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Posted 2/6/2013 by rmfleming in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 2/6/2013 8:30:26 AM
I'm new at this...I just purchased a set of shapes, hoping to upload them to my Silhoutte. But I can't figure out how to do it. I just downloaded the latest version of the software. Can anyone help?
Thanks so much!


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Posted: 2/6/2013 8:52:34 AM
there is a lot of videos on youtube about uploading svg files to the sihoutte that could help you, im new to the cameo too so im no help..lol but im always checking those videos to learn how to use the machine...

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Posted: 2/6/2013 8:56:30 AM
SVG files or shapes from the Silhouette store?



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February 2013
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Posted: 2/6/2013 9:01:44 AM
I bought a kit from two peas in a bucket. It has 6 shapes, each in 4 different file forms (svg, dxf, png and one other that I don't remember).

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Posted: 2/6/2013 9:10:01 AM
Try looking at Kerribradford.com. She has some great tutorials and classes.

I upgraded my silhouette software to the designer edition so it will open SVGs. I think if you have the basic software you open your SVG, and then use the trace feature on it, and then go to file, import to library and it will save it as a .STUDIO file.

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Posted: 2/6/2013 9:13:18 AM
Yes, wherever you have saved the digital product you bought is where you start. Open your Silhouette Software, click open and find the item you bought (one of the shapes.) You then have to hit the trace button up on the top toolbar. Select the area to trace (the whole image) and I always click the Low Pass Filter, unclick the high pass. Once you do this, hit trace and it will "trace" the image and now it will be a cut file. Delete the actual image and keep only the red outlined traced item and then click on "Save to Library" from the dropdown (I believe File from the toolbar)

Hope this all helps, I'm not at home so I can't open my software but I believe those are all the steps



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Posted: 2/6/2013 9:15:25 AM
Do you mean when you open the silhouette software, they aren't there? If you go to file and scroll to "download pending orders" they will download for you.


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Posted: 2/6/2013 9:19:46 AM
@Andrea You can only download pending orders if you purchased from the Silhouette store. The OP purchased from 2Peas, so the download process is different.

@OP it is worth it to upgrade to the DE (when on sale) if you plan to purchase SVGs. It cuts out other steps.


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February 2013
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Posted: 2/6/2013 9:22:48 AM
Wow! Thanks for all the quick responses! I'll work on it and see how it goes!
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