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Posted 2/11/2013 by joelsgal in General Scrappin'

Not so clever.

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Posted: 2/11/2013 2:13:20 PM
I love Nutella, love it! It's not inexpensive by any means and we are on a budget. However, I cut other things (Starbucks) so I feel I should be able to buy my Nutella with the money I earn.
My husband is OBSESSED with me buying the Jiff brand instead to save a few more pennies. (I think he's doing it because he wants me to do what ever he wants me too-whole other post).

So what i need to know is do they taste the same? Has anyone compared the two?

I appreciate your feedback.

Not so clever.

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Posted: 2/11/2013 2:14:12 PM
Sorry, wrong board.
Still appreciate any feedback!


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Posted: 2/11/2013 2:16:20 PM
I read this and thought.....what the heck?
We have Nutella here.....but "jiff" is a cleaning product....I thought why on earth would anyone want to eat this? Lol.

Sorry cant help you....but it made me laugh.

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Posted: 2/11/2013 2:19:00 PM
No, Jiff and Nutella are not similar in taste. Jiff tastes awful compared to Nutella, IMHO. I would rather do without than to eat a replacement.

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Posted: 2/11/2013 2:40:21 PM
Totally agree with Marilyn! The Jif version is horrible

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Posted: 2/11/2013 2:42:52 PM
Another who agrees Jiff is awful. Love me some Nutella! I buy it at Costco - 2 huge jars for cheap.


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Posted: 2/11/2013 2:44:56 PM
Agreed. Nutella is soooo much better. The texture is better, the flavor is better, it's just better. It's kind of like comparing the $0.99 cheese to Kraft. It's just not the same.

However, my husband doesn't like nutella but does like the jif.
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Posted: 2/11/2013 2:49:26 PM
Our local grocery store carries the Peanut Butter and Company brand. Depending on sales, it is sometimes cheaper than Nutella. They have a Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter that is delicious. It is different from Nutella as it is peanut based, but it is just as good to me if not better.

I've been told to avoid the Jiff Nutella copycat, because it tastes so bad.

What are you looking at?

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Posted: 2/11/2013 2:52:35 PM
I've never had the Jif kind, but there's a great recipe to make it at home called Better than Nutella. It's made from scratch from whole foods, so no mysterious ingredients, and will probably save you money since everything but the hazelnuts are common kitchen items. Sorry I'm on my phone and don't have the link, but if you google it, it should come up. Hth!
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Posted: 2/11/2013 3:06:37 PM
Do you have an Aldi's where you live? They have an 8 ounce jar of their own brand of Nutella for $1.99. We stock up on that!

Me, I can't stand hazelnut, but I like chocolate peanut butter.
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