Totally Re-Doing My Oldies

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Posted 2/26/2013 by mamaof8 in General Scrappin'


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January 2013
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Posted: 2/26/2013 3:55:56 PM
When I first started scrapping in 1996, I of course used only the papers available then which were the 8.5"x11" papers. Now I look bak and although the pages are my sons' early years and they are nice but simple, I really think that I need to re-work all of those LOs and redo them into the 12x12s. My techniques are so much better now and the supplies available are so much better! What do you think about re-doing all of your old LOs? Should I just leave them alone or rework them?


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October 2002
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Posted: 2/26/2013 4:08:17 PM
I'm usually in the minority, but I have no problem redoing my older layouts. Back when I started in 1998, the options were ProvoCraft, Frances Meyers, and Keeping Memories Alive. Not bad companies, but not chosen because I loved them. Plus, I cropped a lot of photos with deckle and bubble edged scissors and don't care for the look anymore.

For me, it's more Important that I enjoy my layouts than preserve my "artistic process" (not that I have much of one, LOL).


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Posted: 2/26/2013 4:19:58 PM
Do what feels right to "you". I don't have a problem going back and redoing pages. You need to be happy and thats what counts. If re-working them makes sense to you, do it not matter what anyone else thinks!

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October 2002
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Posted: 2/26/2013 4:24:12 PM
I've done it. Sometimes a couple of times for one or two.
I also started out small and moved to 12 x 12 so I wanted them all the same size (beside that some I just didn't like). There are some I didn't really redo so much as put that page on a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock and then added a little bit more in the extra space. So you might consider that if you don't mind the pages and just want a bigger size.


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November 2011
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Posted: 2/26/2013 4:42:27 PM
I will never redo my old layouts. I having been scrappin' since I was 13 and I am 26 now and I have sooo many wonderful scrapbooks to share. Yes, they don't have all the wonderful products and designs from now, nor are they nearly as good as what I can do now, but they are special because they were made at THAT time. They show my life then, when I did them. Otherwise, 10 years from now I will go back and want to redo what I am doing right NOW! Who is to say that we aren't all going to think that what we are doing right now isn't really cheesy like we did back then? I love my old books. They mean just as much to me as my new ones... I just wish I would've journaled more!


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August 2006
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Posted: 2/26/2013 4:42:28 PM
I was always on the side of "no, don't do it... that was the style, it's part of the transformation of your artistic style over time," etc. etc. but I've recently done a couple of them, myself. I'm not going back and re-doing all of my CM-style strap-hinge pages, but I did re-do a few layouts that just had NO design sense at ALL, and I like them SO much better now.

I say if you want to, go for it!

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Posted: 2/26/2013 4:44:04 PM
I've re-done one or two pages, and I've thought of re-doing more. The only thing that would give me pause about what you're suggesting is that I keep my LOs in chronological order, so if I re-did one LO in a different size I'd feel like I have to re-do all of them. Although, I suppose if you switch to three-ring binders you could store different sizes in the same album, so if you never get around to re-doing all those LOs you could still keep the different sized pages together.


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June 2007
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Posted: 2/26/2013 5:00:52 PM
Because I never really liked to cut my pictures up with decorative scissors and I never liked the sticker sneeze look, my old layouts are not too bad. I have been scrapping since 1998/1999 so my style has definitely evolved for the better. There are a few pages with embellishments that are coming off or that I want to change out because they are maybe too bulky. I would re-do layouts if they were "bothering" me.



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February 2009
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Posted: 2/26/2013 5:15:55 PM
I've been scrapping for 11 years and am still happy with most of my earlier pages.

BUT, I have remade several of my early pages. They were layouts I wasn't happy with when I made them, and got to the point where I really hated them, so I had no qualms about doing it - and no regrets either.

If you have quite a few to remake, is it possible to just doctor them up a little and mount them onto a 12x12 cardstock, rather than completely remaking them? It would save time and be cheaper too.

But if you can't do that, do the remake. They're your pages - you have to be happy with them.


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January 2004
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Posted: 2/26/2013 5:19:26 PM
I think if I had scrapped my older pages conteporaneously with when the pictures were taken, I would be inclined to leave them alone. But the first pictures I scrapped were my grandmother's pictures of my brother and I as little kids -- so not contemporaneous. I think someday, when I get motivated I am going to redo them. When I did those pages, there were very limited supplies available and I am sure the stuff I used wasn't archival and I scrapped the originals (luckily I was never into cutting them into shapes).


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January 2013
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Posted: 2/26/2013 5:49:50 PM
Really good thoughts - thank you!

