How do you "stay" with a project?

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Posted 1/27/2013 by Scraplizard in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 1/27/2013 4:36:19 PM
I've been working on a Christmas album(s)since the beginning of December. I have over 200 photos to scrap--I won't scrap them all because some are better than others etc. Point is, I'm trying to scrap most of them chronologically. I do drift off and do a different year just to make it not so tedious. I've gotten tired of it. I have done a few layouts of other things besides Christmas. I just can't seem to stay with it. How do those of you that work on projects get them done? I really want this to be completely caught up by next Christmas and I have photos from 2005 to present!

ETA: I have other "projects" in the making. Finishing my daughter's baby book (she's almost 12!), school album, and I think that's it. I'm sure there are other things I have in mind, but can't think of them right now. I actually thought of taking all the rest and getting them in chronological order and doing a sort of PL type album. Obviously it wouldn't be day to day or week to week, just a way of getting the photos all in chrono order and somewhat quicker. I don't know if PL is a quicker way to scrap or not. Plus, not sure I want to invest in the page protectors and the smaller sizes, although I'm thinking I would just use stash and adjust everything accordingly. What say the peas???

I know there is a lot her to answer/consider! Thanks in advance!


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Posted: 1/27/2013 4:43:12 PM
Personally, I find I have to allow myself breaks from a big project....or making the layouts just isn't fun for me anymore - which defeats the point a bit, since it's meant to be fun

When I start getting tired of a particular set of pictures I'll scrap something else for a while, and usually after a couple of layouts I'm ready to go back to the first set...and it doesn't really waste too much time because I find layouts come together much quicker for me when I'm enjoying the process


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October 2006
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Posted: 1/27/2013 4:46:03 PM
I bribe myself with chocolate.

Or switch it up, which it sounds like you're already doing. Have you already decided how many pages, and which photos will go on which pages? Maybe you could do that so you know exactly how many you need to do a month/week to finish.
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January 2005
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Posted: 1/27/2013 4:53:14 PM

I bribe myself with chocolate.

Or switch it up, which it sounds like you're already doing. Have you already decided how many pages, and which photos will go on which pages? Maybe you could do that so you know exactly how many you need to do a month/week to finish.

Ha! I've tried that too! No, I really have no plan as far as pages/photos. I grab a kit and just go with it and pick photos to go with the kit. I got so tired of it, I ordered some Scrapbook Generation Page kits just to get it done!


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Posted: 1/27/2013 4:55:24 PM
seriously? i don't...

i have a stack of unfinished projects and i just work on whatever speaks to me at that particular moment...

still haven't finished my december daily.
haven't finished your living canvas workshop.

sorry! i guess i'm no help.


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Posted: 1/27/2013 4:57:31 PM
I don't, it's my weakness in this hobby. I can barely get through a layout, much less my DD album I started last December


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Posted: 1/27/2013 5:17:59 PM
I'm still working on my December Daily album!

I suppose I don't try and think about it just as the one big project. Each page finished is an accomplishment. Each page can have a different design, topic, embellishments, look...

I look for inspiration for particular pages on pinterest and elsewhere, trying different techniques.


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January 2009
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Posted: 1/27/2013 5:21:48 PM
I suppose my answer really is, I see it as there are two ways to go:

1. Batch process, same design and set-up for most pages and power through it.


2. Take it away from the mindset of one project and have some fun with it. Switch out your supplies and use some different ones. Think of it more as pages.


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July 2012
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Posted: 1/27/2013 5:29:50 PM
I would say scrap keep scrapping them but work on other projects in between so you don't get so tired of it. I would also say simple scrap the pages meaning don't worry about having a piece of art for each page. Keep the pages simple so that you can move on to the next page. I did use the we r memory keepers album for my DD this year and some of the pages were done with the page protectors which I think made it easier for me because I didn't have to decorate every page.
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Posted: 1/27/2013 6:14:54 PM
I know exactly how you feel! I would suggest buying the divided page protectors for 4x6 photos(Target has them now), put all your unscrapped photos in those and come back to them in a few weeks...or whenever you get the urge.
I got so burnt out on a project, from now on I will set a goal ~ 10 double page LOs, for example, and then put it away! It just gets too monotonous!


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September 2011
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Posted: 1/27/2013 7:38:22 PM
The only project I can seem to stick to is Project Life. I have tried December Daily at least 3 times and failed in an epic fashion every time. I just don't care for THAT much Christmas; which is pretty much the overall feeling with any project I start, "I don't like __ enough to do an entire album about it."

My only advice is don't force it, have those pictures off to the side where they are still present in the space but only scrap them when you feel motivated.


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May 2006
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Posted: 1/27/2013 7:41:28 PM
I have a plan for the project, which makes completion easier. I finished my DD early January because I know my holiday enthusiasm wanes quickly. I would say find sketches for multi photo layouts, go to a crop and only work on them. The sketches take away the thinking and the crop gives you uninterrupted time.

