To ink or not to ink on Project Life?

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Posted 2/6/2013 by nomorelittlemonkeys in General Scrappin'


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August 2007
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Posted: 2/6/2013 10:08:35 PM
I love to ink the edges of paper on my regular scrapbook pages, but am not convinced I want to on my Project Life pages. Do you ink your edges on Project Life?


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January 2006
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Posted: 2/6/2013 10:09:57 PM
Wow, I never even thought of it because it would be SO much work. Maybe try doing it on one page and see how it compares, if it's worth the extra time to you.


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August 2007
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Loc: Central California

Posted: 2/6/2013 10:28:05 PM
I think part of my problem is trying to make things too complicated! Maybe I should skip the inking.


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February 2005
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Posted: 2/6/2013 10:47:54 PM
No, for 2 reasons: it takes too much time, and because it seems like it would be mostly outside edges. I don't ink the edges of my 12x12 background papers, and it seems like it would be messy to ink the edges of every 3x4 and 4x6 card, kwim?


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July 2005
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Posted: 2/6/2013 10:50:44 PM
No, I've never even thought to do it. But I generally make a mess with ink so...
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January 2003
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Posted: 2/7/2013 12:13:20 AM
On all the edges no but it I was making my own cards are layering things and thought it needed the definition yes. No way on all though.
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June 2004
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Loc: Poland

Posted: 2/7/2013 12:57:55 AM
I didn't last year. It would have taken too much time. Although I often ink regular layouts.
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April 2002
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Posted: 2/7/2013 2:37:03 AM
I agree. I think it would be too time consuming. I usually only ink the edges of what's on the background paper. I rarely do both, but that's my personal preference .
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July 2005
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Posted: 2/7/2013 3:24:36 AM
nope PL is sposed to be quick and easy IMO


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December 2003
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Loc: Stockholm, Sweden

Posted: 2/7/2013 3:33:56 AM
It would take time so you might want to skip that. On the other hand, if you really love the look, you may decide that it's worth your time.

Laura ODonnell
2Ps Digital Creative Team

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June 2003
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Posted: 2/7/2013 4:09:58 AM
For me just rounding the corners is enough work

If you love the look, and feel like your cards would look nude without it then do it. Otherwise...

To God be the Glory!

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September 2005
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Posted: 2/7/2013 4:17:16 AM
I don't ink or round corners. This is my "quick" project.


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March 2006
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Posted: 2/7/2013 5:36:32 AM
I started to ink all edges, but already stopped doing so. It's too time consuming. As I make my own cards or use SS I already stopped rounding the corners. This is also too time consuming.


PeaNut 564,225
August 2012
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Loc: Australia

Posted: 2/7/2013 6:00:26 AM
I finished the project last year and am caught up this year and I inked every thing. I just cant lay a piece of paper without ink.

Duchess of Stuff

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December 2009
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Posted: 2/7/2013 6:05:59 AM

I just cant lay a piece of paper without ink.

THAT ^^^^^^^ Cards, layouts, whatever, I gotta INK!!!


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February 2004
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Posted: 2/7/2013 6:11:39 AM
I like the lightly ink the edges of mine...


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October 2006
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Loc: I'm a TEXAS girl now!!

Posted: 2/7/2013 8:23:36 AM

I am an inker. I ink everything!!!

But around May or so of 2012, inking my PL got to be a PITA. I did it for the whole year, cuz it would bug me if it wasn't consistent. But I'm intentionally not inking this year.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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September 2003
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Posted: 2/7/2013 8:40:10 AM
It's never even crossed my mind to ink my PL cards. I don't corner round my photos because it takes too much time. I want PL to stay simple.


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May 2012
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Loc: Madrid, Spain

Posted: 2/7/2013 8:41:42 AM
I don't ink edges in PL, but I use my stamps much more than in other projects!


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July 2007
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Posted: 2/7/2013 8:49:30 AM
I ink my PL cards but not my pics. I also round corners. I am also two weeks behind this year...Gee, I wonder why...


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August 2012
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Loc: Florida

Posted: 2/7/2013 8:49:32 AM
I ink! It never occured to me not to, I ink almost everything when I scrapbook and PL is considered scrapbooking (I know this 'cause I posted the question). It only takes a few seconds per sheet, one swipe per side.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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October 2004
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Posted: 2/7/2013 9:01:18 AM
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Depends on what I'm going for on that card/page. And I often ink elements or layers. But then I don't consider PL to be something quick to get done either. I just consider it another medium. I've never really thought that inking was anything that was slowing me down. It is another tool that I use.


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May 2009
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Posted: 2/7/2013 9:15:30 AM
i dont


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June 2007
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Posted: 2/7/2013 9:49:34 AM
I don't, I never thought about it. I a the clean look for my PL.


PeaNut 332,325
August 2007
Posts: 902
Layouts: 15
Loc: Central California

Posted: 2/7/2013 10:39:30 AM
Thanks for all the awesome responses! I knew you ladies would have some insight. I'm new to Project Life, and still trying to figure out the style I want to use. I guess that can change. I don't round corners, but un-inked edges look plain to me. Maybe I'll try it for awhile, and stop if it's too time consuming. Thanks again!
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