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Posted 1/17/2013 by Simply_Lovely in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 1/17/2013 10:23:07 AM
So another pea mentioned at some point that she gives her DH a valentine every day of February until the 14th. I thought that was an awesome idea so I decided to do it.
Last night I made 8!!! Not only is that a huge accomplishment for me, but it also revealed something to me about myself. Since there are so many posts about personal scrapbooking styles I thought I'd share my revelation.

I barely have time to scrap and I am out of practice on card-making. So I had to work fast and try to wing it. I pulled out every V-day supply I had and went to town. Here is what I discovered:

1. I can still make good stuff even if I don't agonize over every detail. (there was no time to do so, so I just went with my instinct)
2. I love white cardstock backgrounds
3. I either like light muted colors or bold brights. No distressed or washed out colors for me.
4. The layered & misted card is my least favorite, while the bold graphic ones are the most favorite (huge revelation since I always thought my style was all about misting/layering!)
5. I like one standout element, while the rest is rather simple and complements the main element without distracting from it
6. I love white space
7. I like scattering things like buttons, diecuts, punched out elements, sequins
8. I am often "done" way before I THINK I am done. I need to stop trying to add "just one more thing" all the time.

So what's the point of me listing these things? Because of the time constraints I had to work fast and just go with my gut and I ended up creating things naturally. I didn't have time to look at others' work or to fiddle with papers until it was perfect or to over-analyze placement of each element. I just created and created and I am happy with 7 of them! The one I dislike is the first one I made. It took me the longest and I feel it's too overdone and contrived. It wasn't me. It's still lovely, just not as good as the others. But it taught me what I do like, and what I want to make, and how I want to create from now on.

So may I suggest to those of you who are struggling with your style to do something similar. Block out an hour or two and just make as many pages or cards or whatever as you can. Maybe even set a goal - I need to make 4 LOs in an hour! And strive for that. Don't stop and think, just make them. Use old papers and embellishments if you're scared. But just scrap, scrap, scrap and see what comes out naturally =)

HTH someone
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