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Posted 4/23/2013 by Wilna in General Scrappin'
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Garden Girl

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September 2003
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Loc: Canada

Posted: 4/23/2013 10:11:25 AM
Hi peas! If you watched my in the mood to scrap video that came out today (tues 23 april) you will know what i am talking about!

In the mood to scrap: TIA by wilna

I am really excited to see your moodboards! I will pick one and it will be the moodboard i draw inspiration from on my next video + layout.
Thanks for playing!

heart and soul,

Jamie Sorenson

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November 2007
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Layouts: 398
Loc: Wisconsin

Posted: 4/23/2013 10:55:12 AM
Can't wait to see what mood boards are created!

~ jamie

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April 2003
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Loc: Jersey

Posted: 4/23/2013 11:16:19 AM
I don't know if this will work but here goes

Tell me if that doesn't work please


PeaNut 522,820
October 2011
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Layouts: 35

Posted: 4/23/2013 2:48:29 PM
Mood Board

Loved your video today Wilna like always!

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PeaNut 81,992
April 2003
Posts: 1,218
Layouts: 23
Loc: Jersey

Posted: 4/23/2013 2:52:03 PM
Ooh Karen I would love to see yours used, I love the mood you are going for

Garden Girl

PeaNut 106,721
September 2003
Posts: 3,899
Layouts: 481
Loc: Canada

Posted: 4/23/2013 4:12:09 PM
I have a feeling that i am still going to ooh and aah A LOT in this thread. 2 awesome mood boards so far.

heart and soul,

Baby Pea Step

PeaNut 585,038
April 2013
Posts: 1
Layouts: 1

Posted: 4/23/2013 5:28:22 PM

I love this idea



PeaNut 40,642
June 2002
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Layouts: 71
Loc: Canada

Posted: 4/23/2013 6:05:20 PM
Here is my Mood Board

Live life !


PeaNut 226,382
October 2005
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Layouts: 39
Loc: New England

Posted: 4/23/2013 7:24:06 PM
How fun! Here's my Mood Board


PeaNut 370,165
April 2008
Posts: 48
Layouts: 22

Posted: 4/23/2013 7:39:52 PM
Oh Wilna, what a great idea! I just finished watching your video and I must say I am so excited that you are a fellow Canadian!! With your amazing accent, I imagined you to live somewhere "exotic". I could listen to you talk all day!

I have a great mood board I've created, now just to figure out how to add it to a link here

Wiggy's World at


PeaNut 561,149
July 2012
Posts: 602
Layouts: 15

Posted: 4/23/2013 8:06:41 PM
Love the challenge and your LO and already thinking about my mood board!

My in-laws are from Saskatchewan and we're just a short stones throw away in AB so I sympathize with wanting spring!! Will our winter ever end?????


PeaNut 345,847
November 2007
Posts: 2,438
Layouts: 0

Posted: 4/23/2013 8:37:21 PM
Another Canadian here ready for spring! I love this challenge and am off to play!

MultiSlacker MultiStacker

PeaNut 157,595
July 2004
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Loc: coloRADo

Posted: 4/23/2013 9:46:18 PM
Love this idea! Here is mine.


PeaNut 425,828
June 2009
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Loc: hanging out in me too land

Posted: 4/24/2013 4:33:27 AM
Enjoy the mood board

Helen *Mc
Gone Walkabout

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April 2000
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Layouts: 214
Loc: Aussie in SC. USA

Posted: 4/24/2013 10:42:32 AM
Here's mine

I have a lot of color combinations, and other pics too that I draw from. Love the boards linked so far! So much inspiration!

Lemonade Stand
innocent bystander

PeaNut 122,234
January 2004
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Layouts: 219
Loc: NC

Posted: 4/24/2013 4:11:19 PM
Oh how fun! I don't have a mood board yet but now I want one.


PeaNut 563,248
August 2012
Posts: 2,663
Layouts: 0
Loc: Florida

Posted: 4/24/2013 5:56:07 PM
I loved your video Wilna! Here is my Mood board which is colorful!


