antique gateleg table says "5050" on bottom side.

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Posted 2/4/2013 by dkisgen in General Scrappin'

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Posted: 2/4/2013 9:52:47 PM
I have an antique gateleg table that has been handed down and I was trying to see if it has any identifying marks. On the underside of the table there is an area that was left original when it was refinished and in that original area the only thing it has is a small c and then 5050 is stamped or painted on. Does anyone know what this means or if it identifies the origin of the table in any way? Thank you.


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Posted: 2/4/2013 10:11:02 PM
You might ask over in the nsbr forum and get more help. Good luck!


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Posted: 2/5/2013 5:35:36 AM
Do you have an antique dealer in your area? You might want to ask them for help. Good luck!

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