I will NOT look at the sneak peeks!!!

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Posted 1/3/2013 by CreativeEngineer in General Scrappin'

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Posted: 1/3/2013 8:48:48 AM
Is anyone else like me? I already have TOO much but I know if I "look" at the new stuff coming out, I will want some (read all) of it and feel the need to track it down and buy it. <sigh>. So I'm trying to not even start down that path of looking, drooling, buying.

Am I all alone in this????


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Posted: 1/3/2013 8:51:06 AM
You are not alone. I clicked through a couple of posts here this morning but I think I will stop the torture and pretend they don't exist. lalalalala


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Posted: 1/3/2013 9:07:59 AM
lol ditto as long as its not project life related LOL

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Posted: 1/3/2013 9:08:05 AM
Me, too . But I'll break down and look eventually. I'll hold out as long as I can.

I saw people complaining that the WRMK punch wouldn't be available until June. I thought - oh good, there will be something left by the time I take a break from my self-imposed no-spending time!

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Posted: 1/3/2013 9:21:16 AM
I peeked. Then I gawked. Then I salivated. Now I have a list, literally, on my montly calendar, of what comes out when so I don't forget. Last year I was a good girl. This year, I am gonna be so naughty that Santa will be using the caps lock key when he types my name.

Happiness looks good on everyone!


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Posted: 1/3/2013 9:39:38 AM
I love seeing the new things - I look at my stash and I say what more could I possibly need? But every year (or twice a year I should say) they surprise me and create more amazing products!


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Posted: 1/3/2013 10:22:57 AM
Trying not to. My word this year for all aspects of my life is content. I need to be content with what I have, my job, etc. opening those message board posts messes up my efforts.
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Posted: 1/3/2013 10:25:14 AM
I'm not looking either. It's safer that way. For my wallet.



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Posted: 1/3/2013 10:26:54 AM
I look! Because it really makes me wants to use or get rid of what I have. I scrapbooked so much in 2012! I also never spent so much in materials. But at the same time I did not buy books or unnecessary classes. I only buy if I use. So if you want to buy the new stuff...get in your scrap room Now missy!!! And make me some pages!!!

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Posted: 1/3/2013 10:34:04 AM
I'm trying not to. We are trying to buy a house. First I'm not supposed to be spending any money, second our new house might not have any more scrap space than I already have (which is currently one tiny corner). But the paper is calling to me... come look at my awesomeness... you know you want to. UGH!


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Posted: 1/3/2013 10:39:36 AM
I love looking at sneaks!!
The good sneaks make me so excited and want to scrap to get rid of my current stuff. The bad sneaks make me happy that I won't be spending money on them and also fall back in love with what I do have and scrap! Basically, sneaks make me want to scrap!! =)

I also make it a point to only shop from only 5 specific companies, so that makes it much easier to curb spending.



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Posted: 1/3/2013 11:20:51 AM
Anyone who can manage to NOT look at sneaks is a stronger scrapper than I! I love the progression from sneaks, to full reveals, to seeing the product in person and seeing it used by other people in their projects. There are usually lines that I don't think I'll be interested in that I end up loving, and others that I think I'll want and never buy. And as someone else mentioned, it really does inspire me to scrap to make room for all the new stuff!


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Posted: 1/3/2013 11:36:21 AM
You are not alone!


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Posted: 1/3/2013 1:24:43 PM
Yea good luck, I lasted about 5 minutes!

Seriously though, although I loved a bunch of collections, I bought nothing from the last go around. Nothing, nada, not one holiday collection either which about drove me nuts! I received a few of the collections I wanted for Christmas.

I saved my budget from may to the end of the year and didn't even really buy adhesive or anything since I moved and didn't scrap for months.

I will buy at least 2 collections this time around, probably both will be Simple Stories.

Other than that, I won't buy anything and I feel confident looking because even though it is difficult to not buy anything else, I have managed to do it before!

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Posted: 1/3/2013 1:32:10 PM
I really shouldn't be looking. I haven't even bought half of the stuff I wanted from last CHA yet- but I keep clicking on the links and my list is growing and growing- I wish I had your willpower!

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