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Posted 1/12/2013 by JamieH in General Scrappin'
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July 2007
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Posted: 1/12/2013 9:59:32 PM
Only as it relates to writing and family


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March 2002
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Loc: Poconos PA

Posted: 1/12/2013 10:12:08 PM
I <3 feathers. So excited!

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May 2002
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Posted: 1/12/2013 10:24:47 PM

Your pages are amazing! Love how you used the paper feathers along with some real ones. Thanks for the inspiration!



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September 2002
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Loc: Midwest

Posted: 1/12/2013 10:25:42 PM
Real and 3-d feathers make me gag. Strangely, I love the shape/ lines of paper feathers. Weird.
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July 2010
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Posted: 1/12/2013 10:31:18 PM
Not a feather fan. I think I have an aversion to real ones that keeps me from even trying to use the paper variety.

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February 2007
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Posted: 1/12/2013 10:39:46 PM
No, not a fan at all. I think it's because I wouldn't know what to do with them... But that would be a great challenge for sure.

Michelle Mostert

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August 2005
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Loc: Cape Town, South Africa

Posted: 1/12/2013 10:41:43 PM
I like the idea but can't see myself just putting a feather on a page because it's trendy. It needs to have a purpose.

So I'll have to take my kids to the bird-park, beach, farm, etc???


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January 2010
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Posted: 1/12/2013 10:45:06 PM
Seeing how others have used them is fun and lots are creative...but they are not for me....

Diane Marie

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November 2002
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Loc: Oregon

Posted: 1/12/2013 11:17:15 PM
I like the wood veneer, paper, and Bella Blvd. feathers. I would like to try some of those on my layouts. I don't think they are or will be a staple just a fun embellishment. I didn't like them at first but they have grown on me!


mama nay

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February 2005
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Posted: 1/12/2013 11:41:01 PM
I can see myself using a few on a page or two of my kitties bird watching but after that, not happening.

~~Mama Nay~~

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May 2012
Posts: 74
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Posted: 1/12/2013 11:45:11 PM
I've used one or two of the wood veneer ones on a layout, but they are not one of my favorite embellishments to use.


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April 2007
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Loc: iowa

Posted: 1/12/2013 11:49:35 PM
No... Not my favorite.

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July 2003
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Loc: Sydney,Australia

Posted: 1/12/2013 11:51:08 PM
Happy dance for me because I used to have birds until the dog came...not going into that story.

Happy Happy Pea

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February 2006
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Loc: New York

Posted: 1/12/2013 11:52:53 PM
I got some veneer feathers as part of a kit that I ordered. I have used them, and I think that I will grow into the feather trend, but honestly I feel like I'm awkward when I put them on my page.

I do like the layouts that I've seen that use feathers. I just don't feel it usually when I used them on my layouts.


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September 2004
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Layouts: 4
Loc: Washington State

Posted: 1/13/2013 12:07:35 AM
I am not a feathers fan. They always seem out of place to me on a page.


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November 2011
Posts: 1,089
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Loc: Beautiful HB, Southern CA

Posted: 1/13/2013 12:09:15 AM
No, totally contrived! Especially the true to size - I could see a tiny feature as an accent ...maybe?



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September 2012
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Loc: Windsor, Ontario

Posted: 1/13/2013 12:12:06 AM
I vote NO to feathers. I hope they disappear as fast as they arrived...
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October 2008
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Posted: 1/13/2013 12:35:25 AM
Not sure about them but I really don't think I'd use them much!

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June 2004
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Posted: 1/13/2013 1:06:50 AM
I think they are cute. However, I don't think I could ever use them on a layout. I scrapbook a lot of baseball layouts, and I don't think baseball and feathers mix too well.

And Biochempea-- I loved your feather layouts!

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October 2003
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Loc: Århus, Denmark

Posted: 1/13/2013 1:20:52 AM
I'd never use real feathers on a layout. I do have some of the JB paper feathers, though. I used one once, but I find they are a overwhelming on my 8.5x11" (and not super embellished) layouts. I love the fact that they are double sided, though. I might end up using the other two on cards.

I could see using the odd veneer feather, but not enough to justify buying a pack.

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December 2009
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Posted: 1/13/2013 1:33:13 AM
I think they have their place. I tied a blue feather (stole it from a 'duster' I had and washed it) to a piece of yarn and used it on a kitty page. I have visions of tucking some small ones into flower clusters but that hasn't happened yet.

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Monica B
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April 2005
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Posted: 1/13/2013 1:38:07 AM
I like them. I'm not a literal scrapbooker, so I'm not bothered by the fact that I don't have bird pictures to use them with or whatever. For me, they almost symbolize wishing or dreaming... Like a wish in the wind. In the Forrest Gump movie, the feather supposedly symbolized destiny.

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March 2001
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Posted: 1/13/2013 12:21:13 PM
I can tell it's not my thing. I wouldn't have the first idea how to use it on a layout.

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September 2010
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Loc: Perú

Posted: 1/13/2013 12:30:44 PM
I don't know I have seen some using them and I like it but I don't know If I will use them .


