What is something that you have been eating for years that you don't get tired of ?

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Posted 2/22/2013 by Kirsten71 in NSBR Board
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February 2009
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Posted: 2/22/2013 9:13:05 PM
me chips and ranch dip (hidden valley packet with sour cream)I could eat it with a spoon. First time I had it was @30 years ago, still love it


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October 2001
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Posted: 2/22/2013 9:17:46 PM
The original Kraft Mac and Cheese. It's a meal all by itself on these rare evenings when no one else is home.

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February 2007
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Posted: 2/22/2013 9:19:26 PM
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

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January 2006
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Posted: 2/22/2013 9:20:05 PM
I eat oatmeal every.single.morning.

Also Mexican food. I could eat fajitas daily.

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April 2000
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Posted: 2/22/2013 9:20:45 PM
Ok..don't laugh...cocoa wheat, with half and half. LOVE IT!! I pretty much lived on it in college. One of my dd's also loves it. So when we are home alone, we don't order pizza or anything..we have cocoa wheat! ha

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May 2004
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Posted: 2/22/2013 9:21:12 PM
homemade pepperoni rolls - been eating them since I was a toddler (my grandma made them) and now I make them whenever I need cheering up

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March 2004
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Posted: 2/22/2013 9:24:57 PM
What is cocoa wheat?


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June 2001
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Posted: 2/22/2013 9:27:39 PM
PB and chocolate chips on a spoon
Chocolate-PB no-bake cookies

(are you sensing a theme here? LOL)


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August 2004
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Posted: 2/22/2013 9:28:05 PM
My Mom's homemade pasta sauce!


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August 2004
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Posted: 2/22/2013 9:30:22 PM



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October 2012
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Posted: 2/22/2013 9:44:13 PM

Nicole in TX
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June 2001
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Posted: 2/22/2013 9:47:27 PM
I need to know what cocoa wheat is too!


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October 2006
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Posted: 2/22/2013 10:11:08 PM
Olives! Sometimes they are my whole meal!!


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October 2011
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Posted: 2/22/2013 10:24:20 PM

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March 2003
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Posted: 2/22/2013 10:29:30 PM
Cool Ranch Doritos with Dean's French Onion Dip.


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June 2003
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Posted: 2/22/2013 10:43:45 PM
Peanut butter for me too.

And Kraft and Cheese. I know it turns off some people but I LOVE it. I do add my own cheese to it usually.

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October 2002
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Posted: 2/22/2013 11:02:01 PM
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter AND Chocolate
Peanut Butter and Delicious Apples
Peanut Butter / Graham Cracker sandwiches
homemade peanut butter ice cream with chocolate syrup or shell
my homemade peanut butter balls (dipped in chocolate)
homemade peanut butter cookies (I've been making them since I was 10)

Uh, do you get the idea that I rather like peanut butter with and without chocolate!

A lot of other foods that I've really really liked for a long time but never get tired of peanut butter.

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November 2004
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Posted: 2/22/2013 11:04:07 PM
Fuji apples

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January 2011
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Posted: 2/22/2013 11:11:58 PM
coco-wheat is cream of wheat with chocolate in it.

Since we have a Winco with a bgreat bulk foods section. I buy the ghiredelli chocolate and mix it into plain cream of wheat.
very very good.

spaghetti is my down fall.....I could eat it every day.

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April 2007
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Posted: 2/22/2013 11:18:03 PM
Chicken in a Biskit crackers

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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September 2002
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Posted: 2/22/2013 11:20:28 PM
Ritz crackers
Raisin Bran cereal

ETA: Grits! I can't believe I forgot grits.


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July 2010
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Posted: 2/22/2013 11:29:33 PM
Pimento cheese. I eat it for lunch almost every day.

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April 2003
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Posted: 2/22/2013 11:32:24 PM
Pickles and olives.


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February 2002
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Posted: 2/22/2013 11:33:16 PM
In-N-Out Burger.

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November 2001
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Posted: 2/22/2013 11:39:09 PM
too many things!!!

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September 2002
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Posted: 2/22/2013 11:42:45 PM
chips and salsa



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January 2009
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Posted: 2/22/2013 11:58:37 PM

Katie Scott
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February 2013
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Posted: 2/23/2013 12:10:03 AM
Tuna Helper. It reminds me of my mom. My dad didn't like it, so whenever he traveled on business, she and I would "secretly" eat it. She died in 1999, but I still think of her whenever I have it.
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Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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September 2004
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Posted: 2/23/2013 12:34:36 AM
pork chops with mushroom soup..but I haven't made it in a few years.
Noodles..flat ones...with just butter. Or, Beef Stroganoff

Carey Ayn

PeaNut 41,258
June 2002
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Loc: Minnesota

Posted: 2/23/2013 12:44:07 AM
Cindy, it must be a Mn thing, but oatmeal with sugar or Chocolate Malt o Meal with half and half were my favorite breakfast items growing up.

