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Posted 1/26/2013 by Fevvers in General Scrappin'
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March 2006
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Loc: Greenville WI

Posted: 1/26/2013 2:39:42 PM
Mine is a 10++ I have been toying with a rearrangement along with too many clearence purchases in bags all over the place.

I still feel like it is a good problem to have. I feel so blessed to have my own space and it is beautiful even when it is a mess!!

Garden Girl

PeaNut 83,420
April 2003
Posts: 9,679
Layouts: 840
Loc: Hawaii

Posted: 1/26/2013 2:43:50 PM

I still feel like it is a good problem to have. I feel so blessed to have my own space and it is beautiful even when it is a mess!

Yes, I agree! If only I could get my husband to agree.


PeaNut 453,032
January 2010
Posts: 1,022
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Posted: 1/26/2013 3:00:34 PM
I'm at an 8 right now. I keep losing my ATG. We know how big that sucker is, so it's pretty bad in here!
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March 2007
Posts: 4,362
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Loc: Pittsburgh, PA.

Posted: 1/26/2013 5:20:45 PM
a 1 - "a place for everything and everything in it's place," especially now that i'm trying to read/write/scrapbook/art journal and make mixed media/make jewelry/study - all in this teeny-tiny space...


PeaNut 450,206
January 2010
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Loc: NW Arkansas

Posted: 1/26/2013 5:33:02 PM
3.9 I cleaned this morning. Packed for a crop. Got back home but haven't unpacked.
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PeaNut 223,381
September 2005
Posts: 3,479
Layouts: 85
Loc: somewhere over the rainbow

Posted: 1/26/2013 5:37:29 PM
I'd say I'm at about a 9. I have to scrap on my dining table and it's currently covered in stuff that I've been trying to organize. Why I had to organize it is I couldn't work on my DD at all, and some of those pieces are only 3x4. Now I've gotten some items out on the desk in my nieces room, she's only here every so often now, and on top of the dog crate that is behind the dining table. I've also got 2 dining chairs pulled out with stuff on top.

Typing this out makes me feel like a slob!

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October 2012
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Loc: pea formerly known as GIPfunny

Posted: 1/26/2013 5:52:55 PM
10, looks like an episode of hoarders. My space is in a part of our unfinished basement.


PeaNut 566,124
September 2012
Posts: 92
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Loc: Hogwarts! No I really live in Victoria, Australia

Posted: 1/26/2013 7:13:47 PM
7- I haven't been bothered to put anything away. I have room to scrap if pushing stuff away is allowed!!

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PeaNut 229,609
October 2005
Posts: 1,609
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Loc: East Coast

Posted: 1/26/2013 7:20:28 PM
7 1/2 - it's bad, but I can still see parts of my desk. I have a few half started projects that need to be finished or put away. I also have some major reorganization that needs to be done. I've been putting that off because we know it always gets worse before it get better
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PeaNut 252,301
March 2006
Posts: 989
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Posted: 1/26/2013 7:42:06 PM
I'd say about a 9. I have a couple piles I have to walk around to get to my chair, the table next to my table is piled sky high. The scrapping table has a layout buried somewhere under the crap that has accumulated on the top. The table behind where I scrap has several things on it, not too tall. Oh heck! who am I kidding, it's like a 16. I say that because I don't have an animal lost in there.
Good luck finding the cat


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PeaNut 60,695
January 2003
Posts: 9,048
Layouts: 2

Posted: 1/26/2013 8:30:14 PM
Mine is probably a 9 right now. I had to relocate to a smaller room this summer and it is just too tight in there.

I would name it "You mean I am supposed to be creative in this hot mess?"

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PeaNut 15,878
May 2001
Posts: 25,921
Layouts: 71
Loc: LI, NY

Posted: 1/26/2013 8:34:34 PM
I would say a 2 or 2.5. I could stand to wipe down my table (since I just had a cup of tea) and remove the remote and stray envelope.

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PeaNut 306,126
March 2007
Posts: 88
Layouts: 14
Loc: Massachusetts

Posted: 1/26/2013 8:37:18 PM
About a 1.5 it was recently cleaned and organized and then I got sick with the there are some packages and such that need to be dealt with but it is ready to roll when I am!

Happy Wife

PeaNut 88,350
May 2003
Posts: 1,709
Layouts: 8
Loc: Tucson AZ

Posted: 1/26/2013 10:33:33 PM
0.5 lol there "might" be some dust somewhere...


