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Posted 3/28/2013 by kenskreations in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 3/28/2013 12:48:59 PM
So for anyone on here I need advice bad. I have recently got a silhouette cameo and I have seen myself using this machine 100% of the time. I L_O_V_E it! The problem is i have 200 cartridges for the cricut and three cricut machines. So my question is simple....

For those who bought the cameo and have cricut merchandise. What did you do? Do you use it? Did you sell it?? After months was it something you re-discovered?? I need to know!! Any advice would be great! I do not want to part with my cricut stuff...however I hate seeing not get used when other people can use it. So discussion is open......Thanks everyone for your comments.

Also if you are not a follower of my blog...come check it out

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Posted: 3/28/2013 1:44:46 PM
I sold mine via a local Facebook buy/sell page. I knew who I was dealing with and got a great price for my machine. I didn't have a lot of cartridges so I just sold it as a unit.

It was a cash transaction - I handed over the machine and they handed me the cash. Worked great for me.

I love my Silhouette also. Have you joined any of the Facebook groups? They are great!

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Posted: 3/28/2013 1:52:03 PM
I only had a couple of cartridges in addition to the baby bug, but I sold it to get the Silhouette SD - before the Cameo even existed. It was so long ago, there was no "Cameo hype" so there were a lot of people interested in it. I used our local Craigslist and only accepted cash. I still think that there are a lot of people out there who want Cricut stuff, but from what I've seen, most want to get a "deal".

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Posted: 3/28/2013 1:53:52 PM
I would say to possibly keep one of the machines and your favorite carts and/or items that are TM (Disney, etc.) that you can't acquire via the S store. That is my plan.
I currently have the Slice, Cuttlebug, Silhouette Cameo, and Baby Bug. All are great for different purposes.
I did just sell my original Silhouette once I purchased the Cameo.

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Posted: 3/28/2013 2:10:12 PM
I am going to pick up my Cameo at the PO after work today. I am so excited. I already had the E2 and I think I am going to keep it. I like the layers that you get with the E2. I haven't done alot of Cameo research yet, but it doesn't look like there is any layering of things with the Cameo. Maybe I am wrong, so don't jump this Cameo newbie please.
I am going to be spending this weekend trying to figure out how to accomodate a wireless printer, E2, Cameo, and big honking Procision trimmer into my already cramped scrap room. Wish me inspiration

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Posted: 3/28/2013 2:41:44 PM
I am on the fence too about what to do with my Cricut since i bought and love my Cameo. Right now I'm holding off on selling my Cricut to see if I use it enough to justify the space it takes up.

acreativechristian, you will be happy to know that you can layer with the Cameo and that it is much easier.



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March 2013
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Posted: 3/28/2013 3:28:01 PM
I agree....I love my E2 and the layering you get with the cricut images are amazing! I agree that the TM cartridges are hard to find and expensive. I think it is a good idea to go through and sell the ones i do not want!!



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Posted: 3/28/2013 3:29:53 PM
I don't have a Cameo, a SD or the Portrait, but I sold my expression 2 years ago because I never used it. No regrets. I actually won it at our LSS and it sat for year. I still have the original Cricut with the 2 cartridges it came with and 2 additional cartridges. I am a low maintenance scrapper, meaning I'd rather buy my embellishments and I use Thickers on most of my layouts. My machine of choice is my SLICE, I love the portability, the size, the SD cards, the detail and since I don't want to get involved in using my computer for cuts, I don't see me ever getting a Silhouette. Just not for me.

I would list it on Craigslist (meet in a crowded/central location - don't let anyone come to your home. List it on Ebay, on the FSOT forum here. I am sure there is still a demand for the cricut especially if you offer some cartridges as well.

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Posted: 3/28/2013 4:51:25 PM
I am one of the different ones, I sold my Expression and all my cartridges for the Cameo and I was unhappy. I found the learning curve to be too much for the Cameo, I liked the ease of just popping in the cart and going. There is just too much detailed stuff with the Cameo. I have now repurchased an Expression and I am in the process of rebuilding my Cricut carts, I am just in awe of how much the carts I had (I got the first release of the original machine) and had the majority of the first 2 years of carts and added more as the years went by, so many of those I am not able to get now. Think really hard about getting rid of those carts.


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January 2007
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Posted: 3/28/2013 5:17:15 PM
Well I just picked up my Cameo from the front door and was going to post a thread about it but I saw this first, so I'll respond.

