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Posted 2/6/2013 by midwestgirl60 in General Scrappin'


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July 2009
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Posted: 2/6/2013 6:54:13 AM
I have a new series on my blog this year, called Go To Designs. I started with the grid, and today I'm highlighting the shelf.

What are your Go To Designs? Are there any you'd like to see me tackle in a future blog post?

Go To Designs: The Shelf


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November 2002
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Posted: 2/6/2013 7:00:48 AM
love your ideas...bookmarked you!

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March 2005
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Posted: 2/6/2013 7:03:54 AM
Loved the tip! I will do that with my next layout!


What can I post about?

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December 2011
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Posted: 2/6/2013 7:17:11 AM
LOve your designs...I pinned some of your layouts...thanks for the inspiration!!

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Make a Wish

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January 2009
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Posted: 2/6/2013 7:20:39 AM
Just had a brief moment to check out your blog, will need to do so in more depth when I have some time (off to work now) It looks like there are some really great tips on here, and you seem to have sort of "formulas" which really helps me and clear things up in my mind about putting a page together. I have always wanted to see someone somewhere who not only provides inspiration through their own process, but would provide a segment or feature where they would actually assist someone with a page. Have you ever considered that or do you know of another blogger that does that?



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July 2009
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Posted: 2/6/2013 4:20:54 PM
Maribeth, thanks for your kind words and intriguing idea. I have been a part of Debbie Hodge's Guided Study Critique Workshop (halfway thru my 3rd session) where we do just that.

There is a design focus every week, we submit 2 layouts and have a live 2-hour online critique session every Thursday. It is intense, but I've learned so much, and all the feedback is given in the most kind and helpful terms.

Here is a link with more info in case you, or anyone, might be interested in future sessions. There's an option to get on the early notice list for the next session.

Guided Study Critique Workshop

2Ps Digital Creative Team

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Posted: 2/6/2013 4:32:02 PM
Another great blog post, I too love the 'shelf' as a design element.


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June 2009
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Posted: 2/6/2013 5:16:48 PM
I actually looked at this blog post earlier and left a message on your blog. I think it's an AWESOME feature. Can't wait to see other Go-to-designs!

xoxoxo Sarah


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January 2012
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Posted: 2/6/2013 5:34:38 PM
I love the idea of Go To Designs. Your blog is very informative. I will be visiting it often. TFS!



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December 2002
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Posted: 2/6/2013 6:09:57 PM


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April 2002
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Posted: 2/6/2013 6:13:48 PM
I bookmarked as well. Beautiful pages some great inspiration.
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January 2007
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Posted: 2/6/2013 6:14:55 PM
Awesome layouts! TFS

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Posted: 2/6/2013 6:17:18 PM


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September 2000
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Posted: 2/6/2013 7:08:42 PM
I loved your blog post and looked up your grid post also. Wonderful information. I've subscribed! Thanks for sharing.



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August 2006
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Posted: 2/6/2013 7:15:01 PM
Thanks for sharing! Love the shelf idea.


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May 2011
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Posted: 2/6/2013 7:29:01 PM
Love the examples! TFS!


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August 2009
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Posted: 2/6/2013 8:58:32 PM
Thanks for sharing. I love your ideas and your happy LOs.


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January 2006
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Posted: 2/6/2013 9:20:14 PM
Great blog post. Thanks for sharing! Look forward to reading more.

Go for it!


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May 2012
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Posted: 2/6/2013 10:12:25 PM
Thanks for the inspiration! I will be checking out your blog often!


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March 2011
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Posted: 2/6/2013 10:41:53 PM
You have an awesome blog! I love grid designs. I don't do much with the shelf...may have to step outside my box.


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July 2009
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Posted: 2/7/2013 7:17:12 AM
You Peas are awesome! Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm really focusing on my blog this year and I appreciate the feedback.


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February 2004
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Posted: 2/7/2013 7:36:34 AM
Bookmarked you. Very informative and love your layouts!

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August 2006
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Posted: 2/7/2013 7:52:32 AM
Loved your "Shelf" examples! And I bookmarked your blog, too. TFS!

My Scrapn' Blog

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July 2011
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Posted: 2/7/2013 7:59:15 AM
Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the shelf examples and looking forward to seeing what your next go-to principles will be! I've bookmarked your blog, great stuff.

Make a Wish

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January 2009
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Posted: 2/7/2013 8:01:53 AM
Sue, thanks for the link, I am going to look into this, I think this might be just what I have been looking for.

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