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Posted 12/7/2012 by jenne94 in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 12/7/2012 9:45:44 AM
Another week, come & gone. I can't believe that there's only 3 weeks left in this year! It seems like it's gone by so fast! Maybe it's because of the amount of craziness we pack into it. This week has been: Hand, Foot & Mouth disease rampaging through the daycare, new windows supposed to be installed today (if they ever show up!), another ultrasound with the Neonatal Specialist today, a good friend planning me a baby shower, us working on wedding plans, baby's nursery that we're working on as soon as the windows are done, a super-wiggly baby that likes to tap-dance at 4am (I will never ever eat pancakes for dinner again!) and lions & tigers & bears, oh my!!

I need a nap just thinking about it.

Here are some thoughts for next week:

12/9 World Candle Lighting Day
Get photos of the candles you use in your holiday decorating

12/10 Take pics of the holiday decorations at your church or other public place you visit often

12/11 International Mountain Day
Get a picture that represents a "mountain" you were able to "climb" (Finishing school, recovering from illness, etc.)

12/12 Take a pic of something with a 12 on it.

12/13 Get a pic of a stack of your favorite holiday CDs

12/14 Monkey Day
Get pics of your little monkeys at the playground, or show how they play outside in the winter

12/15 Get pictures of a pile of wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, etc. waiting for your wrapping session. (Umm.. guess I'll need to start me Christmas shopping before I can take this pic huh?)

Have a great week Peas! Try not to let it get too crazy.


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Posted: 12/7/2012 11:50:04 AM
Once again, thanks for all the inspiration and ideas!!


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Posted: 12/9/2012 3:50:21 PM
12-9-12: POTD was of the huge, huge mess I created in the dining room as I was stamping my layouts - I had every ink pad I own, I think, on the table. Now I have to clean it all up.
12-10-12: POTD was of one of our substitute teachers today. She is an old, dear friend and I have not seen her in years. Yay!
12-11-12: POTD was of a meeting we had today with reps of the American Cancer Society to plan our first Relay for Life.
12-12-12: POTD was of the calendar today. Such a unique numerical day!
12-13-12: POTD was of my King Arthur flour order that arrived. I love apple cider syrup and I got a new cookie scoop, too.
12-14-12: POTD was of the elementary school behind our middle school - heard about the horror in Connecticut and my colleague and I spent our lunch break watching the little kids play on the playground, happy and free and so innocent. Such a sad day today.
12-15-12: POTD was of the quilting mess I made today on the floor as I spray basted a quilt I am making. Stuff everywhere!

Thanks for the thread. Enjoy the preparations for your little one!
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