The Importance of Journaling

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Posted 4/6/2013 by disneypal in General Scrappin'

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Posted: 4/6/2013 5:52:25 PM
I love looking at photos but I was recently looking some very old photos and realized how important journaling is.

My father passed away a little over a year ago, it has been really tough. I was visiting my mom over Easter and pulled out my dad's "Army Photo Book" - just some snapshots he took when he was in the Army in the early 1950s. There were photos of him and some of his Army buddies and they had their pants leg pulled up for the photo and were laughing and I thought "Gee, I wish I knew the story behind that".

Then there were photos he took at someone's house, they were having a dinner party. There were people ranging from kids to probably age 70/80 and I wondered who these people were and why he had been invited to their house for dinner.

There were some photos taken of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and I wondered was he just on R & R or was he stationed there for a while (this was before my parents were married so my mom didn't know).

I found myself thinking that it was wonderful to have these photos and see my dad at the young age of 18-20 year old but I would have gotten so much more from it if I knew more of the stories behind the photos.

I just say all this to stress the importance of journaling. You don't have to write a novel for every photo but years later when your kids, or even you are looking back at them, it will be nice to know the memory associated with the photo.


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Posted: 4/6/2013 6:01:29 PM
Great reminder. I sometimes think 'of course I'll remember the back story to this pic'...but I should really write down the basic details for my DD who's only 3 but already showing a love both for scrapbooking and for looking through scrapbooks.

Gail OH
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Posted: 4/6/2013 6:01:33 PM
I am right there with you...

"If pictures could talk" what stories we could learn from...



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Posted: 4/6/2013 6:15:24 PM
I agree! I have a huge box of old family photos from the late 1880's through the 60's. I would love to know more about them. But there's no one left to ask. Sadly, my 92 year-old "grandmother" (she's really my great aunt) had alzheimer's--she would have known!

Also--I LOVE seeing things written in my mother's handwriting. She passed away 10 years ago (she was only 58) and I miss seeing it so much. I cherish all of the cards, notes and recipes I have that she wrote...

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Posted: 4/6/2013 6:18:54 PM
Its very important I agree.

A few years ago I had bought my dad an album and journaling pen so he could identify this old pile of pictures he had of himself while in the Navy and growing up. I never thought he got around to it.

I just lost my dad a few weeks ago and came across the album. It was full of the old pictures and he wrote the who, what and where on all of them and on some just a sentence describing the pic. Needless to say I balled and was so happy he did take the time to do it. Otherwise no way could I remember everything he had told me about them. Thanks, Dad. We miss you so much!



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Posted: 4/6/2013 7:16:28 PM

It was full of the old pictures and he wrote the who, what and where on all of them and on some just a sentence describing the pic.

Very smart of you to ask him to do that and what a blessing that he did

Garden Girl

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Posted: 4/6/2013 8:14:31 PM
Thanks so much for posting this. I completely agree with you: journaling matters!


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Posted: 4/6/2013 9:37:41 PM
it is very important. I have taken on the task of converting our church photo albums from magnetic pages to something safer. it is frustrating that there are no dates or names on most of the pictures. I am adding names and details as I can.


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Posted: 4/6/2013 9:56:14 PM
I am 100% ITA with you.

I have been handed done dozens of photo albums and boxes from both sides of my family and I have to say that easily 95% of the photos are basically meaningless to me because I know nothing about who is in them, their context in terms of our family, or ANYTHING.

It's very sad because obviously these pictures were important to my family members at one time or another -- they would not have taken them, saved them, put them in albums, etc., if they weren't important.

Now that they are gone, all these beautiful, precious photos are meaningless garbage to me. It breaks my heart to throw them away but literally, why should I keep them without context?

I have a friend who is an incredibly prolific scrapbooker. She makes 100's of pages a year. And not a single one has journaling. She goes to all that trouble of taking pics, making beautiful, artistic pages, and she doesn't even write a name or a year on them. I keep telling her my story about all the stuff I'm throwing away . . . someday someone is going to look at her album and say, "I think this might be my great grandmother, but I'm not sure ..." and then toss it away because of that.

Why go to all that trouble if you aren't at least writing names, dates, basic locations, etc??


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Posted: 4/7/2013 5:16:16 AM
You know what? I'm going right now to add some texts to my pages I usually right place and date on them, but I don't think I'm gonna remember exactly why I went there in 5 years or so.

In The Shadow

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Posted: 4/7/2013 6:41:21 AM
I started a post yesterday before I seen this so I copied my OP to share my story on this one. Journaling is so important

Years ago, maybe 1998, my Mom introduced me to Creative Memories. She came to visit with a completed album for my oldest brother for me to see. She said she was going to make one for all five of us. She brought me a circle cutter, a corner rounder, an album, paper, adhesive and some cool scissors.

I had always scrapbooked with construction paper that bleed through my pictures.

In 2000, I made copies of the pictures and sorted them into four file folders so she could get started on the remaining four albums. As far as I had known she never got started on any of the albums. I found the four file folders but I didn't go threw them. I have been taking care of her for a year, Alhzeimers. She died in March, 2013.

I was spring cleaning her room and packing her things and my son found a CM box. My name was on the outside of the box. Inside was 22 completed pages with her handwriting. I cried for two hours. A pot of gold would not have been as precious.

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Posted: 4/7/2013 7:13:51 AM
Completely agree. When my grandmother died in the 80s, my Dad and his brother threw out hundreds of photos from her house because they had no idea who the people were - no indication whatsoever. I found out about this years later when I was an adult (and into scrapbooking) and so very much wished we had even some of them! Of course it would be great to have the stories, but I'd like even to have seen the pictures, to have a better understanding of the bygone era in which my grandmother lived.

Often we don't realize when we're scrapping our everyday mundane things, how very special that will be to generations in the future. Journaling is a huge part of that!

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Posted: 4/7/2013 12:45:00 PM
Without the journaling I can't remember things from just a year or two ago, gotta have it!

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Posted: 4/7/2013 12:49:45 PM
If all relatives have passed maybe go to the local library. I just found out that ours will scan in any and all photos and or scrap pages for historical purposes. They even have a file for "unknown people photos"

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