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March 2009
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Posted: 2/26/2013 6:03:37 PM
If there's a layout you hate, redo it. Go from there.

Maybe there's really only a few that you don't like and the rest aren't so bad.

It's amazing what a difference a small change can make sometimes and redoing what you dislike the most might be enough for you to be happy with what you have altogether.

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Posted: 2/26/2013 6:10:12 PM
I did redo some of my pages. I scrapbooked for about 6 months to year right after high school. In that time I made maybe 30 layouts. I have left 80% of them alone. The ojes I re-did I hated them when I first put them into the book. The rest I will keep because either- They dont bother me or I have memories that I relate to the pages. I have just started scrapping again {13 months ago} and my style has changed even in that short period of time, so who knows I might want to redo these in 5 yrs...we'll see.

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Posted: 2/26/2013 6:27:01 PM
I've been scrapping since 1995 when my oldest daughter was 2. While we were looking at old and new scrapbooks about a month ago, she told me that she liked to see how my scrapping changed. She said I'm much better now (!) but she likes to see how I changed.

That, right there, is the main reason that I won't redo a page.

I might, however, rescrap photos from a different perspective or a different story. Shimelle scraps the same photo in different ways sometimes if she has a different story to tell. I don't see any problem with doing that. I also don't think that's the same thing as redoing a page.

I generally store my pages chronologically although I do not scrap chrono. If I do a page using the same photos, I think I would store them in the time when I did them assuming that the story was one of hindsight or telling about a relationship, etc.

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Posted: 2/26/2013 6:38:15 PM
Absolutely redo the layouts if you feel the need! I've redone a bunch and am not at all sorry for doing it! I do, however, keep a 6x6 copy (photo) of the original layout stuck behind the new layout. I tape an envelope to the back of the new 12x12 layout, a tab on top of the old layout (the photo) that says "original" and sticks out slightly above the new layout, and if I (or anyone else wants to see how my style has changed) you can pull the tab and see the original. I love this! It's a really nice comparison.

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Posted: 2/26/2013 6:45:28 PM
I have some 90s pages that look like Mrs Grossman stickers threw up - but I'm not redoing them - not at this point, have to many current photos to scrap! But never say never, when I'm retired some day and have the time - who knows? So I say do whatever makes you happy

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February 2013
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Posted: 2/26/2013 7:30:49 PM
I have only been scrapping since 2008, and I also cringe at some of my early work. I like StreetScrapper's suggestion or rescrapping the same photos and placing them side-by-side in a "before and after" album. The art world would be in a tizzy if Picasso threw out his early works. And I am certainly not a Picasso of anything! But to show the evolution of colors and styles would interest future generations.

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Posted: 2/26/2013 7:42:17 PM
Personally, I wouldn't redo them because of the products being outdated but I would if I felt I hadn't truly told my story. That's my biggest problem with some of my earlier layouts. I plan to redo a few at some point but I haven't scrapped enough of my current story to justify redoing something that's already done.

Thankfully I still like most of my early work - I probably have one album out of about 8 that I want to redo. I'm thankful I had a really clean, graphic style for most of that time.


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May 2012
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Posted: 2/26/2013 8:52:58 PM
I dont redo my pages for two reasons...1: TIME...I cant keep up with all the picture I want to scrap now so I dont have the time to go back and redo. 2: STYLE...I love to look back and see how my style has changed and how the products have improved. My family also enjoys looking at my early books. it is always said...there is no right or wrong way in scrapbooking!!! Have fun and enjoy what you do!!!

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Posted: 2/26/2013 8:55:45 PM
if i wasn't 15 years behind i'd like to re-do a few of my first pages. not thinking it's ever going to actually happen though!

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January 2002
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Posted: 2/26/2013 9:10:37 PM
It's nothing I would do now, when I am a lifetime behind in organizing my photos, but I wouldn't be opposed to it someday, if I felt like changing some.

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Posted: 2/26/2013 9:36:40 PM
I'm in the same boat as Traci: I'm only re-doing an earlier LO if I feel like the story behind the photos wasn't properly told.
The Los that faired unfortunate enough to have deco scissors taken to them are left alone- I Like to look back and laugh and think about my journey as a scrapbooker.

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Posted: 2/26/2013 10:32:15 PM
My first album was my baby pictures and family pictures for the first 2 years. I purposely did NOT glue the pictures in, I used my Fiskars photo corner punches to make mats they slipped into so that when I got a really good photo scanner, I could rescan everything. I just got a new scanner this month and I'm rescanning everything.

