Former Nazi camp guard, possible deportation....not sure how I feel about this.....

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Posted 12/3/2012 by candleangie in NSBR Board
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Sugar Snap Pea

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Posted: 12/7/2012 7:50:52 PM

atter,not just for all those jewish people but also look at how many millions of germans were ALSO killed in the concentration camps it wasnt a fate solely reserved for those who were jewish...

TOTALLY FALSE!!!!! There were millions of non-Jews killed in the Holocaust, most of them not in the camps (taken out in fields and shot, etc.) though there were non-Jews in the camps. Most of the non Jewish civilians killed were Polish or Russian or Romani. There were some non Jewish Germans killed in the camps (Priests, homosexuals, the disabled) but NOT MILLIONS OF GERMANS. Sheesh, way to turn things around and make it out like the Germans were the true targets or a significant part of the victims. I am horrified.


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Posted: 12/7/2012 8:09:51 PM
Adolf Hitler = well-known vegetarian! I usually open with that...

Anyway, I'm sure it's been brought up before, but it wasn't all that weird that MANY people joined the Nazi party between 1927-1939. The country was in a horrible depression, and here comes this charismatic guy who has what on paper sounds like a good idea to get out of it (this before all the 'war stuff' so to speak). Party officials literally had open-house meetings all over, where free beer was served, so you can imagine how poorly attended those were! People signed up because they wanted free beer, and...change. (And before anyone jumps on me as a Obama-hater, I assure you I am a lifelong moderate Democrat.)

As for Hitler's eugenics ideas, etc, it may surprise people to know that he modeled his plan after the eugenics studies being done in the GOOD OL' USA. We are HARDLY innocent in that light particular light of day!

Has anyone seen the episode of Family Guy where Stewie and Brian are on the open-air German tour bus flipping through the guide book, and Brian complains that "Why is there nothing in here between 1939 and 1945?" and the guide insists "We were all on vacation!" That's not a joke. We have a German friend who was very reticent on communications with us for a long time, even though we encouraged her and email her often. Finally she asked us what she deemed a personal question, and this was it: "Do Americans today still blame us all the time for everything that happened in the war?" She meant, like, in everyday conversation. We were absolutely floored. She had been ashamed to talk to us, because she was afraid we disliked her for that! Holy cats! After we reassured her that there were PLENTY of other topics that Americans have on the front-burner, she explained it thusly:

Germany and German people in general today are so crushingly ashamed of what happened, they don't even like to acknowledge it.

According to her, the guide book joke from FG is pretty much based on reality. She and her immediate family recently found out the truth her own grandfather was a camp tower guard and a member of the SS, and the family is in a state over it. They don't talk about it, not over wanting to hide the truth, but out of SHAME. We just reassure her that we are her friends and can't wait to meet her someday.

So, I don't immediately damn someone because they were a Nazi. It was NOT UNCOMMON AT ALL that many Germans joined the Nazi party, because, in a very general nutshell...

They were sick of the way that their government was handling the current woes of the country, and some charismatic guy and his cronies came along with what sounded like a good and viable idea, so he was put into power.

Any of that seem familiar? THROUGHOUT HISTORY?!!


What happened was beyond horrible. I completely acknowledge the victims and their families. I do not want anyone to forget it, lest history repeat itself. But...what will this deportation do? Does it bring anyone back? Does throwing a shamed elderly man out of the USA really satisfy someone's primal need for revenge?

Anyway, it's a difficult topic for everyone concerned. But knowing ALL of history, not just the shiny parts, helps put it in perspective.


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Posted: 12/7/2012 8:22:04 PM
Amelia Bloomer, no one suggested it is a perfect world or that all cases are handled as we'd want them too or as quickly. But it's not the norm, most soldiers do act honorably, and the behavior is NOT condoned or is part of the US policy. And that makes it all VERY VERY different than what the topic is here.

~ Anna ~


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Posted: 12/7/2012 9:12:57 PM
^I never said rape had ANY similarity to the thread topic. That's why I labeled my comment a hijack.

(You and I probably disagree about the military's responsiveness to rape, but neither one of us is saying that it's officially condoned.)


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Posted: 12/10/2012 10:31:33 AM

Does throwing a shamed elderly man out of the USA really satisfy someone's primal need for revenge?

Again, we are not 'throwing' an elderly man out of the U.S. to 'satisfy someone's primal need for revenge;' he will be deported because he BROKE THE LAW - he LIED on his application for citizenship. That is the U.S's only concern. Once he returns to Germany or . . . it is up to a International (military?) tribunal as to what, if any, consequence he will face, endure or suffer due to his affiliation with and VOLUNTARY participation in the NAZI regime and SS.

Just stick to the facts:
A German emigrated to this country

The same German applied for U.S. citizenship and LIED on his application

The same German, based on his FALSE application was given citizenship

It was discovered that this German BROKE THE LAW for submitting a FALSE application

This German (U.S. citizen) is facing the consequences (deportation) for his ILLEGAL actions - entering the U.S. and LYING on his request for citizenship

That's it. Do NOT, assign any other reason behind the U.S. concern with, or an action it takes, in this this man's case.

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