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Posted 4/25/2013 by shimelle in General Scrappin'
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Posted: 4/26/2013 7:41:08 AM
I've always wondered how GG chooses which question to answer. Sometimes she addresses issues that aren't a direct call for help as in "Glitter Girl help me!" but in a topic that is just being discussed. Is is just whatever strikes her fancy or is it a more deliberate selection?

Either way, I'm always happy that GG addresses any topic at all! Even if it's not something I'm particularly dealing with at the moment, there is always, ALWAYS something I learn in each video.

Thanks, GG!


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Posted: 4/26/2013 8:21:49 AM
Thought of another Glitter Girl question:
Which famous landmark/building do you think would look best glittered? Like Big Ben, the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty? And what color glitter?


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Posted: 4/26/2013 8:38:26 AM
What does Glitter Girl struggle with the most when designing a page? She always makes it look so easy and struggle free.
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Posted: 4/26/2013 9:04:30 AM
Ok, Glitter Girl:

1. How would you feel about glittery under-roos with with a big GG on the front of them?

2. Do you ever run into Wonder Woman or Bat Girl or even Cat Woman? And are they scrapbookers?

3. Do any of the boy superheros scrapbook? My guess is Spidey since his alter ego is already into newpapers (right?).

Katie Scott


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April 2012
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Posted: 4/26/2013 9:47:27 AM
Who is Glitter Girl's evil twin? What style does she have?

How would Glitter Girl cope in a world with no triangles or threes?

Who is Glitter Girl's hero?


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May 2012
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Posted: 4/26/2013 10:26:37 AM
Who is Glitter Girl's archenemy?


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Posted: 4/26/2013 10:58:12 AM
If Glitter Girl was standing in line for coffee and the woman behind her commented on the pretty paper sticking out of her bag and a conversation began where GG found out that the woman had always wanted to scrapbook, what would GG share with her about getting started in the time it took to enjoy a cup of coffee together?

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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Posted: 4/26/2013 11:09:56 AM
Glitter Girl, what scrappy supply do you find is the most challenging for you to include on your layouts.


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July 2012
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Posted: 4/26/2013 11:40:26 AM
Don't know if this has been asked, but what is GG take on scrapbooking major news...if she does. Most of her pages are beautiful, but for a somber event, what style would her pages reflect? I want to start scrapbooking current world events but not in a Project Life style and I'm not not sure how to start!

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Garden Girl

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January 2000
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Posted: 4/26/2013 12:32:16 PM

Don't know if this has been asked, but what is GG take on scrapbooking major news...if she does.

Quicker to answer this one here - neither Glitter Girl nor I do Project Life or any scrapbooking of world events. However, there is a thread on the board right now asking what things you would like to see covered in the Project Life video series from other Garden Girls, so I would post that question there to get a good answer!

As for sad things in general, I tend to use envelopes. If you search my gallery back before Glitter Girl, there is a layout with 'bittersweet' in the title that shows what I do when I want to scrap something that is also very sad.

love & glitter,
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Posted: 4/26/2013 1:00:33 PM
So... My first questions were totally on the wrong track. Let's try again.

What scrapping super-power would Glitter Girl most like to have? (Mine would be the ability to have my things *stick* when I'm done shuffling them around. I hate it when I get everything just.so and then have to start lifting things to get adhesive under them.)

Does Glitter Girl ever get recognized in real life? (Outside of events such as CHA, I mean.) How does/would she react?

What comes first? A page Glitter Girl plans to make, then a question from the Peas that can be answered in the making of it, or the problem and then a search through the photos to see what can be done while answering that question?

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July 2007
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Posted: 4/26/2013 1:01:45 PM
I love the evil twin and arch-enemy questions!!

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February 2012
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Posted: 4/26/2013 1:21:00 PM
How did Glitter Girl and the Adhesive Avenger (not Shimelle and The Boy) team up? Was it on a mission?