PeaNut 204,991
May 2005
Posts: 3,177
Layouts: 100
Loc: New Jersey

Posted: 1/26/2013 10:48:33 PM
I am about a three or four. My room is clean and everything is put away in the main part of the room. The closet has two brown paper bags full of things that need to be put away. I have room in the closet, I just haven't found the right storage yet. I think this is the cleanest my scrapbook room has been in about four years. I recently moved from a large room to a small room with a closet and having a closet has made a huge difference.

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PeaNut 409,154
January 2009
Posts: 1,628
Layouts: 177
Loc: Missouri

Posted: 1/26/2013 11:15:48 PM
11. The producers of "Hoarders" called and want to film my room

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PeaNut 575,419
December 2012
Posts: 51
Layouts: 1
Loc: the mountains of western PA

Posted: 1/27/2013 12:24:33 AM
It depends on which space you are looking at! I had to relocate my scrapping supplies to two different places and put my work table in the living room. My supply closet is about a 2, my paper drawers are a 2 but my table is about a 7. It is really hard to scrap with supplies located throughout the house. I bring things from the closet down the hall to the table but I keep "forgetting" the return trip when I am done with them!
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PeaNut 366,164
March 2008
Posts: 131
Layouts: 0

Posted: 1/27/2013 1:58:25 AM
A 5 tonight - I only have to put the new purchases away. But it's usually a 9.5 with piles of stuff everywhere. I pull tons of stuff out for nearly every page, and only clean up when an entire album is done.


PeaNut 31,845
March 2002
Posts: 463
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Loc: Poconos PA

Posted: 1/27/2013 5:38:22 AM
It's a one today. We had guests over yesterday and my office in the front of the house.

I never let it get past a 3 (the I've been busy stage but you can still see the desk.)

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PeaNut 160,610
August 2004
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Posted: 1/27/2013 5:52:36 AM
Sorry mine is clean.


PeaNut 18,232
July 2001
Posts: 3,496
Layouts: 44
Loc: Ohio

Posted: 1/27/2013 6:06:15 AM
Mine is probably a 1.5 right now. I've just spent the last two weeks doing a reorganization of all my embellishments, and I wouldn't' let myself scrap until everything was put away. I still have a few things to find a home for, and I need to dust and vacuum, but then I will be good to go.

I just wish it would stay at a 1.5 instead of looking like a scrapbook store exploded in there (which sadly from time to time
it has!).


PeaNut 44,256
August 2002
Posts: 1,308
Layouts: 13
Loc: Mooresville, NC

Posted: 1/27/2013 6:47:53 AM
My mess goes all the way to 11. My desk is sorta covered. I might be able to shove stuff to the side to work on a layout but the floor is so covered in boxes that I can't make it to my desk! And if i could get to my desk, there's a stack of boxes on my chair so I couldn't sit down to work anyway.

I think I should clean up today.



PeaNut 535,520
January 2012
Posts: 139
Layouts: 11
Loc: Nova Scotia

Posted: 1/27/2013 8:28:18 AM
Mine is about a 7 and it's probably not going to get any better until I do a purge and re-evaluate my storage options.



PeaNut 361,329
February 2008
Posts: 879
Layouts: 0
Loc: the great white north

Posted: 1/27/2013 8:41:57 AM

Just traded spaces yesterday and I am trying to put it back together!

Hopefully by this time tomorrow it will be a 1.

Kudos to my DH for the fresh paint and for moving all the furniture.

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PeaNut 477,798
August 2010
Posts: 1,590
Layouts: 49

Posted: 1/27/2013 9:08:13 AM
I would give myself a 1, but I have a small stack of alphas out that need to go back on my Clip-It-Up. Everything else is completely neat, clean, organized, and bigger categories are labeled with a label maker. The staples I keep on my desk - trimmer, scissors, adhesive, corner rounder, and ruler - are placed at right angles.

I know it's insane - but if there's any type of mess in my home, I can't concentrate on anything, and I really can't create if there's a mess about!

ETA: I put the alphas away, so now it's definitely a 1 !


PeaNut 56,444
November 2002
Posts: 1,047
Layouts: 7
Loc: Some where near by!

Posted: 1/27/2013 9:12:41 AM
I say mine is about a 3. Not bad considering most days it's a 9 but it could be cause I've been in the scrapbooking groove and have been cranking out layouts! When Ive lost my mojo that's when it seems like the mess starts to accumulate!!

