Organizing cameo shapes

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Posted 1/17/2013 by MBaumgarth in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 1/17/2013 7:51:57 AM
What categories do you use to organize all your cameo shapes?
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April 2012
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Posted: 1/17/2013 7:28:07 PM


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Posted: 1/17/2013 7:45:15 PM
I just use the search feature.

I am not the Pea you are looking for

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Posted: 1/17/2013 7:52:47 PM
I used to sort them into categories and then I just gave up. I have too many shapes, over 9500.

I do keep shapes for baby and my print and cuts and sketches are separated into categories. Everything else, I just use the search.

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Posted: 1/17/2013 7:53:51 PM
Animals, Flowers and Trees and Grass, Winter and Christmas, Fall and Halloween and Thanksgiving, St. Pat and Val Day and Easter, Summer, School and Sports, Vacation, Words and Phrases, Stars and Basic Shapes (arrows, etc), Journaling Spots and Tags and Tabs, Projects (card kits, 3D projects like mini albums, etc), Frames, Backgrounds, Flourishes, Borders and Corners, Birds and Butterflies, Food and Home, Misc (includes birthday things like balloons. I don't have many birthday things. I also have pirate things in this category--for a birthday.)

These are the categories that are currently working for me. I have 655 shapes. I know that some people have significantly more than I do and probably have more categories. I wanted to have broad categories and not spend too much time thinking about where to put something. I also wanted broader categories so that if I was looking for something, I might find a different design that I might like better for that particular project. There is a search bar at the top of the library that I use quite often if I can't find something that I am looking for.


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Posted: 1/19/2013 6:01:24 PM
I usually go by the name of the shape Silhouette uses .
I have Borders, Flourish, Shapes, Hearts, etc.
With special occasions like Birthday, etc. I have sub-folders inside my birthday folder with titles, candles, cakes, balloons, etc..
Summer, Winder, Spring, Fall.. You can always sub-folder anything that is in a basic category with lots of shapes pertaining to that.
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