I plan to keep the ORIGINALS in that album but I am reprinting all the others, cutting the edges deckle like the originals and will be making 12x12 albums with all the other family pictures I'm getting from other relatives. The first album isn't bad but different from what I can do now. It might be easier to just rescan or reprint the pictures and make another version.

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February 2013
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Posted: 2/26/2013 10:36:48 PM
I also do this, it doesn't bother me because I didn't have alot of supplies then like I do now. So I love going through and re-doing some. But there are a few that I will not change. So really its up to you and what you feel comfortable doing.

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May 2004
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Posted: 2/27/2013 12:33:06 AM
I will never re-do my layouts. The first one I did was absolutely awful but I like to look a it and see how far I have evolved. I also won't re-do them just because that was what was in at that time so it fits it perfectly.

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Posted: 2/27/2013 12:48:44 AM
I'm totally believe in doing what makes you happy. If you don't want to show people those albums because they make you cringe, then why not? If that's your desire.

I started scrapping 12x12 but changed to 8.5x11 because I didn't like the larger format. I had no complete albums. Most importantly, I found they weren't usually telling the story well (or at all). The old product really didn't bother me in the least.

Some layouts that had lots of white space I was able to cut down and they just worked. In some cases the journalling was fine as is, most of the time I added to the story. Some (less than a dozen) I've kept intact in the only 12x12 album I own because they are excellent story layouts that I couldn't cut down. Maybe some day I'll redo them, but I'm happy for them to live there for now. I redid a bunch, usually cropping or decreasing the number of photos and adding more journalling. I sometimes even used the product off the original layout.

Are all my layouts how I'd do them now? No. However, I'm happy they are now telling a fuller, more cohesive story. As for style changes, I've always been a kinda simple, linear scrapper. I also frequently pull journalling from old journals/blog posts/notes/etc. and work on older layouts now, so there is actually a fair mix of new and old in most of my (older) albums anyway.

If you didn't want to redo all of them, you could back them on 12x12 cardstock, and just redo the ones that really need redoing (in your mind). In some cases, just adding a bit of embellishment, journalling, etc might be enough to make you happier with your early layouts. I have one layout in an album that has been added to a couple of times because I just didn't like the pattern paper I'd paired with it (the photo is stunning, but has some strange colours in it making it hard to co-ordinate). I simply cut another piece of paper to the same size and glue it down over the original paper. I apparently have no issue going back and touching up old layouts so they make me happy, help with flow, or improve the design.

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April 2002
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Posted: 2/27/2013 1:56:31 AM
I think for therapeutic purposes we should all share our first layouts on here. If nothing else it'll be fun for a few laughs .

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January 2013
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Posted: 2/27/2013 2:24:51 AM
I have dozens and dozens of "oldies" so it would be VERY time consuming and expensive too. I just feel kind of embarrassed by those first couple of years and I wonder what my kids will think when I am gone and they are thumbing through their books. I guess as always, I am overthinking this! LOL I will pull out those old books again and look them over. I had never really thought about just adding the smaller format pages into the 12x12 books - I would imagine they might fit (??) I will re-evaluate my motives for re-doing. Thank you all so much for your time and help!


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May 2007
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Posted: 2/27/2013 3:40:13 AM
This is something that I have been wanting to do for the last couple of years. I have no intention of redoing all my earlier layouts but I do have a couple from important events that I would love to tackle with better products, techniques and a greater sence of what my style is.

I love the fact that I can look back through my albums and see how products, trends, my style and approach to scrapbooking has evolved. I would never alter or improve a layout that was made years ago but I have no issues with wanting to make a new version.

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December 2009
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Posted: 2/27/2013 4:25:58 AM
When I look at my "old" layouts what bugs me the most is the lack of some of the things I love. No brads, ribbon, flowers, lace, popdots.

What I am doing is looking them over and adding some of those thing. There is always a place for at least a brad or two and maybe a piece of ribbon or small bow. I have also removed an old sticker (Undu) and backed it with a couple of layers of cardstock before replacing it. This makes it a bit more like the embellishments we love today.

This makes me happier and they seem to "flow" into the newer layouts better. If the size is the problem I put them on 12x12 and add a great border treatment

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August 2005
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Posted: 2/27/2013 6:58:15 AM
I hear you!

But I don't think I could ever go back and re-do. I don't have the time and as old as they look, who's to say in 10 years, they won't look old again?

I was considering doing an album of my kid's first year though. I love all the supplies for newborns and thought about it.