I had the baby bug, cake baby bug, Original E and Imagine. I have sold my baby bug with lyrical letters cart, cake bug and just being lazy about getting Imagine on Craigslist. I use Craigs list to sell everything, I state cash only, no shipping, only local, only serious buyers respond and please do not try to ask me to take less. If I wanted less, I would have asked for less.

I meet them in a public area...usually walmart front door or the Krogers near me.

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Posted: 3/28/2013 5:34:48 PM
I love my Cameo -- I use it a lot when I need something custom. But I am still learning it, so I am keeping my Cricut handy when I need something quick and I know how it will turn out.

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Posted: 3/28/2013 8:22:06 PM
Love your blog! Your Easter Cards are adorable!

Definitely do your home work if you decide to sell your Cricut cartridges. Some are retired and are going for big bucks on Ebay. Hello Kitty Greetings, Tags Bags Boxes and more, Mickey Font all go for $70 and up. I ended up selling most of my carts and gypsy, keeping my most favorite. I am so happy I did. I love my Cameo but find myself going back to my Cricut for some of my favorite images and fonts quite a bit lately. I even ended up replacing a couple of carts I sold and missed after.


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November 2010
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Posted: 3/28/2013 8:36:21 PM
I sold mine on ebay 2 years ago and I feel I got a good price for everything. My Expression even went into a bidding war and ended up $50 over my Buy it Now Price. I'm not sure what the ebay market is like for Cricut these days, but that's always an option. I did paypal with no returns accepted.

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Posted: 3/28/2013 9:05:35 PM
If you don't need the money, then wait.

While I don't have the Cameo, I do have a Gazelle, which I had long before the Cricut. I love my Gazelle, but I was at a point where I no longer had much time to design my own cutting files, and since I liked some of the Cricut cartridges, I bought a Cricut.

I still use my Gazelle, and I still love it, but plain and simple, the Cricut is fast and easy.

Since you have so many cartridges, plus multiple machines, I suggest you just wait awhile to see if you prefer the Cameo and think you will never use the Cricut again. However, if you really like some of this cartridges, why not keep and use both.

I do. It's nice to have the flexibility.

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Posted: 3/28/2013 9:10:06 PM
I sold my Cricut, cartridges, Gypsy and other accessories on Craigslist. Then bought myself the Cameo. No regrets yet!

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Posted: 3/28/2013 9:22:58 PM
I don't have a newer cutting machine so still have my cricut. I sold my gypsy as I never really used it. I have 100 + carts. I've recently been selling off my least favs. I'm trying to just have the ones I really love. I would like to get a newer cutter to use with my makes the cut program. When I do I will most likely get rid of my cricut and carts.


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February 2008
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Posted: 3/28/2013 9:57:45 PM
If you have room for both, I'd keep it for now. You will take a HUGE hit when you sell it. Especially since you have so much stuff. I'm also not sure the market to sell is very good right now. Lots of people selling and getting CAmeos or other machines.

I sold all my Cricut stuff about 2 years ago on ebay and got a decent price, but the market wasn't flooded. Plus if you look on ebay, brand new machines are pretty cheaply priced.
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Posted: 3/29/2013 8:10:33 AM
I have both the Cameo and the E2 and I have no plans to get rid of my Cricut items.

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Posted: 3/29/2013 10:22:08 AM
I love my Cameo. Got it for Christmas this year. But I am keeping my Cricut. I have a lot of cartridges plus a Gypsy and an Imagine. Sorry I got the Imagine. It never worked quite right. But I am keeping them all. I hardly use the Cricut stuff, but it is nice to have. I find it handy for my Disney files and some of the boxes and card files. Now I mostly use my Cameo, more versatile. But I do agree Cricut is faster if you just want a quick cut. No ungrouping, resizing, moving around, etc. Just put your paper on the mat and go.



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July 2009
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Posted: 3/29/2013 11:28:21 AM
Well, I saw the Easter cards on the Cricut MB that you made. Very cute. I see nothing wrong with keeping them both. That's what I did.


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Posted: 3/29/2013 4:02:54 PM
I kept my Cricut after buying a Silhouette. I only have 20 cartridges though. I would sell the high-priced ones and keep the rest that won't turn a profit. If you have kids, the Cricut is easier for my daughter to use. She is way to young to figure out using my Silhouette.


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