Cupcake ipsum dolor sit.

Jenni S.

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November 2010
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Posted: 4/26/2013 1:54:53 PM
How/ where does GG print her photos? Does she print at home? If so, which printer? Does she send them out? If so, where? Thanks!


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June 2011
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Posted: 4/26/2013 2:42:00 PM
Glitter Girl,

1. YOu are faced with sooo many crafty dilemmas to solve, how do you choose which one to solve and how do you find time to help so many people + have a life? (Do you have any time management/priority setting skills you can pass on to us mere mortals?)

2. When you are not helping to solve crafty dilemmas, how do you spend your time?

3. do you have a trusty sidekick in the wings? I mean how do you create such high quality instructional videos?

4. Do you have plans to teach an extended Glitter Girl class (for purchase)?

5. If there is ONLY one piece of advice you could give to all the crafty people in the world, what would it be?


k d girl

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February 2003
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Posted: 4/26/2013 2:45:12 PM
If GG was designing her own line of paper and embellishments what would it be like (and by the way she really should have her own line, we'd all buy it!)

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February 2013
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Posted: 4/26/2013 2:53:26 PM
I really want to see the studio!

And OUTtakes!

Make a Wish!

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January 2012
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Posted: 4/26/2013 3:15:52 PM
Yes Glittergirl, show us where the 'magic' happens!!
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July 2006
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Posted: 4/26/2013 3:18:24 PM
Glitter Girl, which of your projects is your favorite and why?

The story behind the photos? The design of the page? The products used? Some other reason?


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July 2004
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Posted: 4/26/2013 3:25:27 PM
I want to know how you store your items and are you overwhelmed with supplies like I am.


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August 2000
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Posted: 4/26/2013 3:39:39 PM
I would like to know how you go about shopping for your paper. does glitter girl buy paper that she just loves from a collection , or does she have something in mind when she is making her selections.

50 Peas in a pod.

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January 2002
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Posted: 4/26/2013 3:48:05 PM
Because I struggle to find time for this passion, I would like to know if you are this awesome full-time? Ie do you have another job somewhere that you must accommodate?

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Garden Girl

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January 2000
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Posted: 4/26/2013 4:29:19 PM

Because I struggle to find time for this passion, I would like to know if you are this awesome full-time? Ie do you have another job somewhere that you must accommodate?

Just wanted to pop in and clarify this one, because I don't ever want anyone to feel I'm doing this much scrapping (and filming and editing and so forth) on top of another job - scrapbooking is my full-time job. Two Peas is just part of what I do (though a considerable part! and something that is very much part of my weekly and daily routine) as I also doing videos on my own channel, materials for my workshops, and some magazine work, but I don't have another day job. I did until 2007, when I decided to 'take a year off to do crafty things' and well, that was a while ago now.

I just don't want anyone to think I would recommend spending THIS amount of time doing scrapbook stuff if you were also working 40+ hours and taking care of your family and so on. This being my job and not having children means right now, I dedicate an otherwise irrational amount of time to scrapbooking.

In other news, some of your questions sent Glitter Girl on a research mission today, but she has found the answers!!!

love & glitter,
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November 2003
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Posted: 4/26/2013 8:27:04 PM
I promise I am not a stalker....I just remember these posts.

For those that asked, or are interested; You know how GG loves to journal? Well, she posted some really, really long, but informative answers right here:

Asking GG questions and how a question might become a video

All about Shimelle, the Boy, and then some..

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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May 2011
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Posted: 4/26/2013 9:12:26 PM
I would like to know how went from the midwest to living in London!

Child of God, follower of Jesus, and so thankful for His presence in my life <><
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Purple Sparkles

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March 2000
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Posted: 4/27/2013 12:02:07 AM
I would want to know a.) when I could come over and play? and b.) How could I get her talent to rub off on me? Oh! And could she be my personal shopper, but instead of clothes, scrapping stash.



