Pioneer Woman's blog has a post on using Smashbooks in a homeschool co-op class

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Posted 1/28/2013 by 3kidmama in General Scrappin'

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Posted: 1/28/2013 12:29:21 PM
I LOVE this idea and although my own girls are now all in college, we are are now also raising and homeschooling our nephew. My girls would have LOVED LOVED LOVED doing this at that age and so would many of their friends. What a great art/journal kind of class!

I think I might run this idea by him!

Pioneer Woman Post (1/28/13)


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Posted: 1/28/2013 12:42:38 PM
Thank you for posting this! I need to ask my boys if they'd be interested.
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Posted: 1/28/2013 2:05:15 PM
I saw this yesterday, too, and meant to come here and post it but I got distracted.

We aren't a home school family, but I thougth the concept was great!


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Posted: 1/28/2013 2:41:54 PM
That's a great idea!
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