My life is too boring for Project Life, lol.

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Posted 2/20/2013 by Lemon Cupcakes in General Scrappin'
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Posted: 2/22/2013 5:28:38 PM
We kinda live a boring life too. Our kid's don't do any after school things, we travel rarely and I am having a hard time finding things to take pictures of each week. I did however think it might be nice to use boring weeks to maybe do a reflection page, either on faith, nature, thankfulness, etc. It still gives a page your personal touch

Baby Pea Step

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Posted: 2/23/2013 9:39:46 PM
Don't ever think life is too boring to PL my Mum has kept a family Diary for more than 50 years not exactly PL but similar, the highlights are all there including her kids first words,prayers deaths marriages holidays newspaper clippings etc. It is read and reread often with much laughter and is a real family treasure.


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Posted: 2/24/2013 12:04:20 AM
This post has been really helpful in giving that extra nudge I needed. I'm putting in an order for some divided page protectors & jumping in to project life!

"When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you."
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