Do you remember the first time you ever stepped foot in a scrapbook store?

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Posted 1/24/2013 by WorkingClassDog in General Scrappin'
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Posted: 1/27/2013 2:36:19 PM
Oh captured the same feelings as my fond memories of home ec classes...which caused me to major in home ec in college. It was the famous Memory husband had shamed me into scrapbooking a trip to Morroco...I remember saying that I thought it might get expensive and he naively said...well, the trip was expensive so so what...little did he know we could take several trips to Morroco on what I've spent in twelve years.
I went back the next day and signed up for my first to scrap a vacation...taught by Heidi Swapp before she became famous. She actually was pretty awful the first two hours as she'd just had her third child and her husband called in the middle of class. I thought she was cute but rather boring as she rambled...I sat there fascinated with her toe ring. Well, at 8:30 pm she suddenly turned it on and in that last hour of class I've never learned so much about scrapbooking since...I was hooked and have loved the hobby ever since.
A year later I took another class from her at Memory Lane and women had flown in from the east coast to take a class from her and get her to pose for photos with them...that was my first inkling that she was a big deal.


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Posted: 1/27/2013 3:54:21 PM
I do! It was Pebbles in My Pocket, in Las Vegas. There were two Pebbles here, then, and a bunch of other stores. It was 2001, and I started scrapbooking because I just had my daughter. I have always loved office supplies, paper, stickers (I had quite the collection in the 80s), so it was love at first sight. We only have two stores left here in town, and I miss the glory days when we had several.
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