So if scrapbooking is on the way out, what hobby is taking it's place?

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Posted 3/20/2013 by SDeven in General Scrappin'
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Posted: 3/21/2013 7:12:27 PM

others will pick up a project and then move onto a project in a different craft and just generally keep making while not identifying with a single craft.

This is me. While scrapbooking is what I mainly do, I will dabble in other things and play with them here and there. I am a crafty 'jack of all trades, master of none'.

Man I WISH I had someone to knit me sweaters! Too expensive though to have someone do it for me. Then I could have just what I wanted. A sweater small enough for my shape but sleeves not snug and long enough!


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Posted: 3/21/2013 7:40:43 PM

I have been surprised at how many are quilting. One of my scrappy friend's Mom owns a quilt shop and has been in business over 14 years.

And yet our local quilting/fabric store (a Bernina store) just closed. Our yarn shop closed 2-3 years ago. I think it has very little to do with a decline in the craft, and more to do with the expense of running a brick and mortar store. Online stores are so much more cost-effective.

I think crafting, in general, is on the rise (thanks, in part, to Pinterest). But there are SO many different kinds of crafts! I sew, paint, bead, scrapbook, art journal, and upcycle...

And as for scrapping magazines...I never buy them anymore--why would I when I can get all the inspiration I want for free on the web? I never buy ANY magazines or newspapers anymore--unless they are digital. (I also never buy CD's or DVD's--I buy digital everything!) The world is changing...and I like it!


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Posted: 3/21/2013 10:00:06 PM
I would have to say "Upcycling" seems to be the growing trend. I think in part to the number of upcycled ideas and pins on Pinterest. We've all seen the coffee tables made out of old windows and pallets or the flower pots made out of old rainboots. At least that is what seems to be the new "thang" in my neck of the woods.


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Posted: 3/22/2013 1:34:51 AM

I think it has very little to do with a decline in the craft, and more to do with the expense of running a brick and mortar store. Online stores are so much more cost-effective.

I agree, PLUS, many scrapbook store owners (brick and mortar) jumped in with both feet and opened a store. The problem is, they left their business plan on the shore! I'm sure this happens with many small businesses, but seems rampant with LSS. I work for a LSS that is in it's 16th year of business!! That's a lifetime in this industry. The main reason, is our owner...she really knows the "business", of the business.

I don't see it going anywhere either....just evolving as another poster said.
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Posted: 3/22/2013 2:47:18 AM
Personally, I don't think it is on the way out. I agree with others who said it's changing. I would venture to say that Becky Higgins has actually increased the amount of people considering themselves a scrapbooker these days. I think the simplification process of memory documentation will continue and there'll be more and different ways to do it but as my mentor, Stacy Julian, says, "Anytime you pair a photo with a memory - that's scrapbooking."

And that will always be around. I want to start a national campaign to encourage people to print their digital pictures. I worry that people will end up losing a lifetime of photos from not backing up and printing. Then there really won't be anyone scrapbooking - if there are no photos!!


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Posted: 3/22/2013 5:49:56 AM
I definitely see a decline in the number of active scrappers among my friends, and online and on blogs and message boards. This board moves way slower than it used to 5 years ago too. The people here are the ones who will stick with the craft. But many of those people who are crafty and scrapped in 2007 have moved on to something new. That's what happens with crafts. We are a fickle lot.

I know there are more options online but every new hot craft generates local brick and mortar stores. Even in today's economy.

In the 90s there were lots of cross stitch and rubber stamp stores. The lists were huge in the back of Stampington and Cross Stitcher magazines.

Then in the 2000s there were lots of scrapbook stores. In my area there are just a handful of those store left.

Now there are lots of yarn, quilt and bead stores around. My mom is a knitter and is glad to see the return of local yarn stores!

Plus a million cupcake and yogurt places that took over from the 'come assemble some dinners' places that were everywhere in the mid-2000s.

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Posted: 3/22/2013 8:21:26 AM

I don't think Scrapbooking is on the decline - I see lots of young fresh faces who love Scrapbooking & I think those of us who've been at it for 10+ years are probably lifelong scrapbookers. I think it is actually expanding as the definition of Scrapbooking has become broader than it was 10 or 15 years ago.
I agree. While I think that knitting/crotcheting/quilting is on the upswing, and beading is still popular, scrapbooking is simply evolving. There will always be the need for people to journal, save and keep their memories whether written or pictorial, so I don't think scrapbooking will ever go away. Also, in scrapbooking, you can incorporate other hobbies - such as stitching, beading, stamping and painting. Scrapbooking has so much to offer. I've been scrapbooking for well over ten years. I have no doubt that I will scrapbook until the Lord calls me home.


