Check in here if you spoil your grandchild(ren)

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Posted 2/18/2013 by ~Lauren~ in NSBR Board

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Posted: 2/18/2013 7:25:17 PM
Jackie proudly states "my grandma spoils me". All she has to do is bat those baby blues at me and I can't say "no". But she also tells people "my grandma is my best friend in the whole world", so I'll keep right on spoiling that little stinker.

Do you spoil your grandchild.?

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Posted: 2/18/2013 7:26:28 PM
Guilty. And wouldn't have it any other way!


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Posted: 2/18/2013 7:32:25 PM
I am guilty. But I also watch my grandson so I do make him mind. We were once at a park and I told him we were going home in 5 mins and the lady sitting next to me said good luck with that. The 5 minutes were up and he came without a fuss. I always tell him good things happen to good boys. I once picked him up from preschool and he received a bad report and it broke my heart to tell him the fun activity we had planned was now cancelled. He is always telling me I am the best and I love you. He is the best and I love him!

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Posted: 2/18/2013 7:34:32 PM
Every chance we get!

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Posted: 2/18/2013 7:34:44 PM
My dgd always asks "grandma, if I lived would you would I have to do chores?" "If I lived with you, would I have to go to bed early? "If I lived with you could I have ice cream for breakfast?"

She's always surprised when I tell her that if she lived with me, she'd have rules and chores. But since I only see her one weekend a month, it's party time!

Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian - Henry Ford

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Posted: 2/18/2013 7:42:40 PM
Grandma is my name and spoiling is my game!!



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Posted: 2/18/2013 7:47:01 PM
Yes, yes, yes!!! My eighteen month old granddaughter just left after a five day visit. We do things for her that we would never have done for our kids!

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Posted: 2/18/2013 7:49:47 PM
Oh boy do I ever spoil my two girls. My oldest DGD is 7 she stole my heart the day she was born. I just love spoiling her and having that bond only a gma could have.

The other day my son called me to tell me what DGD told him on the way home from school

A friend of hers at school and her had this conversation

Friend: my Mimi made me my outfit
DGD: my nana makes me clothes and stuff all the time
Friend: ya but my Mimi is famous
DGD: so my nana is more famous

I love that she feels the same way about me that I feel about her

Then I have a 3 1/2 month DGD that I adore and love to pieces. I enjoy being their Nana zoo much and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them

I'm going to take the 7 y/o to Disneyland this summer. To spoil her more!!!


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Posted: 2/18/2013 7:50:30 PM
I once saw on fb, "Grandchildren are spoiled because you can't spank Grandma"....Yup, that's me.

Though when the kids give me a specific 'rule', I do try to respect it.

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Posted: 2/18/2013 7:57:31 PM
Not a grandmother - but my Dad always says "All the love. None of the responsibility". He spoils my kids rotten. They get far more from him than I ever did LOL.


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Posted: 2/18/2013 8:48:04 PM
I'm checking in for my inlaws and for my parents, who absolutely over the top spoil my children!

I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Posted: 2/18/2013 8:58:36 PM
As my oldest dgs says - Grandma doesn't say *no* and he is pretty much right.

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Posted: 2/18/2013 9:04:47 PM

Spoil away! It's the stuff memories are made of.
The ordinary stuff is forgotten much too quickly.

I overheard 14yo DD today while she and her BF were making lunch. She told her how her grampa always cut off the bread crusts for her when she visited their house when she was little.

He's been gone for four years now, but those special memories will never leave her.

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Posted: 2/18/2013 9:08:47 PM
I love to see all this love for grandkids, lol!

My kids have three sets of grandparents (my ex's and my new husband's in addition to my folks) and ALL of them spoil the kids! I love to see it, that's the grandparent's role! I always cringe when my friends complain that their parents are too easy on their kids. They're supposed to be, lol!! You're the Mom, they get to be the FUN people, lol!!


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November 2012
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Posted: 2/18/2013 9:14:47 PM
I only have one so far. She's spoiled, but also disciplined---but she's so close to perfect, she doesn't need a lot of discipline:


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March 2003
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Posted: 2/18/2013 9:18:40 PM
I'm sure when mine comes in April I will. I've already gone a little overboard making bibs, burp cloths, blankets and buying clothes


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January 2006
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Posted: 2/18/2013 9:22:50 PM
I only have one grandchild so far. He just turned a year old and he's amazing. And yes, Gramma spoils him.


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Posted: 2/18/2013 9:27:48 PM
Oh, yes, times four!

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Posted: 2/18/2013 9:43:33 PM
I spoil my grandpug, Ebenezer.

He's staying here overnight in a few weeks! I can't wait!

The cats are not amused.


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August 2008
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Posted: 2/18/2013 9:54:24 PM
Absolutely! It's our job. We spoil, but we also have rules. Nothing compares to the love you have for a grandchild.


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April 2006
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Posted: 2/18/2013 10:20:06 PM
As I like to tell my parents,"it's in the official grandparent rule book. You don't have any choice."

