Reviews of Doodlebug Albums??

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Posted 12/5/2012 by pennyscraps in General Scrappin'

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June 2006
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Posted: 12/5/2012 7:49:41 AM
Hey there. I am considering using a Doodlebug album for Project Life 2013. Do any of you have these to compare against the WRMK leather 3-rings? Are they comparable in size? Will they look okay next to each other on the shelf? {I AM a bit OCD there.}

Overall opinion of the album? I am in love with that Bubble Blue.... And how do their page protectors hold up? Thick? Thin? Clear? Foggy? True to size? Snug? Give me the deets!

Thank you!!


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Posted: 12/5/2012 8:03:44 AM
I bought one because it was red and super cute. The page protectors do not hold up. After a very short time the holes in a few of them ripped. It also seems a little bigger than the WRMK.


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March 2001
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Posted: 12/5/2012 12:22:04 PM
I've heard they are too tall for an Expedit shelf...which was enough to make me drop them from consideration!


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Posted: 12/5/2012 12:58:40 PM
I love their colors, if the page protectors stink are other brands compatible? Good thread penny!
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Posted: 12/5/2012 1:08:27 PM
I have a doodlebug album and the WRMK pages fit in it
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Posted: 12/5/2012 6:54:11 PM
Hey there Penny! Nice to see you!

The Doodlebug albums are the same high quality as WRMK. They are approximately 1/4" taller than the WRMK albums and the same depth. The colours are sooo pretty. They have a window on the front and a bookplate on the spine.

All the leading brands of page protectors fit in the albums: WRMK, AC, Becky Higgins. I mix and match as I need to. The Doodlebug page protectors are thin, very similar to BH actually. They are flimsy. I prefer WRMK but will use one of the other brands mentioned if the layout isn't available in WRMK.

Hope that helps!

Diane Marie

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Posted: 12/5/2012 7:06:11 PM
I have several of the Doodlebug albums, the colors are great! Also the quality is very good, the only issue I have had are with the pp that they came with when Doodlebug first started making these. I had alot of them rip at the hole for the ring, some were even ripped to begin with. I emailed Doodlebug and they replaced everyone of them. I have heard that they now have fixed the issue with pp.

HTH, Diane

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PeaNut 266,613
June 2006
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Posted: 12/6/2012 7:44:40 AM
Thanks everyone for the info. I do love that color, but if they are taller than WRMK I think that info is good to know and is sort of a deal breaker for me. *sigh*

Back to perusing the WRMK/BH options.....
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