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Posted: 3/22/2013 9:06:21 AM
With the addition of the digital camera and online photo books, people have turned to that. There isn't a reason to buy all the stuff when they can make a photo book super quick and at a good price.

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Posted: 3/22/2013 9:34:39 AM

In the 90s there were lots of cross stitch and rubber stamp stores. The lists were huge in the back of Stampington and Cross Stitcher magazines.

And boy howdy, back in the 80's wasn't I IN all of those cross stitch stores all the time! My local CSS loved to see me coming in. They also had a frame shop! You NEVER saw me without a needle in my hand, I had every color of DMC floss they made and then some and several giant binders of charts and books.

When I started scrapbooking in the early 90's, I stopped stitching so much. At least stopped with the huge, elaborate projects that took a year to complete! I also crochet (never could learn to knit - I couldn't keep yarn on a needle without a hook on the end.) But I do the most margial of crochet - granny square afghans, simple scarves and I've done some prayer shawls (basically a BIG scarf!)I've always loved needlearts and would love to learn to quilt too.

I still scrapbook in the "traditional" sense of the word - mostly 12 X 12 albums, a few small gift albums and I make cards. I'll never go digital because I just like to play in my stuff! That's one thing I love about re-organizing my stuff - I get to play in my stuff and have the satisfaction of once again being organized! lol

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Posted: 3/22/2013 10:20:13 AM
I've been scrapping for a little over 10 years now, and people have been saying this for almost all of those years! And yet I still see new scrapbookers, and new manufacturers still pop up in this industry. I think about two of my favorite manufacturers now, Echo Park and Simple Stories. Both started up in the last few years (EP released their first line at CHA-S 2010 if I remember correctly, and I think SS was sometime in 2011).

It's absolutely been an evolution, and not a "dying out". When the economy took a dive, all crafty endeavors felt it - people were tightening their belts and not spending money on "unnecessary" or luxury things. It wasn't just scrapbooking, though - coffee shops, nail and beauty salons, and other businesses suffered. But they all still exist. There are still people that get their morning coffee, their hair colored or nails done, and there are still people who scrap.

The nice thing about scrapbooking (versus some of those other types of businesses) is that its industry could really expand online. Digital scrapbooking is (arguably) less expensive on both ends, and you can reuse purchased designs as much as you want. I'm sure there were scrappers that switched from traditional to digital during the worst of the recession because of this. People were able to open profitable online stores in lieu of more expensive brick-and-mortar stores. While I mourn the loss of many scrapbooking magazines (Simple Scrapbooks, R.I.P.), companies can now put out tons of inspiration and announcements on blogs, social media and websites for relatively little, and do it immediately, rather than working on magazines six months or so in advance when trends have already taken root (and sometimes played themselves out).

The other big part of the evolution, IMO, is as another poster said, the expanded definition of scrapbooking. What is scrapbooking, really, but creatively documenting life with words and photos, and maybe memorabilia? Think about how many things fit that category. Blogging does for sure. You could even stretch it and say Facebook and Twitter are newer forms of "scrapbooking". Think about all the people that never thought they'd scrapbook, but have picked up on the ease of creating with Project Life.

A wise scrapper (Stacy Julian was the first I heard it from) once said, "It all counts". It's all scrapbooking - traditional, digital, hybrid, PL-style, mini-book-making, SMASHing, blogging, social media, photo books, journaling, art journaling... That's something that would have been unheard of when I first started scrapbooking, and I think it's a great turn for the industry. I think scrapbooking will be around for the rest of my lifetime and then some, in one form or another. I, for one, look forward to where it goes next!


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Posted: 3/22/2013 6:13:00 PM
If scrapbooking is on the way out, I'm glad now I have that 30 year supply of paper and embellishments in my stash. Unless something new comes along, I'll be sticking with scrapbooking (and I say that because 20+ years ago, commercialized scrapbooking as we know it now 'came along', so can't say that there won't be another entirely new hobby or hobby reinvented for people to embrace).
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