If you have a scrapbooking budget how did you decide on the amount? (Update)

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Posted 12/31/2012 by amom23 in General Scrappin'

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Posted: 12/31/2012 4:25:01 PM
Do you change the budget amount from year to year? I'm really curious about how people set this up. Thanks!


I understand how to arrive at a $ amount, but for example I just subcribed to an online kit that is costing $37.95 a month. That doesn't leave very much extra if say I wanted to stick with a $50 monthly budget. I guess it comes down to choices as to how you choose to spend your monthly allowance.


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Posted: 12/31/2012 4:33:10 PM
DH and I set an overall budget for everything (food, gas, bills, clothes, kids, family entertainment etc)years ago to tackle student loans. We each get the same amount of "fun" money each month. It went down one yr when our income was lower and now it is back to the original amount. so except for that one year it has been the same for 5 yrs. My $ goes to haircuts, crafts, coffee, special things out and about. His goes towards books, haircuts etc. we can save unused money to buy bigger things etc. (I am putting some aside for a new camera lens by baseball season) You would have to set the amount yourself. It has worked BEAUTIFULLY for us. No weird looks at what the other buys b/c it is personal money. and for what it is worth DH works and I stay home. We get the same amount.

eta: and golf... I have to pay for my golf in the summer which takes precedence over crafty supplies those months


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Posted: 12/31/2012 4:34:30 PM
Good question. I can't wait to see the answers.


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Posted: 12/31/2012 4:48:19 PM
I have always just bought what I wanted based on how much expendable income I had at the time. Well, like a lot of scrappers, I now have a huge stash! That, coupled with a job that is ending soon, and my plan is to use up the stash and limit all of my purchases until I find a new job. I could set myself a $10/month budget and with my stash be able to make as many pages as I want. Realistically though, when the new job comes, I hope to be around $25/month.


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Posted: 12/31/2012 4:54:56 PM
My setup is exactly the same as Tiggerific's. We use Mint to track our spending and make sure we're sticking to our budgets, and we both get a set amount of "fun" money each month. It has worked out beautifully!

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Posted: 12/31/2012 5:26:41 PM
When I set up a budget I first figure out what my income will be after taxes (use a conservative estimate if you aren't 100% sure). Then I deduct the essentials, like student loans, rent, health insurance/expected medical expenses, groceries, utilities, transportation, and so on. I allocate a significant amount of what is left to savings/retirement fund, then the rest gets split up between entertainment, travel, holiday/special occasion gifts, and scrapbooking. I don't like to put too much into any of those categories even if I have the money because I'd rather save it. I don't think I've ever given myself a scrapbooking budget of more than $40 per month. I just don't need to spend any more than that on supplies. That more than covers everything I need to sustain my current output of scrapbooking. If I spent more than that there's no way I'd ever use it all!

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Posted: 12/31/2012 6:11:01 PM
We do our budget each month. We each have a set amount of fun money we can spend however we like. Mine tends to go for scrapping. Some months are great, $50...those are very few and far between though. Lately it's been $10. I was very excited to get my new Archiver's coupons for $5 off of $5 purchase!

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Posted: 12/31/2012 6:52:30 PM
Hey! I didn't get that coupon from a's! Darn!
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Posted: 12/31/2012 7:13:35 PM
Just got it in the mail today--no 30% off though!

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Posted: 12/31/2012 7:47:55 PM
I didn't get a $5 off $5 from A's in today's mail, but I did get a 30% off via email.
My budget has been as low as nothing (back in the day that I was homeschooling the kids as a single mom and had NO extra money) to what I spent this past year, and that was way too much.

My son borrowed money from me last fall to get into a new apartment. He has been paying me back little by little. Right before Christmas, I had him take $100 of that pay-me-back money to A's. He got $100 in gift cards for me, with the bonus of $20 in vouchers.
I am hoping that $120 can last me til June.

My biggest "problem" is that I will snatch things up if the sale is really good, or I find bargains on craigslist.
Bargains are my downfall, more so than things I want. But I do tend to buy "staples" like stamps or cardstock in those bargains.

ETA: just as I hit submit, I thought, oh, I should check craigslist. Guess what I found? $2/bottle of glimmer mist. Great.


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Posted: 12/31/2012 9:17:55 PM
I am giving up Starbucks this year, so all of the money I save on that will be spent on scrapbooking.

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Posted: 1/1/2013 11:10:55 AM
I don't have a set spending amount. I'm trying not to spend much at all.
I am watching and waiting for sales. If it isn't on sale I don't buy it.
I allow myself $50 every month. Some months I don't use that.
It all depends how the sales go. If one month I don't use that amount. Then it accumulates to use for scrap items or extra spending money for other things.

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Posted: 1/1/2013 2:59:40 PM
So is your question more about how do you choose to spend the money once you have an amount?

If so, I try to buy adhesive and albums first. I fail every time. This month I only have $10, next month I won't have any. So I SHOULD have bought an album when they went 50% off...I have a number of homeless layouts.
But I got to go to an all day crop on Sunday and bought some new mist and cardstock with coupons. I'll just ask for albums for valentine's day, I guess.

When I had more money, and less stash, I bought based on good deals. When I had more money and a good-sized stash, I bought tools and reusable things like dies and stamps. Now I have a good stash and no money, so it should really be about needs like adhesive, but I also buy small, fun pick me ups that are new and inspiring to me to inject new life into old stash.

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Posted: 1/1/2013 3:45:14 PM
I am going to have to try to stay within a budget this year. I hope I can, I've had a hard time sticking to it in the past, but when you see ugly ramifications of not doing so, it becomes more appealing, kwim?

I am not sure how much it will be yet. Tomorrow, my plan is to establish an overall household budget for 2013, call a friend who is better about budgeting than I am, find some time to go over it with her, and refine it. Then I'll know what I have to spend on scrapbooking each month, and I just won't be so much of a chronological scrapbooker when I get to those points where I feel I "must have" new stuff to move forward with current photos.

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Posted: 1/1/2013 4:15:04 PM

I understand how to arrive at a $ amount, but for example I just subcribed to an online kit that is costing $37.95 a month. That doesn't leave very much extra if say I wanted to stick with a $50 monthly budget. I guess it comes down to choices as to how you choose to spend your monthly allowance.

Yup you have answered your own question. In reality I bet if you just got the online kit and bought nothing else other than adhesive and photos you would still be able to churn out layouts! Most of us have way too much craft goodness in our homes.

I know when I was trying to stick to a budget I found that 3-4 months in a kit club was great and then 3-4 months taking that same amount and going to the Scrapbook store was alot of fun too. It was nice to change things up.

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