I haven't had it in years, but now I'm craving it.


PeaNut 394,562
October 2008
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Loc: Utah

Posted: 2/23/2013 1:29:35 AM
Tamales! Mmmmm.


PeaNut 115,093
November 2003
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Loc: NorCal wine country

Posted: 2/23/2013 1:47:36 AM
Peanut butter toast
Kraft Dinner
sticky rice and hot sauce


PeaNut 528,538
November 2011
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Posted: 2/23/2013 1:54:23 AM
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September 2005
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Loc: Scotland

Posted: 2/23/2013 2:24:37 AM
A crusty white roll with butter and a soft-boiled egg. I had it every day for lunch for about 4 years when I was a child, and I still eat one about twice a week.
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October 2004
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Loc: England UK

Posted: 2/23/2013 2:43:06 AM
Apart from chocolate, obviously I LOVE smoked salmon. Not that I have it a lot but we try to have it fairly often because of all the good Omega oils etc in it. I LOVE the woody, smokey taste and will have it with scrambled eggs for breakfast, on crackers (savoury!) for a snack or cut up and added to pasta for dinner.

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February 2003
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Loc: Nebraska

Posted: 2/23/2013 2:51:11 AM
Crab legs!


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September 2009
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Posted: 2/23/2013 3:14:24 AM
Chicken tenders


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April 2009
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Loc: Chicago NW burbs

Posted: 2/23/2013 3:18:05 AM
A lot of other foods that I've really really liked for a long time but never get tired of peanut butter.

Angie, if your house is like mine, you never get to enjoy peanut butter alone. Bogie loves peanut butter. He'd rather have that than any meat or cheese. I open the jar and he barks!

Mine is ribs. I never tire of good bbq ribs.


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January 2005
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Loc: Northern New Jersey

Posted: 2/23/2013 3:50:23 AM
Pasta. I especially love the sauce we make in the pressure cooker with sausage, San Marzano tomatoes, onions and garlic. Learned how to make with at a cooking class for pressure cooking and have been making once a week ever since then. Absolutely delicious and quick, it takes longer for the pasta water to come to a boil.

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October 2005
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Loc: My DH's heart

Posted: 2/23/2013 5:39:02 AM
Green olives
Premium saltine crackers (it must be that brand!) with butter on them

Now I want them all!

ETA: chocolate chip cookie dough (Every time I make cookies, I need to taste the dough to make sure it's okay!)


PeaNut 113,955
October 2003
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Posted: 2/23/2013 5:50:26 AM
Hamburger & fries, especially fries. I could eat them all day, every day.


PeaNut 217,769
August 2005
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Loc: NY

Posted: 2/23/2013 6:07:43 AM
I've never heard of cocoa wheat, I had to Google it!

Pizza. I live in a town that has the best in the world. The best pizza joint is right down the street from us, it's amazing.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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February 2006
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Posted: 2/23/2013 6:25:11 AM
My mom's chicken and dumplings and spaghetti. Oh, and pizza. I'm doomed if I have to go gluten free.


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June 2004
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Posted: 2/23/2013 6:36:10 AM
Raw cookie dough


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July 2008
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Loc: hogtown

Posted: 2/23/2013 6:57:29 AM
i eat the same multigrain bagel, toasted with butter and cheddar cheese every single morning for probably close to 20 years. i actually don't even remember WHAT i ate for breakfast before that....

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June 2006
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Posted: 2/23/2013 9:20:02 AM

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Just what I was thinking.


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November 2003
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Posted: 2/23/2013 9:23:43 AM
Bacon. Love bacon.


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August 2003
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Posted: 2/23/2013 9:26:20 AM
Corn tortillas!! I can eat them plain or with butter, cheese, ground beef...whatever!! My husband makes them homemade and they are the best!!


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June 2011
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Loc: Saint Louis

Posted: 2/23/2013 9:30:12 AM

Tuna Helper. It reminds me of my mom. My dad didn't like it, so whenever he traveled on business, she and I would "secretly" eat it. She died in 1999, but I still think of her whenever I have it.

Aww, that's sweet.

My dad used to heat up canned corn beef hash when we were kids. Sometimes, when it's just me, I just buy a can for dinner...I still love that stuff and it reminds me of my dad.


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February 2001
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Posted: 2/23/2013 9:33:24 AM
Celery stuffed with cheese whiz

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