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May 2004
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Posted: 4/27/2013 1:49:18 AM
I would love to see Glitter Girl with only using products that is 10 years ago. For example MME die cuts with the frame and people collection. Do you remember those if not, I have a ton? Solid color card stock. Basically vamping a decade products and making it look like it is from 2013.

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Posted: 4/27/2013 8:54:50 AM
Hmm... so many good questions. Here are mine.
1. Does Glitter Girl ever worry about having solved all the scrapbooking dilemmas and therefore having to retire her super powers?
2. Does the Adhesive Avenger ever suggest which photos of his alter ego to include in a scrapbook LO, or for that matter, which photos not to include?
3. Since Glitter Girl creates so many LOs for her adventures, does she ever create LOs that she does not share?
4. If Glitter Girl stacked all her paper, would it be as tall as she is?


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April 2002
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Count: 1
Posted: 4/27/2013 9:43:10 AM
One more...Does the Adhesive Avenger wear tights? And are they "stuck like glue" (Sugarland)? I know, I know, I've gone over the edge now...Maria


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October 2006
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Posted: 4/27/2013 10:37:00 AM
I already asked mine . . . What is Glitter Girl's Kryptonite?

Keeping with that theme ...
Most superheroes have a secret source of their power (Superman-the sun, Spider man - the spider bite, etc) what is the source of Glitter Girl's power?

Does Glitter Girl have any secret weapons (like Wonder Woman's Lasso)?

Does Glitter Girl have a secret tragic back story? Like Peter Parker's Uncle or Batman's parents?

OK so that should be proof that I have read way too many comic books and am a big old nerd.

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Henry David Thoreau


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December 2005
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Posted: 4/27/2013 1:44:22 PM
Can I come scrap with you?

Can I have your autograph?


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February 2004
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Posted: 4/28/2013 6:02:14 AM
Ok I would like to know the answer to everyone's questions! I think they are all awesome! Especially the behind the scenes of Glitter girl!

I guess if I had to narrow it down:

1. A tour of your scrapbooking room
2. If you do not keep things longer than 6 months what do you do with them?
3. What a typical day looks like around your house!


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July 2010
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Posted: 4/28/2013 9:27:14 AM
When do you decide you are done with a pack of Thickers and it's safe to toss it?


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May 2012
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Posted: 4/29/2013 6:12:28 AM
No questions..I think most things have been covered..but just wanted to let you know that Glitter Girl not only has scrappy fans but...my 8 year old grandson LOVES Glitter Girl!

I was on my iPad the other day and he was pouting because I was watching it (instead of him) and he heard the music from the Glitter Girl videos and came running saying...."you didn't tell me you were watching GG"! He forgot all about his cartoons and we happily watched several videos......he is absolutely mesmerized by your voice!!


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November 2002
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Posted: 4/29/2013 6:23:20 AM
Well of course one of the most important questions....

Glitter girl, what is your most favorite cupcake?

<3 Taniesa aka The Crafty Pickle
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July 2009
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Posted: 4/29/2013 7:26:44 AM
I truly think Shimelle is so lucky to have a Super-Hero do some of her scrapping for her, so what I would like to know is if there are any other super-heros out there who scrap for hire?


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October 2006
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Posted: 4/29/2013 8:34:25 AM
I would like to ask how she stays motivated and upbeat all the time. If I remember correctly, it's not with caffeine. Being self-employed would be extremely hard for me. Would she consider herself an extrovert?


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October 2008
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Posted: 4/29/2013 10:29:20 AM
I would like to thank glitter girl for her service of saving us from our crafty dilemas!
I started with your series but now am hooked on all the other ones. I watch them every morning on my break!

I think there have been a lot of good questions so far.

I can't wait to see where this goes!


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June 2012
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Posted: 4/29/2013 10:47:21 AM
I would like to know how long it takes Glitter Girl to complete a layout including the planning process. If the video wasn't edited how long would it be?

