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Posted 2/2/2013 by mdferri in General Scrappin'
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Lynette Jacobs

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June 2009
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Posted: 2/6/2013 11:04:44 AM
My favorites move with the times. I loved Capella and I loved Wander and know my new favorite is Serenade.

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What are you looking at?

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August 2010
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Posted: 2/6/2013 12:51:56 PM

I think when you go through old stash and you find paper and you think "Oh, I'm so glad I still have some that!", then it was a really great line for you.

And that's exactly how I feel about many BG lines.

I totally agree with this, melanell!

2Ps Digital Creative Team

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Posted: 2/6/2013 1:18:10 PM
I haven't bought any BG for such a long time. I think the last I got was June Bug (which was actually a Two Peas prize) which I absolutely loved. The one before that I purchased was Eskimo Kisses which I bought LOTS of and the embellishments for that were too cute.

From the older collections
Skate Shoppe
Romani (which I actually didn't have much of, more is the pity)
Lollipop Shoppe is the one that got me to fall in love with BG in the first place.


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Posted: 2/6/2013 6:41:58 PM
Without a doubt it is Wisteria. It was purplelishous.

Nadine Buston


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Posted: 2/7/2013 6:16:50 PM
So hard to pick one favorite! Recent favorites have been Out of Print, Curio, Capella and Little Black Dress. I also love Indian Summer, Max and Whiskers, Origins and love ALL of the Christmas lines. Way back when I first discovered BG, I loved ALL of their lines. Definite favorites (still have some of each of these) were Urban Prairie, Phresh and Phunky, Motifica, Sublime, Vagabond, Periphery, Sultry, Scarlet's Letter, Stella Ruby, Lilly Kate. I don't care for some of the new ones, I did buy Serendipity and will likely buy Fact and Fiction and Serenade but the oldies were the best. I'd still buy more of them now if I could!


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March 2009
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Posted: 2/7/2013 6:19:16 PM
Urban Prairie - I still hoard some that paper.


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Posted: 2/7/2013 6:38:04 PM
I think I must be an oddball because it wasn't very popular, but I absolutely LOVED the sweetness of Kioshi!!!


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