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Posted 12/7/2012 by BeckyRN97 in Swap Chat - Secret Pals

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Posted: 12/7/2012 9:53:26 PM
I believe in the power of prayer... And right now my family is in need of many! My youngest son was involved in a rollover accident last night trying to avoid a deer. He didn't call me at work last night to let me know but called me this morning. I made him have someone drive him to the hospital where I work so I could check him out myself. Thank God I did... I sent him to the ER and found out he has a C-6 fracture in his neck. He luckily did not need to be transferred to the neurosurgeon as expected but will have to follow up with him next week. This is going to be difficult time for him. I know God has already answered many of our prayers today as (1) Josh is ALIVE as are his friend who was driving and the other friend with them, (2) his fracture is "stable" and (3) didn't require a transfer to another facility out of state. But any and all prayers from my pea-friends are greatly appreciated!


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November 2008
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Posted: 12/7/2012 10:05:35 PM
Sending prayers for your son, Becky.


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January 2010
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Posted: 12/7/2012 10:13:57 PM
Oh my! so sorry to hear that. Your family is in my prayers Becky.
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Posted: 12/7/2012 10:23:46 PM

I am so sorry this happened and I am very thankful that God is already looking after him. I will definately keep him in my prayers...


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April 2012
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Posted: 12/7/2012 10:34:51 PM
Praying for ya'll.
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April 2005
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Posted: 12/7/2012 10:35:54 PM
Will be praying here too
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June 2012
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Posted: 12/7/2012 11:25:06 PM
Very scary Beckie! I'm so glad to hear that he and his friends are ok. I will keep all of you in my prayers!
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February 2009
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Posted: 12/8/2012 5:25:51 AM
Becky...thankfully you got him to the hospital and found all this out...hate to think what could have happened if you didnt...I will be keeping your son in my prayers.


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November 2010
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Posted: 12/8/2012 5:50:23 AM
Becky, you and your family will be in my prayers. Hope your son has a speedy recovery. He must have a guardian angel looking out for him. Wishing you the best. Joan-Anne (hugs)

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July 2009
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Posted: 12/8/2012 6:27:59 AM
I'll be praying for all of you.


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August 2009
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Posted: 12/8/2012 8:11:31 AM
Becky - definately thinking of you and your son! Big hugs coming your way <3


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February 2011
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Posted: 12/8/2012 9:25:29 AM
Becky , we are praying for you and your son.

Rosy Cheeks

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September 2009
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Posted: 12/8/2012 12:12:45 PM
BECKY! HUGS AND Prayers, good thoughts coming your way! LOVE YOU!

Scrappy Grandma of 3

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June 2009
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Posted: 12/8/2012 2:28:44 PM
Thank you so much everyone... each prayer is so very appreciated!


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June 2009
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Posted: 12/8/2012 6:18:16 PM
Prayers, positive thoughts and hugs coming your way.


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June 2012
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Posted: 12/8/2012 10:04:42 PM
Prayers sent, your family is in my thoughts and I will continue to pray, the power of prayer is very powerful!


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May 2001
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Posted: 12/8/2012 10:45:16 PM
Dear Becky, I am so sorry to hear about your son, you and your family will be in my prayers. If you trust in God he will keep you and your son under his wing.



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June 2012
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Posted: 12/9/2012 12:53:09 AM
Oh Becky, I'm so sorry. I will definitely be praying for Josh, his friends, and for you. Please keep us posted, and if there's anything else I can do, just let me know.

MultiSlacker MultiStacker

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July 2004
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Posted: 12/9/2012 8:45:00 AM
Oh my gosh Becky! Prayers for Josh and his friends. How incredibly scary for you all.


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June 2009
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Posted: 12/9/2012 12:24:24 PM
Becky I'm pray that Josh is nit overcome with pain and discomfort. May Gods hands comfort and keep him as the healing begins. God is still I'm the miracle working business and in control. I pray your strength as you take care of Josh and be there for him. Amen.

hockey nut

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August 2010
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Posted: 12/9/2012 3:46:33 PM
Prayers are being sent your way Becky. Please keep us posted with how your son is doing.


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October 2002
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Posted: 12/9/2012 7:15:08 PM
I am so sorry that this is happening to your wonderful family right now!! You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers!


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January 2002
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Posted: 12/9/2012 11:05:27 PM
Praying for your family.


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March 2004
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Posted: 12/10/2012 7:58:36 AM
Praying for your family. Please keep us updated.


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March 2008
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Posted: 1/23/2013 7:23:27 PM
Sending my love. How is josh feeling
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Scrappy Grandma of 3

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June 2009
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Posted: 1/23/2013 7:26:00 PM
Hi Cristen!! Josh is doing ok... had appt with neurosurgeon last week. No changes in the xray (neither good nor bad news he said) and another 6 weeks in his collar. Josh wasn't happy with that news!


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February 2004
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Posted: 1/24/2013 11:13:46 AM
Gald he is better...


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January 2013
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Posted: 1/24/2013 11:51:37 AM
so sorry to hear about that, but you are in my prayers
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