PeaNut 292,135
January 2007
Posts: 51
Layouts: 7
Loc: Brisbane, Ausralia

Posted: 4/24/2013 6:05:38 PM
So fun! Love all the mood boards linked up here.Here's Mine


PeaNut 527,758
November 2011
Posts: 61
Layouts: 0

Posted: 4/24/2013 11:26:37 PM
I had so much fun doing this challenge!! LOVE your videos, Wilna!!! Here's the link to my Moodboard... PURE Inspiration Enjoy! xo



PeaNut 435,262
August 2009
Posts: 271
Layouts: 27

Posted: 4/25/2013 2:56:36 AM
Ooooh, this is fun! Here is my Mood Board

Tracey Campbell

PeaNut 414,123
March 2009
Posts: 39
Layouts: 57

Posted: 4/25/2013 4:45:13 AM
This is the first time I have created a mood board - it will be a challenge to me to use it. Mood Board


Tracey Campbell

PeaNut 414,123
March 2009
Posts: 39
Layouts: 57

Posted: 4/25/2013 4:45:14 AM
This is the first time I have created a mood board - it will be a challenge to me to use it. Mood Board



PeaNut 564,344
August 2012
Posts: 198
Layouts: 56
Loc: Germany

Posted: 4/25/2013 4:45:44 PM
love this idea

here's my moodboard


best wishes

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PeaNut 193,655
February 2005
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Loc: Alabama

Posted: 4/25/2013 9:02:36 PM
Here's my most recent board:

Mood Board



PeaNut 551,978
April 2012
Posts: 2,099
Layouts: 79
Loc: Canada

Posted: 4/25/2013 10:26:54 PM
First time putting a moodboard together... Thanks for the challenge

What can I post about?

PeaNut 532,261
December 2011
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Loc: michigan

Posted: 4/26/2013 7:35:41 PM
Your boards are is mine my mood board

It was fate that I would enjoy paper name is Sharmon (like the TP)!


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Garden Girl

PeaNut 232,474
November 2005
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Loc: Canada

Posted: 4/26/2013 11:08:20 PM
These are all so much fun and great inspiration!!!

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Sleeping with a Serial Killer

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May 2006
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Loc: Big Bottom Valley

Posted: 4/28/2013 3:57:53 PM
Marking my spot for future inspiration/entertainment...

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Manic Mom of 2

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August 2006
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Loc: Northeast

Posted: 4/28/2013 10:00:25 PM
Okay...I'm an idiot but how do you actually make a mood board? If you have a group of images, what do you "put" them on and how do you get the finished product back to Pinterest? Tia!

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April 2002
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Loc: Wisconsin

Posted: 4/28/2013 10:03:44 PM


Baby Pea Step

PeaNut 550,703
April 2012
Posts: 4
Layouts: 32
Loc: France

Posted: 4/30/2013 8:37:42 AM
Here is my moodboard :

That's a fun idea Wilna!!

My blog :


PeaNut 280,901
October 2006
Posts: 243
Layouts: 71
Loc: near San Diego CA

Posted: 4/30/2013 9:18:19 AM
Here is my inspiration mood board. Sorry I don't know how to make a direct link...


PeaNut 322,625
June 2007
Posts: 1,625
Layouts: 9
Loc: OK

Posted: 4/30/2013 10:34:41 AM
Here's mine! Mood board

What are you looking at?

PeaNut 477,798
August 2010
Posts: 1,590
Layouts: 49

Posted: 4/30/2013 10:50:02 AM
Here is my mood board ! This was both fun and functional for me, since I used my wedding colors as the basis. I know mine is a little outside your usual style, Wilna, but I know you could take it as a challenge and make something beautiful, with your twist on it!


