advice ... where I can sell my cricut with 36 Cartridges?

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Posted 1/31/2013 by burgess505 in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 1/31/2013 1:14:52 AM
advice ... where I can sell my cricut with 36 Cartridges? And how much do you think that I should sell it? It is a cricut expression like 3 years old but i had not use it so much because I have silhouette SD and now cameo...
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Posted: 1/31/2013 1:47:47 AM
I would try the FSOT board or ebay. Maybe Craigslist, too. Or, if your LSS has garage sales, you could sell it/them there.

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Posted: 1/31/2013 2:33:29 AM
How much depends on a bunch of things.

What model of Cricut?
Which cartridges?
Are they linked?
Are they "retired"?
Are they the full carts or the seasonal and lite ones with fewer images?
Are they super rare ones like Hello Kitty?

On ebay, you may get more for them if you sell them piece by piece than as a lot.

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Posted: 1/31/2013 3:08:06 AM
Good question.. I was thinking about selling my cricut too! I literally just bought it back in October I still have the box and all & have only used it about twice! I recently bought the cameo which I love way more! I have like 4 or 5 cartridges and some other accessories to go with it! It's an expression the new model with the touch screen! I wonder how much I can get for it as well ??



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Posted: 1/31/2013 9:51:01 AM
I'm going to do Craig's List when I get around to selling mine. Mine is just a baby bug so won't bring much. How much do y'all think for that? I've always had awesome luck on Craig's List selling groups of scrapping stuff when I purge.

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Posted: 1/31/2013 10:19:16 AM
Sell on Craig's list all the time. I currently have a few carts listed there right now.


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Posted: 1/31/2013 10:24:19 AM
Some of us might be interested in your carts if you list them here.
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Posted: 1/31/2013 10:48:37 AM
I would try listing it on here in the FSOT. Also, if you are on the Cricut message boards, you can list it there under Products Reviews and Deals. I think that you would get more for it if you can list the items separately. People are looking for some carts but may not want to buy the whole bundle.

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Posted: 1/31/2013 11:25:42 AM
I wouldn't want to ship the machine, so I would try Craig's List for that first. For the cartridges, I would try Craig's List, then the FSOT board, then ebay.

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