Also, Glitter Girl seems to scrapbook with newer products that have just been ordered from two peas ( I think). If she were to just scrapbook by going through her stash. Does it take longer to go through all the papers and embellishments and to find things that work with each other? Does she find that she always has the colors she is looking for in her stash.

I would also like to ask Glitter Girl to ask Shimelle. If Shimelle is ever doing scrapbooking that is not work related and doesn't come from having a topic or plan already in mind does it take longer or shorter to put the layout together or is it the same.


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April 2010
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Posted: 4/29/2013 3:55:01 PM
I love the titles you give to all glitter girl episodes! how do you figure out those titles?
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March 2012
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Posted: 4/29/2013 5:50:56 PM
Tips on how to get a full-time job as a scrapbooker


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July 2011
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Posted: 4/30/2013 4:09:58 AM
Hi all and GG,

I've skimmed through the posts so apologies if my question has been covered!

I would like to know how many packs of Thickers / letter stickers GG buys at a time, and if you buy more than one of the same pack?

Particularly thickers because although I've heard you say on videos you didn't have enough for a certain title so swapped for another set - you ALWAYS have enough for you titles whereas I'm always struggling once I've started on a set! How do you get the most out of one particular sheet (particularly thickers) and have you ever finished one?!

I would also love to see a tour of your scraproom as I think you've moved a few times since the last time you shared photos.

Jeepers PEApers

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October 2002
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Posted: 4/30/2013 6:43:27 AM
Does Glitter Girl have any other crafty pursuits?! (I'd love to see!)

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Posted: 4/30/2013 10:49:33 AM
So many great questions!

She always has the prettiest, most intact manicures. How does her polish always stay so pretty in the crafty messiness of layouts?

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January 2004
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Posted: 4/30/2013 8:10:08 PM
Glitter Girl always leaves with her pages and returns with the journaling miraculously completed. I love that GG tells stories in her own handwriting, but I would like to know some of the stories. Recently I listened to, well re-listened to either GG or Shimelle (ignore the woman behind the curtain!) talk about scrapping the everyday and she went on a riff about coffee cups! LOVE to hear stories.


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February 2006
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Posted: 4/30/2013 9:47:51 PM
GG--I don't have any specific questions as I see a lot of great ones here already asked. I just wanted to send a thank you for your SB eagerness and your ability to be so much fun. I love this!! It seems you always have time for us in the SB world.


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January 2012
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Posted: 4/30/2013 10:05:36 PM
I would ask here how she decides which photos she works on each week? Does it start with the photos or the problem you are solving?

Anything else about photography, what kind of camera you use, what you use to edit photos, how often do you have them developed...more about how your sort your photos in the dresser. I would love a tour of your scrap space, and of course out-takes would be hysterical (even from the boy.)

My daughter Isabelle (she sent you an instagram via me earlier this week) wants you to answer if you ever scrap with kids, teach classes for kids, and what size scrapbooks you recommend for 9 1/2 year olds (yes she was that specific?) I think she might be your biggest fan.


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July 2012
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Posted: 5/1/2013 9:17:23 AM

am a big whedon fan and prefer the current dr

I did not think I could like you even more than I did, but now I do.


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July 2001
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Posted: 5/1/2013 11:00:30 AM
How did Glitter Girl and Shimelle meet and become friends?

Also, has Glitter Girl ever considered taking on a female side-kick?
If so, I'm available!!!! Don't know if I could come up with a cape and tights, but if jeans and a t-shirt work, then I'm your gal!


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Posted: 5/1/2013 11:16:53 AM
1- scrap area and organization tips
2- business tips
3- how do you keep yourself organized everyday (not supplies, just your itinerary, prioritizing, etc.),
4- shoot, I just forgot. Hang on, it will come back...
oh yeah! Who inspires you in scrapbooking?

Melanie - If I scrap you, I love you.


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