On a side note, I've often seen a scrapping saying - if I knew my grandkids were going to be this much fun, I would have skipped having my kids and gone straight to the grandkids. LOL



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Posted: 2/18/2013 10:22:28 PM
I am a new grandma! My granddaughter Annabella is 4 weeks old! I would have to say yes she is very spoiled! Since she is too little to play with toys she has lots and lots if beautiful clothes and her Papa T and I are taking her to the beach in April!
We love her so much! It's joy
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Posted: 2/18/2013 10:50:39 PM
Well what if I just let my parents spoil their grandchildren? My children lol

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Posted: 2/19/2013 12:03:33 AM
I love being a grandma...and of course I spoil them. I've already told my ds and dil that if they ever get divorced, I get the kids. I am blessed to have them live 10 minutes away and not a week goes by that I don't see them and as they get older I want them to stay overnight more often. They are 2 1/2, 16 months and 3 months.


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Posted: 2/19/2013 6:03:37 AM
This is a subject that puts me right in the bitter barn. My kids don't have grandparents who spoil them, they don't even visit them. It's something I learned to accept.

On the other hand, I praise grandparents who do spoil their grandkids and not only that, grandparents that do a huge part of care taking of their grandkids.

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Posted: 2/19/2013 6:43:41 AM
Isn't it a rule or something?

I became a grandma in June 2011, and now have 3 grandsons. Sorry for the rest of you, but they are the cutest, smartest, most adorable grandchildren on the planet.

I do say no, sometimes, but would rather not.

But to see that little face light up when he sees me? I will move heaven and earth to make him happy.


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Posted: 2/19/2013 7:25:45 AM
I don't have grandchildren, but my sons are adults now so I think about it sometimes, and I would indulge them and do everything I can for them, I know it. That's the type of parent I am and that's the type of grandma I hope I have the chance to be.

I've never had anyone in my life consistently indulge me, not grandparents, parents, spouse, etc. I think most anyone would benefit from as much love and attention as can be lavished upon them.

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Posted: 2/19/2013 7:39:12 AM
The rule in our family is that grandparents are GRAND. At the grandparents' house, my kids are allowed to indulge in whatever the grandparents will allow, but once they are back home, my structured rules and discipline still apply. At the grandparents' house, there is chocolate layer cake for breakfast, cable TV with no time restrictions, and the word "NO" is seldom heard. I want to make sure their time together is as much as fun as possible: my Nana treated me wonderfully well and I'll never forget how special and important I felt when I was around her.

Someday, when I am a grandparent, my kids will hear stories of their kids jumping on the bed, eating cake for breakfast, and making lots of messes. I know my kids will say to their kids "You were allowed to do that?!? Really?!?". I intend to spoil my grandchildren and will be following in our family's GRAND tradition.



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January 2007
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Posted: 2/19/2013 7:59:14 AM
I am so sorry, that must hurt. My MIL is not very warm and fuzzy, never came to my kids events, certainly never spoiled them. She is the one who missed out! My adult kids still adore my parents.

I love being a grandma and spoiling my 2 grands. They are the cutest kids ever, of course!



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February 2004
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Posted: 2/19/2013 8:57:29 AM
Yes, I absolutely spoil my granddaughter, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have to follow rules. I never knew how special it would be to become a grandma. I am lucky enough to have another grandchild on the way - due in May. I am so blessed.

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Posted: 2/19/2013 9:03:30 AM
What's that saying "if I knew how much fun grandkids were I would've had them first!"

that's me and I love my kids but grandchildren hold such a special place in our hearts.

I do spoil all 7 of them but I also discipline them when necessary but never at my house always at theirs and I tell them their mom/ dad made me do it.

<>< <>< <><

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October 2007
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Posted: 2/19/2013 9:15:47 AM
Yes I do. I'm pretty sure my DGS is the 2nd coming. He is the sweetest boy ever.

Even with the snark, trolls and spelling police you are a great group of ladies!

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Posted: 2/19/2013 9:19:34 AM
Of course. That is what they are for, isn't it?

But, not to the extent that she is a spoiled brat and not always on stuff.

Just reading with her, or playing with her, or maybe making sure her favorite foods are in my pantry when she comes over. Although, I would probably do that for all my children!

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Posted: 2/19/2013 9:21:27 AM
In some ways, yes. In others, no.

I have grands and kids still at home that are the same ages. So when the grands come to visit, I can't let them run wild because my kids would be like if we let the grand do things they are not allowed to do. So we probably have more and more strict rules than most grandparents.

However, I do spoil them for birthdays and Christmas with lots of things that their parents can't necessarily afford. And the one granddaughter that lives so far away that we only get to see her once or twice a year does get some extra spoiling when we do see her. We're flying all the way to Alaska to see her in June and I just can't wait!

But we are lousy grandparents in the sense that we are not really knocking down the kids' doors, begging to take the grands for a night/weekend/week. We still have 3 at home, so young kids are not a novelty for us and frankly most of our grands are not so well behaved and little fun to have around. And we are both still working, so we can't do daycare or summer week visits, etc. My oldest DD was complaining about that this weekend, in fact.


