What does this say about me? Watching a video and supplies list.

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Posted 1/9/2013 by naby64 in General Scrappin'

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Posted: 1/9/2013 9:34:30 AM
I remembered it was Wednesday and clicked on videos to see if GG was up yet. It is!! BUT, I scrolled down to look at supplies to see if there is anything new I "need". Here is the rub, NOTHING!! Most of the stuff she has listed I have purchased within the last couple of months or so. This is OK, as it helps my wallet. Now. But does that mean I was a crazy shopper in the last 2-3 mos of the year. I bought up quite a bit of stuff as I really felt like it needed to be in my stash.

AND YES, I have committed to really use up my stash this year, but is just so hard. Esp. as new lines are being brough out to look at with WCHA. Hopefully these items won't be shipping for just a bit. So I can use some of what I have(most likely never to make a dent in it) and won't feel guilty the next time I hit buy.

Anyone else check out supply list to only see they have most of it?

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Posted: 1/9/2013 9:43:35 AM
LOL. It's okay Renee your not the only guilty one. I do it all the time. But i more thn likely don't have it and find away to talk my way into "needing" it!

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Posted: 1/9/2013 10:26:27 AM
I aactually go straight to youtube, But I have placed 3 orders already and I am feeling very guilty. I placed a good order at the end of last year and then all this CHA stuff is bombarding 2peas, I should have just waited, to late now.
But I am like you gotta start using it up.
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