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March 2007
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Posted: 2/27/2013 6:54:52 PM
I could never invest that time.

Sure those pages I did back in 2004 are nothing like I would do today, I just enjoy the process. For now, those who look at the albums the most are my kids. They could not love them any more...dated, no-style, hideous to be realistic; they just love them!

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August 2006
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Posted: 2/27/2013 7:13:34 PM
I don't think I would redo them. I might do another album of my favorite photos from that time period but I like the idea of seeing how my style has changed over the years...

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August 2011
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Posted: 2/27/2013 10:08:10 PM
I like looking back at the older scrapbooks and how I scrapped then. I like seeing the changes I went through in how I scrapped and what I used.
You can always put a note in the front of the scrapbook saying something like "Isn't it great that you can see the types of layouts I did when I first started scrapbooking in...." It lets them know this is one of your earlier scrapbooks. Later on, they can see how you got even better at scrapbooking.


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July 2008
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Posted: 2/27/2013 10:12:16 PM
I don't think I would ever re-do a layout..I just have to many to actually do never mind re-do, lol.

But what I have done was take my 8.5x11 and reworked that page onto a 12x12 paper.
I think they turned out great and took a lot less time, then starting all over



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July 2007
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Posted: 2/28/2013 8:33:48 AM
I had this dilemma too. I started with CM and the "sticker sneezes" way back when. Many of my photos are cut into ridiculous shapes. What I decided is to leave them because they tell the stories. However, I have also been known to pull those old pictures, have them reprinted from film, and scrapbook them again. I have a different perspective now on so many of the stories and really want to tell them again. So I guess my vote would be to not re-do the pages but rather work with the pictures again if you have another way to tell the story.



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October 2003
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Posted: 2/28/2013 8:37:57 AM
If you want to re-do them, go for it!! These are your albums and you have to enjoy looking at them.

I have been thinking about doing something else with my wedding book. It's nice but it took a long time to complete so you can see the evolution of my style within the album. It didn't occur to me to carry any products, colors, patterns through out the book so other then our pictures, it looks really random.

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August 2004
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Posted: 2/28/2013 8:49:15 AM
I've always reworked my Los! Its for you and ancestors, what I a lovely gift to be able to give an updated scrapbook to everyone with the new supplies available. I've done this many times and have always been happy with the results.


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July 2009
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Posted: 2/28/2013 9:18:09 AM
I'm so far behind I don't think I could ever redo many LO's. I will tell you this...apparently 10 years ago I had lots of stickers and wasn't afraid to use them!


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June 2002
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Posted: 2/28/2013 10:22:40 AM
YOu know you have given me an idea now. I think I want to redo my early album. I started sbing in 1998 and my early books are very simple & not that great journaling. I think I am going to redo those. And that album is falling apart anyway.

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Posted: 2/28/2013 10:54:09 AM
I have gone back and redone a few of my pages. Why? For my own personal satisfaction. Sure, I scrapbook to tell our stories and some may say that it doesnt matter how the LOs look just as long as the story is being told, but I also scrapbook for the therapeutical reasoning. So, if I run across and older LO that I am no longer satisfied with how it turned out, I will gladly redo questions asked!

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May 2011
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Posted: 2/28/2013 12:23:55 PM
I'm a firm believer in re-doing pages if you're not happy with them. Just last week I went through all my very first LOs (there were probably only 8 for me - long story) and pulled two to re-scrap. Not because of the product being old (that will always happen) but because they lacked any design principles whatsoever. I also binned one completely because there wasn't a story in the first place.

I scrapbook for me alone - no family, no children, etc. - so it's important for me to be happy with my work. And I'm SO much happier with my new re-scrapped LOs.


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January 2003
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Posted: 2/28/2013 1:35:55 PM
I started about the same time as you- January 1997. While I agree the 1997 pages look "dated" and not my current "style" I think it is important to remember the concept that styles will ALWAYS change.

I remember being so proud and pleased with the pages I did in 1997, at the time.
Someone on this thread commented on how pages from 2004 look dated/

I bet that in ten years from now many scrappers will look back at the pages from 2013, and wonder what the heck they were thinking putting only one tiny photo on a page, surrounded by spatters, wood veneer, Bakers twine, a ton of product and a giant "white space" that could have held 2 or 3 more photos. Styles constantly change and evolve, and there is some weird reason we like the "new" style now, but don't like the "old" style- but the "new" eventually becomes "old" just by the passage of time.

Obviously if re-doing will make you happy, go for it. I have SO many un-scrapped photos that I will not even think about re-doing anything until everything has be done for the first time!

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