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PeaNut 124,443
January 2004
Posts: 4,396
Layouts: 49
Loc: Central PeA

Posted: 1/27/2013 10:25:27 AM
I would rate it about 5, some stuff on the floor, but not covered and desk has room for a 1-page 12x12 layout, possibly 2 pages.

DH would say beyond 10. He despises clutter and things on the floor.



PeaNut 239,742
December 2005
Posts: 1,448
Layouts: 0

Posted: 1/27/2013 10:47:26 AM
Oh I would have to say at least a 15. I can honestly say that right now there is not a 3" square space on my table open Yes I admit it. My room is a multi purpose room and it's just hopeless. This is the main reason that in the next few weeks, I will be moving into a smaller room where the only thing happening will be scrapping. Then my goal is to say my mess ranks at least a 3 = wish me luck.

Pixie Pea

PeaNut 41,800
July 2002
Posts: 13,016
Layouts: 660
Loc: Arizona

Posted: 1/27/2013 10:52:34 AM
Ummm, I have piles of Iris boxes filled with BasicGrey paper that my daughter uses to sit on.

I'd say I was a 10.


PeaNut 555,886
May 2012
Posts: 326
Layouts: 5
Loc: England

Posted: 1/27/2013 11:17:24 AM
About a 5....the desk is not *too* bad but I really need to sweep under the desk...if you don't look at the floor it's probably about a 3

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PeaNut 266,613
June 2006
Posts: 10,478
Layouts: 102

Posted: 1/27/2013 11:20:46 AM

I feel so blessed to have my own space and it is beautiful even when it is a mess!

Yes, yes, true, true! And I was super blessed yesterday to have DH and ODS in here with me. They were puttering on laptops and we had Oceans 11 and then Oceans 12 playing and I was cutting and pasting. All throughout my mess.


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October 2002
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Posted: 1/27/2013 11:41:45 AM
I'm at an 8 with just enough space to work on a 12 x12, BUT if I have to use the trimmer, I need to move a stack to my chair....then move it back so I can sit on the rare occasions that I do.

The bowl I have out for miscellaneous bits and pieces is overflowing. Really need a system for those.

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January 2006
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Posted: 1/27/2013 12:52:44 PM
10+ my defense, I'm in the middle of re-doing my craft room, so part of it is packed up so I have room to assemble and install new furniture.

I just keep reminding myself it's got to get worse before it gets better! And, in the end, I'll have a new (hopefully way more functional!) space!

Have a nice day!

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November 2003
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Posted: 1/27/2013 1:47:35 PM
I'm somewhere between 7 and 8.


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October 2010
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Loc: San Antonio, TX

Posted: 1/27/2013 2:14:21 PM
My sister gave me a huge shopping bag full of SB goodies & I went shopping yesterday (2 bags of stuff)~I've got to put the stuff away~so I would say a 2.

I have been working hard cuz it was a disaster in there (10+) after making Christmas cards & last minute gift wrapping...embossing powder, glitter & little scraps from using the corner rounder were everywhere~I wanted to scrap, but I didn't want to clean/put stuff away~I finally did this week.

Tomorrow I hope to scrap all day!

I LOVE to talk about scrapbooking!!



PeaNut 462,164
March 2010
Posts: 2,612
Layouts: 2

Posted: 1/27/2013 2:29:27 PM
Definitely a 10+, and proud of it!

Love my stash and the way it keeps giving. Though it might be nice to have a clean space one day, I definitely embrace my space, and the mess within.



PeaNut 226,382
October 2005
Posts: 1,577
Layouts: 39
Loc: New England

Posted: 1/27/2013 3:39:02 PM
My husband came into my space and was disgusted! He thought it was messier than my 10 DD's room. I'm definitely a 10!

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Garden Girl

PeaNut 83,420
April 2003
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Layouts: 840
Loc: Hawaii

Posted: 1/27/2013 10:37:13 PM

Love my stash and the way it keeps giving.

I love this thought!

I took my 9.5 down to 9 today by clearing some space on my desk and finding some homes for odds and ends. I had bowlfuls of buttons, brads, and tin pins/flair scattered everywhere! My desk is now like the eye of the storm -- a space of temporary clarity, surrounded by chaos.