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September 2006
Posts: 577
Layouts: 10

Posted: 1/13/2013 12:31:27 PM
Like with hexagons.....I cannot pull off this trend. Love how other can though!



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August 2007
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Loc: Italy

Posted: 1/13/2013 12:32:15 PM
love this trend



PeaNut 500,433
February 2011
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Layouts: 4

Posted: 1/13/2013 12:40:40 PM
Not really a huge feather fan. I have some of the SC wood veneer ones and I haven't used them yet. None of the paper feathers have really appealed to me, I think because I don't like that kind of fringey look they have. The new ones from Jenni Bowlin coming out this CHA are kind of cute though. The printed ones and the chipboard ones don't have that fringe look, they are just the general outline of a feather. But I can't think what I would use them on.....



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December 2011
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Layouts: 39

Posted: 1/13/2013 1:00:47 PM
I loooooove feathers! I'm going to be drawing and cutting my own feather shapes to play around with, I think. There's a feather stamp in the set from Amy Tan's first collection that I love and need to try to use more.

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March 2009
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Loc: Kentuckiana

Posted: 1/13/2013 1:44:22 PM
Definitely not a fan of the feathers


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August 2009
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Loc: NW Ohio

Posted: 1/13/2013 2:20:31 PM
Not sure I could really use them and make it work.


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January 2003
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Layouts: 4
Loc: Florida

Posted: 1/13/2013 2:23:26 PM
Not a big feather fan here.

Pea with a Pen

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February 2003
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Loc: Southern California

Posted: 1/13/2013 2:25:04 PM
I guess my LSS does not. I would have used them on a layout about birds if my LSS had sold any that weren't in funky colors like purple and pink. Since my LSS wasn't able to sell me any feathers I liked, I haven't jumped on board the feather bandwagon yet.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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October 2002
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Loc: Connecticut

Posted: 1/13/2013 3:30:09 PM
Not even a little bit.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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May 2011
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Posted: 1/13/2013 4:49:03 PM

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May 2001
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Posted: 1/13/2013 4:49:37 PM
I've seen @biochemipea layouts on instagram and I like the way she used them. Just not sure howmhave would use them, but I've said that about other trends and ended up loving them.


Samantha's Scrap Happy Life


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May 2007
Posts: 212
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Posted: 1/13/2013 4:50:55 PM
I am sure I'll give it a try. It beats Owls!


PeaNut 504,654
April 2011
Posts: 134
Layouts: 1

Posted: 1/13/2013 4:52:44 PM
I can't get into them. I wasn't into hexagons so much either...give me arrows, hearts, chevron and butterflies and I am a happy scrapper!
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July 2012
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Layouts: 88
Loc: Hogwarts

Posted: 1/13/2013 5:10:55 PM
I'm still trying to get used to this trend!

Peapod in Oz

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October 2006
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Layouts: 15
Loc: in a twister

Posted: 1/13/2013 5:52:00 PM
No I have no use for them.

Seriously peaing...

PeaNut 218,207
August 2005
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Loc: Indy

Count: 1
Posted: 1/13/2013 6:34:14 PM
I don't like the veneer ones, but I have used a couple of real ones on LO's.
I'm not huge into the trend though, a little is enough.

Seriously peaing...

PeaNut 218,207
August 2005
Posts: 9,643
Layouts: 636
Loc: Indy

Count: 1
Posted: 1/13/2013 6:34:15 PM
I don't like the veneer ones, but I have used a couple of real ones on LO's.
I'm not huge into the trend though, a little is enough.


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August 2010
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Loc: Ohio

Posted: 1/13/2013 7:39:46 PM
Not my thing, but I have seen a couple of cute lo's with them

Karen Malloy

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June 2004
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Loc: Antioch, TN right outside Nashville

Posted: 1/13/2013 8:18:39 PM
I do!


amy coose

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February 2002
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Loc: Northern VA

Posted: 1/13/2013 8:19:47 PM
I didn't at first, but after I've used them a couple of times, I really like them. I think the Bella BLVD feathers are gorgeous!


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November 2011
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Loc: Ohio

Count: 1
Posted: 1/13/2013 8:32:00 PM
Not a fan.

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November 2011
Posts: 39
Layouts: 6

Posted: 1/13/2013 8:39:11 PM
I have used them on layouts, but not really my thing--- just don't really get how to use em on a layout- I always feel the scale of the feathers are way too big compared to the pics and other embellishments- not a fan
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Stuck In The Bucket

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January 2011
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Posted: 1/13/2013 9:12:43 PM
I don't have any feathers, but I love the projects I have seen them on.


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May 2011
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Loc: Illinois

Posted: 1/13/2013 9:13:39 PM
I think they are cute but haven't used any.

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May 2008
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Loc: Washington

Posted: 1/13/2013 9:22:39 PM
I'm loving it!!

Bethany Engstrom


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January 2008
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Loc: Montreal, Canada

Posted: 1/14/2013 10:59:25 AM
Not a feather trend lover here either.
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