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February 2002
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Posted: 2/19/2013 9:25:39 AM
I may have already told this little story here... My mother lives in Michigan and sees us every other year. When she comes to visit, my grands (7,8 and 11) refer to her as Great Grandma (which she technically is, but not the warmest on the planet) So, when she is here and for a while after her visit - I am called *regular grandma* ! Don't get me wrong... my grands love me to pieces, but it is so cute when they call me that !

~~ Marianne ~~

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Posted: 2/19/2013 9:30:32 AM
I would love to adopt you wonderful grandparents. Our parents on both sides, do the bare minimum for our kids. We're lucky if we get cards and a bit of cash for them, on their birthdays and Christmas. These grandparents also live 20 hours away and only visit once every 3-4 years and call maybe once a month. My kids deserve better and I wish they had grandparents like YOU!


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October 2007
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Posted: 2/19/2013 10:53:47 AM
Here we have a saying "grandchildren is Gods award to you for not killing your kids while your were raising them"

I still wait for my first, but in a couple of years and it will be my turn to be a spoiler - I still have all the best of memories for my grand-parents

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August 2010
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Posted: 2/19/2013 11:05:01 AM
I'm going to check in here for my in-laws. They spoil my two so much!

DS13 recently got braces. Because of some confusion on my part, I didn't realize he was getting the braces the day he got them; I thought he was getting a palate expander. So he really wasn't prepared for the braces -- the soreness and just him having to get used to them. He didn't want to bring his lunch from home, but he said his mouth was too sore to eat the school lunch. My MIL volunteered to bring him a hot lunch from her house until his mouth felt better. She would go to the office at his lunchtime, he'd meet her there and take his homemade -- we're talking HOMEMADE (mashed potatoes from scratch, homemade mac and cheese, etc.) -- lunch to the lunch room to eat. When she said she would do this, DH and I both protested -- if it really hurt his mouth that much, he would have been OK with bringing a lunch from home, but she insisted.

My kids have some really awesome grandparents. They help us out so much in so many ways!


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Posted: 2/19/2013 11:05:11 AM
My 1st grandchild is now 16 months young & adorable & oh-so-lovable!

I made the commitment to see him at least once a week & have loved every minute of it.

The look on his face when he sees me is priceless - doesn't have to say a single love love my little sweetheart!

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Posted: 2/19/2013 11:07:26 AM
Of course! Isn't that what we're for? LOL

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Posted: 2/19/2013 11:38:41 AM
I love spoiling my grandchildren. They are the lights of my life. My Mom was an awesome Mamaw and I hope to be just like her. If my Dad had of been alive when his grands were born, they would have been beyond spoiled.

Our grandchildren are very lucky. Not only do we spoil them, but their other set of grandparents spoil them also. But they are spoiled in good ways from each of us.

DH and I are buying a travel trailer later this summer just to take our grands camping more.


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Posted: 2/19/2013 12:23:10 PM

This is a subject that puts me right in the bitter barn. My kids don't have grandparents who spoil them, they don't even visit them. It's something I learned to accept.

You're not alone. My husband's parents do the bare minimum, a card in the mail at appropriate times and a phone call on their birthday, but we sort of excuse it some because they're older and live about 2.5 hours away. My Dad definitely does more for them but lives an hour away and works all. the. time. My mother, lives 5 minutes away and does NOTHING and writes 'woe is me' shit on her FB like, "Happy birthday to my grandson, where ever he is." Um, your freaking SON lived with us so you KNOW where he is, we've had the same phone numbers since 1999, so she knows how to call, etc. She didn't even text or anything for my 7 year old's birthday in November, and trust me, he noticed; they both notice. The last time she saw them was for a 15 minute period in the front of our house to show off the new mustang she talked her boyfriend into buying. I think, at that point, was when my oldest's eyes were opened...


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Posted: 2/19/2013 2:13:05 PM
I love, love, love spoiling my grandkids. They are 6,5,2 and 6 months DD#2 (mom to the 5 and 6 year old) recently bought the house next door to us. I love the days that I get to pick dgd up at the bus stop. Seeing her smiling face as she tells me about her day. Baking cookies (even if they are slice and bake hey, I work full-time) with her and her brother while they wait for their mom to get home from work. Saying yes to that extra cookie or two. I love watching dh walk hand in hand down to the pond with them or playing (whatever) "just one more time" (for the 5th time) There are so many wonderful things about being a grandparent! Last week 5 year old dgs said "Oma, you're beautiful just like momma!" yep, that earned him brownie points! and then at the end of the day/visit I get to give them back
Having 2 of them next door does change the dynamics a bit but I would never step on my daughter's toes with her kids. She's the mom her rules are what goes (same with our other daughter and her kids) But spoiling them and loving them to pieces is such a blessing!

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Posted: 2/19/2013 3:13:03 PM
I do

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Posted: 2/19/2013 3:13:59 PM
oh yeah!!.. when we first started getting grands, we spoiled more, but now we have 11 of them,,!! and we love them oh soooo much.. love to go to there sport events, school events, and have them spend the weekends when they can.. love , love it. and them soooo much. they are alot of fun!!!
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