PeaNut 558,537
June 2012
Posts: 722
Layouts: 20
Loc: Greenville, SC

Posted: 1/27/2013 10:48:35 PM
I would put mine at a 7-Meaning there is enough room for my butt and a layout. Granted I scrap in my Living room for lack of a studio. So when it comes out it generally goes back to a 2 before bed. In fact I just posted the mess and the resulting LO to my blog.

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PeaNut 328,901
July 2007
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Posted: 1/27/2013 11:46:00 PM
Mine is a 1. I went to my SIL's for a long scrapping weekend last weekend. When I got home, I brought my stuff in, sat it down and there it stays. Didn't take much with me as I was working on a specific project. It could all be put in it's place in 10 minutes.

Lisa =^..^=

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PeaNut 286,696
December 2006
Posts: 728
Layouts: 18
Loc: Washington, DC

Posted: 1/28/2013 6:08:04 AM
I'm so glad that I'm among messy kindred spirits. I am probably about a 9. I started to purge some paper and there is a small path cleared on my craft room floor. But, some of my stuff has escaped to the adjacent rec room, so I still think I'm at the high end of messy. I'm just waiting until I have a week off in March to get some serious cleaning and organizing done!

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PeaNut 519,393
September 2011
Posts: 73
Layouts: 1

Posted: 1/28/2013 7:16:03 AM
I was just looking around my room this morning, shaking my head...mine is around a 7 or 8.


PeaNut 399,391
November 2008
Posts: 695
Layouts: 7
Loc: Northeast Pennsylvania

Posted: 1/28/2013 7:35:28 AM
Mine is at least a 10. I'm in the middle of purging/reorganizing to find what works best for me, and also to make room for a piano. I don't have a very large area, so it is a little difficult. We have a snow day today, so maybe I will get more of it done. I have scrap stuff EVERYWHERE.

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PeaNut 280,901
October 2006
Posts: 243
Layouts: 71
Loc: near San Diego CA

Posted: 1/28/2013 9:13:02 AM
Mine is about an 8 right now. I use the guest room / office for my scrapping supplies. I am in the middle of purging and organizing so there is stuff everywhere. ( I will be listing my "clip it up" soon, since I can't make it work on my desk anymore) But... this weekend I hauled everything onto the kitchen table and actually got three pages completed. So I am spreading my creative mess evenly throughout the house!


PeaNut 113,955
October 2003
Posts: 2,099
Layouts: 29

Posted: 1/28/2013 9:29:39 AM
My work space is at a 1. I just went to a crop last week and spent an evening putting everything back in order. I do have 2 or 3 drawers I need to sort through which I'll put at a 4 since they are sorted in categories, I just need to decide on what I want to keep and what I want to give away.


PeaNut 568,464
October 2012
Posts: 58
Layouts: 5
Loc: Alaska

Posted: 1/29/2013 11:19:05 AM
Mine would be a 20.
I can't get into the room without stepping over stuff. Every surface is completely buried, the desk, the chair, the shelves, the floor. I can't clean anything without taking stuff out of the space to get to where I can reach where it needs to go. I am going out of my mind. The kids and I did lots of crafting the last two months, but no one has put anything away.
It is on my to-do list for this weekend, as well as hopefully a little more crafting.
At least the rest of the house is fairly clean, I'd say a 3.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

PeaNut 509,811
May 2011
Posts: 6,639
Layouts: 27

Posted: 1/29/2013 11:25:16 AM
A 5 but that is because I had it all nice and cleaned last week when it was at a 10 and then scrapped over the weekend - leaving it as a 5

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PeaNut 418,377
April 2009
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Loc: SE Wisconsin

Posted: 2/3/2013 9:36:58 AM

10. And that is being conservative.

Me too, sadly. I can't find the top of my desk so I've set up a portable table in the living room so that I can actually scrap. I should be ashamed (but I'm not ). I am trying to make some decisions on reorganizing my space. I just wish my room didn't have to serve so many different purposes. I scrapbook and quilt, but I think supplies and equipment from these 2 hobbies I could handle fine. It's all of the home office stuff, the bookcase with all of the books (non craft related) and clothing overflow hanging in the craft room closet that put me over the top.


PeaNut 567,835
September 2012
Posts: 525
Layouts: 111
Loc: Dallas, TX

Posted: 2/3/2013 9:38:43 AM
3. Nothing I can't clean up in a couple of minutes!
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