PeaNut 570,445
October 2012
Posts: 23
Layouts: 0
Loc: Saskatchewan, Canada

Posted: 4/30/2013 3:27:53 PM
Wow, what a great way to turn the tables on us and get us thinking of our own mood boards! I too live in Saskatchewan and this is the first year I have ever been sick of snow and winter. I've never created a mood board but now I'm excited to. Thanks again.

jen kinkade
Garden Girl

PeaNut 78,876
March 2003
Posts: 1,013
Layouts: 144
Loc: West Virginia

Posted: 4/30/2013 3:40:42 PM
these mood boards are delicious! I LOVE them all!
Great job, ladies!!


PeaNut 288,379
December 2006
Posts: 897
Layouts: 340

Posted: 4/30/2013 4:42:19 PM
I had to put one together after seeing all of those pretty ones!

Here is my Mood Board

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PeaNut 76,445
March 2003
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Loc: KY

Posted: 4/30/2013 7:12:15 PM
Here's my moodboard....

May Mood Board


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PeaNut 188,495
January 2005
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Loc: socal

Posted: 5/4/2013 1:07:37 PM
Here's mine: pinterest mood board

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Michelle Mostert

PeaNut 219,221
August 2005
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Loc: Cape Town, South Africa

Posted: 5/4/2013 5:54:59 PM
These are all beautiful. Thanks for the amazing inspiration.

Garden Girl

PeaNut 106,721
September 2003
Posts: 3,899
Layouts: 481
Loc: Canada

Posted: 5/9/2013 6:01:55 PM
so beautiful!!!! I will pick one by Friday! So if you still want to submit one, get pinning!! xoxo

heart and soul,


PeaNut 564,404
August 2012
Posts: 15
Layouts: 26
Loc: Lyon, France

Posted: 5/10/2013 3:43:46 AM
Hi Wilna, I enjoyed making that moodboard for you. Hope you'll like it !!!
May 2013 Moodboard

100 cans of Peas on the Wall...

PeaNut 537,609
January 2012
Posts: 117
Layouts: 3
Loc: New Jersey

Posted: 5/10/2013 3:48:32 AM
I started out in May, but ended up in February. There are lots of hearts and ribbon and lace. This was fun to put together. Thanks for the push, Wilna.

mood board for Wilna's challenge

Baby Pea Step

PeaNut 581,752
February 2013
Posts: 7
Layouts: 0

Posted: 5/11/2013 12:08:11 PM

Cant get it to post. thanks for the awesome videos!!


PeaNut 493,535
January 2011
Posts: 3
Layouts: 9
Loc: Ontario, CANADA

Posted: 5/13/2013 3:36:02 PM
First time trying's mine

Pea with a Pen

PeaNut 70,644
February 2003
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Layouts: 785
Loc: Southern California

Posted: 5/13/2013 9:32:02 PM
I hope I am not too late!

Mood Board

Is this an instrument of torture or communication?

PeaNut 1,583
October 1999
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Layouts: 476
Loc: Long Island

Posted: 5/13/2013 9:42:13 PM
I made a summer mood board the other day.


My Youtube channel

in the moment


PeaNut 541,679
February 2012
Posts: 3
Layouts: 0
Loc: Pennsylvania

Posted: 5/19/2013 9:07:06 AM
Now I'm inspired to create from my own mood board. I'm ordering Maggie Holmes cloud paper and some gelatos, then I'll look for a picture that fits the "mood"
Thanks for the inspiration and the gelatos instruction. I came looking for ideas to use rub-ons, and left with so much more.


PeaNut 283,729
November 2006
Posts: 1,353
Layouts: 63
Loc: Northern Kentucky

Posted: 5/19/2013 4:18:47 PM
First time I've ever created a mood board but I'm hoping it'll help jump start the creative juices in creating heritage pages. They always stump me!!

1920s Mood Board


PeaNut 94,097
July 2003
Posts: 4,037
Layouts: 758
Loc: TX

Posted: 5/20/2013 10:13:58 AM
Here's my rain/purple/ink blot inspired Mood Board

cheers & besos

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