Well, I've started shopping for Christmas 2013

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Posted 1/7/2013 by vspindler in NSBR Board

Scrappin C-Pea-A

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Posted: 1/7/2013 7:10:24 PM
I am kind of excited about it. I was dropping some jackets off at the drycleaners this weekend and they had some flyers for a company that paints horse pictures. The do traditional paintings but also paint on ornaments, waterbottles, etc. I have this photo of my dad leading his horse that I just love. It is a great picture of the horse, and a really good picture of my dad even though part of his face is covered by his cowboy hat. It was a picture that I was immediately pleased with after I snapped it, and was even more pleased to have later since the horse died of tick fever within a year or two of the photo. My parents really like the picture too.

So I have ordered an ornament with the photo painted on it. Since it is "off season" it should not take long and their prices are pretty reasonable. I've checked their work out on ebay (mustangmooncreations if anyone wants to check them out) and their prices, at least for non custom work (still waiting for the exact price), didn't seem too bad.

I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!

~ Vicki


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Posted: 1/7/2013 7:13:50 PM


That sounds like a wonderful gift! Good job!

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Posted: 1/7/2013 7:17:47 PM
That is awesome!!

~ Dori ~

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Posted: 1/7/2013 7:23:11 PM
Sounds like a wonderful gift.

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Posted: 1/7/2013 9:33:44 PM
Just don't loose it before Christmas, not that I've ever done that or anything ... I'm just saying.

Sounds awesome though, I bet your Dad will love it!


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Posted: 1/7/2013 9:35:42 PM
Great gift! Just don't forget where you put it!


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Posted: 1/7/2013 9:39:37 PM
I was getting all ready to be bent out of shape and tell you to "KNOCK IT OFF", but that sounds very cool, actually.

So I'll just say "Post pictures when it's done!"

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Posted: 1/8/2013 5:41:58 AM

Good grief - it was just yesterday that the last of 2012 Christmas went to the storage shed!!

Good on you - I wish I could be a little more organised than I have been the last couple of years.


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Posted: 1/8/2013 7:03:50 AM
That sounds really neat!

I'd like to be more 'mindful' of the gifts I buy this year and spread it out over the year. Not only does it spread out the cost, I find that I enjoy it more. I enjoy picking things out but not when it feels so rushed.

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Posted: 1/8/2013 7:09:34 AM

Great gift! Just don't forget where you put it!

^^^ OMG that would definitely be me!!!.. or I'd probably forget I had even had it!!!

but good for YOU... !!! (would be a GREAT gift for my brother, who at 72, has a new "love"... he took ownership (bought) a horse because it was being neglected, etc.. he takes care of and visits this horse every single day, even holidays... !! he just loves it...


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Posted: 1/8/2013 7:18:31 AM
Good for you! That sounds like a great gift; but I agree with the advice of the other peas - don't lose it! LOL!

Please share a photo of it when you have it. I'd love to see it!

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