any alumni thinking about signing up for may flaum's field guide class on bpc?

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Posted 12/7/2012 by ~crisann~ in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 12/7/2012 9:43:50 AM
i guess there's supposed to be some new content...

anyone else considering it?

thanks in advance!


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Posted: 12/7/2012 11:52:52 AM
You know, I love May's classes, so YES, I will be signing on. If anything, it always refreshes my creative juices taking classes with her.



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Posted: 12/7/2012 6:29:27 PM
This was one of my very favorite classes. May did a great job teaching techniques. I loved how well organized the class was and loved the projects. There were so many useful videos too. Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow me retaking this class at the moment. I need to spend my money on new classes

chocoholic pea
chocoholic pea

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Posted: 12/7/2012 10:38:39 PM
hi - and thanks for the kind words!!

This is a re-run of the original (lots of people who missed it want to take it - this is their chance!) That said yes, there are some added project (with technique) videos and coordinating PDFS, emails are mostly new, and of course students taking it a second time get access to the new boards, chat room, email support, etc.

Hope to see you in class!



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Posted: 12/8/2012 6:42:31 AM
I would love to... BUT my history with online classes is a failing grade. I am always so excited... then I just bottom out and never finish the classes, stuff happens, I forget, etc.


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Posted: 12/8/2012 8:52:15 AM
I this class. May's classes are always the best! If I hadn't taken this class already, I would sign up in a heartbeat.

I've considered to sign up again but the fee - even with the alumni price tag - is making me stay on the fence. Is it really that much new content? I wouldn't pay only to have access to the message boards, etc. Especially as I'm always behind in online classes. lol! That's why I need lifetime access. I need a lifetime to finish the class.

If I sign up for this class again, I would expect quite a few new videos and techniques. And I'm not sure there will be that much new stuff? So I'll keep thinking about it for a while. But who knows, maybe I'll cave and sign up eventually.

I really love the class but it feels as if price tags at BPC (in general) have gone up lately?

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Posted: 12/8/2012 12:47:40 PM
Loved the class the first time but agree that even with the discount for alumni pretty steep. I think it's the same price when it first ran-it is 12 weeks of content so if broken down by the week pretty reasonable. I'm glad for lifetime access as well.
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