Do you give gifts to the high school teachers?

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Posted 12/5/2012 by Monklady123 in NSBR Board

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Posted: 12/5/2012 6:37:35 AM
Reading a couple of other gift threads got me to wondering what people do for high school teachers. I always gave gifts to elementary teachers, and also I did for the 6th grade (first year of middle school here). After that I stopped. Dd loves to bake so she has always made cookies to give to her teachers in high school, but generally I don't do anything.

However, for the really outstanding teachers I've written them a letter to say why I appreciate them so much. I also send a copy of those letters to the principal. And once dd had a fantastic teacher who was a total coffee addict, so I included a Starbucks gift card in my letter.

Sometimes I feel bad that I don't do more but on the other hand I don't really know most of the high school teachers. Certainly not like the elementary ones, since I'm rarely ever in the high school.

Actually, when you come right down to it I'm a bad high school parent. I haven't even been to a PTA meeting yet this year and this is December. I guess I do need to go at least once between now and June since this is dd's senior year. I know I'll just be so sad when I have no more PTA meetings to go to.

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Posted: 12/5/2012 7:26:07 AM
Not all of them, but a few I have. I try to give consumables so they don't end up with one more mug/frame/name that common thing.

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Posted: 12/5/2012 7:51:42 AM
I am a former HS teacher and I LOVE this:

However, for the really outstanding teachers I've written them a letter to say why I appreciate them so much. I also send a copy of those letters to the principal
How sweet of you! I have a couple from many years ago still in a file folder that I treasure. I am also a coffee addict so the GC would be very much appreciated. My boys are still in elementary but I plan to give their future HS teachers a little something at the holidays.


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Posted: 12/5/2012 8:00:57 AM
My teen has 8 teachers. I do not give to every one of them. Her Geometry & Chemistry teachers have really helped her out this year by letting her come early and late to get extra help so I will give them some kind of gift but I just can't afford 8 teachers. I have never met most of them, and won't unless my dd struggles or is in trouble, which usually doesn't happen.

I do send a ton of fudge/baked goods to each of them in a nice tin or box so I hope that is okay as a gift.

My dd3 is in special Ed preschool and her 2 teachers will be getting gifts. They have done so much for her, I just can't explain how awesome they are.

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Posted: 12/5/2012 8:57:17 AM
I am making a small fruit basket for each of the teachers.


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Posted: 12/5/2012 9:35:44 AM
My kids give something small to each teacher. Last year we bought cute packs of Christmas kitchen towels from Target and break them apart. Each teacher got one towel.


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Posted: 12/5/2012 10:44:37 AM
We always gave teacher gifts from preschool to 6th grade. After that, we did not give any.
Why, because at the middle school we would have 14 teachers since the twins were at the same school together. By the time they were seniors in high school and the next one was a freshman, we had 21!
Some of the older elementary grades, those teachers would ask for things for their classroom etc.

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Posted: 12/5/2012 11:41:20 AM
We do.

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Posted: 12/5/2012 11:54:11 AM
I have a 13 yr. old and 15 yr. old (8th and 10th grade) and they both have 8 teachers! So we get them $5 gift cards to Starbucks, or another place if they have said they like it. My 4th grader has 1 teacher so she gets a $20 gift card. My sil teaches and she says teachers love gift cards! But she also said nice letters are the best gift ever! So I have my kids write a nice note to teachers they really like and include that in the card.


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Posted: 12/5/2012 12:04:04 PM
I left it up to my DD to do gifts for her high school teachers. At that age, I think it is appropriate to let her take the lead, although I did help her pay for them as long as she kept the cost down to under a few dollars each.

One year, she made holiday candy bar wrappers for king-size Hershey bars and attached a note for each teacher.

Another year, we bought the variety pack of Land O'Lakes hot chocolate at Costco, and she made "treat bags" of flavored hot cocoa packs and Hershey kisses.

At one point in time, you could buy a 5-pack of shortbread cookie tins (tall and decorated for Christmas, with one large sleeve of cookies inside) for about $10. We got two packs which gave us more than enough cookie tins for each teacher, and she added a bow and card.

I can't think of what she did for the other year of high school.

We only gave end-of-the-year/teacher appreciation gifts to her chorus and band teachers. They spent so much time with the kids on after-school activities that it seemed fitting.

Her National Honor Society or Beta Club (not sure which one) did a cool thing for teacher appreciation week. Anyone who wanted to "adopt" a teacher for the week would draw a teacher's name. The student was responsible for providig the "gifts" for that teacher all week. DD was soooo excited the first time she participated b/c she drew Mr. A, her favorite teacher of all time!

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Posted: 12/5/2012 12:40:48 PM
For HS we didn't give to all the teachers. I usually ask my DDs if there is a teacher they want to give a gift to. It was usually one or two. I usually sent a $10 gc to Target.

I have also sent nice e-mails to the principal and copied the teacher for the ones who really went out of their way to help my DDs.

When my oldest graduated last year, my DD spent about $40 on a gift for her orchestra teacher at the end of the year. She'd had that teacher for 4 years and she'd helped my DD with auditions, recommendations, to get a music scholarship.

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Posted: 12/5/2012 12:43:06 PM
I stopped giving gifts in sixth grade. DD is in fifth grade, but DS is in eighth now. I always ask him if there's a teacher or two whom he wants to give a gift and he always says no.

For DD's teachers, I'm giving them a small ornament and a GC to the fro-yo place.

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