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Posted: 1/27/2013 7:47:14 PM
I don't. I have all items for a specific album stored together in a container that I can move around. That way, I can work on whatever album I'm in the mood for. I have at least 3 going on right now. It keeps me from getting bored with a particular subject. (Almost all are travel albums.)


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October 2006
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Posted: 1/27/2013 8:04:36 PM
Since you edited your OP since I answered the first time - yes, divided page protector scrapping is MUCH faster (if you aren't compelled to make them works of art)! I implement it into my family albums all the time! There's a few examples in my gallery.

I like the WRMK page protectors - lots of choices! I have both those and the BH ones. Using your stash would work just fine, though it's nice to have journaling cards on hand already in different sizes.
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Posted: 1/27/2013 8:18:34 PM
I'm right there with you, too. I decided to make a snow album of my family playing and having fun in the snow. I got so tired of snowflakes. It turned out nice though.

I like to skip around and work on different albums, it holds my interest more.

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Posted: 1/27/2013 11:10:12 PM
I was going to say I have trouble staying with projects like that, but the truth is I am right now working on a project very similar to yours. It's an album I started at Thanksgiving, and still have 25 layouts to go before I'm done. What's more, most of those 25 layouts are about a trip to CO to visit grandkids, so I'll have to be duplicating or even triplicating those, depending on if one or both Gks are in the pictures.

I know it's 25 layouts to go though, because I have preplanned them to keep track of what I'm doing and when. I am mostly, not completely doing them in chronological order, but I really needed to know which ones I can scrap with my stash and which ones I will hate if i try to do that, so I figured out sketches and color schemes already.

The thing that gives me staying ability is I am scrapping each one of the layouts different from the others, and also knowing that if I would rather take a breakscrap something unrelated, I can.

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November 2003
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Posted: 1/28/2013 7:37:13 AM
This answer may seem trite, but if a project becomes tedious or tiresome, I just put it away for a while until I'm ready to work on it again. I scrap for fun and if it becomes a chore that MUST get done, then it's not fun anymore!

Maybe re-thinking your approach would work? Could you file away your albums and supplies and pull them out when you feel like working on that topic again?

You could try doing a smaller album format and just picking the very best photos to use. You could put the rest into envelopes or a pocket in the mini album or in divided page protectors in a regular photo album.

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Posted: 1/28/2013 7:56:11 AM
I experience the same thing with my SCUBA/underwater photos. When I start getting tired of them or find myself without any ideas, I take a break from them and move on to something else. Just this weekend I left them and scrapped some Halloween photos and it was so fun!

I also occasionally decide that I'm SO tired of fish photos that I scrap a few pages "PL" or "Simple Stories" style and insert those pages in between the pages of a two page layout (one PL page for each two page layout). I also find this is a great way to use up supplies left over from the two page layout. I limit myself on the style of PL page protectors I buy...I only have one style in my stash, which is the one large 6x12 pocket (great for enlargements and journaling) and 3-4x6 pockets.

Since I organize my unscrapped photos in chronological order in a 12x12 binder with divided page protectors, it's easy to scrap out of order.


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Posted: 1/28/2013 8:17:55 AM
For me, it really depends...somtimes, it is best for me to work on a different project for awhile...and sometimes I know that I need to power through it or the project will never get finished. I am a "list" type of person, so being able to mark things off and giving myself deadlines really helps.

For the past two years, a couple of friends and I have done a ScrapChallenge. We each pick a project and work on it for 12 weeks. At the beginning, we each share our goals, so that we can keep each other on track. Then, each week we share pictures of our finished pages. Being accountable to someone else motivated me a lot more than if I were doign it solo. The first year, I finally finished my wedding album. Last year, I caught up 6 months of Project Life and made two Disney albums for my nieces. This year, I am flying solo because both friends have new babies . I am trying to be ambitious this spring, and get several projects off the "to do" list. I am mostly goign the PL/divided page protector route. It is making it go SO much faster for me, because I am keeping it simple. My goal is to get the pictures and stories in albums. Luckily, using the PL kits or a matching paper collection, helps satisfy my need to make it "pretty".


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Posted: 1/28/2013 9:04:15 AM
I know the feeling of feeling like that, I tend to just pick whichever pictures I want to scrap at any particular time, so I have photos from last year, 2011, anything really. I've also just got a set of Instagram prints ordered which will be more everyday things and a new format for me to have some variety.

I also recommend the divided page protectors for just getting a bunch of images into an album so there's not so much pressure to make the pages right then.

I also look for sketches/challenges/stash busting options so that helps me focus on something new each time despite it being a single project or the same set of photos.


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Posted: 1/28/2013 10:15:15 AM
well if its an online challenge i keep up with the deadline otherwise no rush for me
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