/2012 4:30:04 PM
Right now, I am using mine without a cover. I keep thinking that I should make a cover for it, but I haven't gotten around to it, and so the cycle keeps going

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Posted: 12/3/2012 5:25:10 PM
I hate using the covers and haven't bothered in years. It's so much easier to make the bed just by shaking out the duvet.

Mine are feather and down and I've been washing them in the machine for years without any problems.


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Posted: 12/3/2012 5:45:54 PM
Can't imagine using a duvet without a cover for it !

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Posted: 12/3/2012 6:42:10 PM
I have one without a cover. I liked the white and then have a quilt that lays over the end of the bed. I wash and dry it but it is getting to where it isn't looking the best anymore when looked at up close Ive had it for four years.

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Posted: 12/3/2012 6:56:24 PM
I thought the duvet WAS the cover

you then put the comforter or what-have-you inside the duvet

is it possible I've been wrong all these years?


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Posted: 12/3/2012 7:04:09 PM
Yep. We have a down comforter. It goes in the washer and dryer. We do not have a duvet cover, because I think they're stupid. Lol. I just wash the comforter.
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Posted: 12/3/2012 7:37:44 PM
I use mine without a cover because the one DH got me for Christmas last year is the softest thing ever. I have yet to find a cover that feels as nice. I wash it in the washer often. DH and I have our own down comforters because we don't share blankets well.
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