Gluten intolerance?

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Posted 4/26/2013 by oliver30 in NSBR Board


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Posted: 4/26/2013 9:30:45 PM
Just wondering if anyone has experience with gluten-intolerance. Lately, I feel extremely bloated especially after I've eaten. I know I've gained weight, but this is different. It's very uncomfortable and to see my profile you'd think I was quite pregnant! After reading a little bit online, I know this is a symptom. However, I realize it could be other things, too.

I haven't gotten as far as seeing the doctor or even keeping a food diary or anything like that. Just wondering what some other symptoms some of you may have experienced if you know now that you have an intolerance for gluten.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!


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Posted: 4/26/2013 9:34:55 PM
My brother has celiac disease, but the main sign was that he was actually loosing weight before he was diagnosed... that's from the malnourishment.

You could have a gluten allergy, though. Or, it could be from another source.




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Posted: 4/26/2013 9:43:59 PM
I get that way when I've been eating too much sugar for a period of time. One day of binging won't do it, but if I fall off the wagon and overeat sugary foods for a few weeks, I get upper belly bloat. It looks like I'm pregnant, and it's almost hard when I press on it, not squishy like my normal fat belly.

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Posted: 4/26/2013 9:46:54 PM
Yep, I have it. When I eat gluten containing products I have massive nasal allergy symptoms and hives. I lived with chronic allergies and hives for years before finally excluding gluten from my diet long enough to see if that was the problem. Without gluten, my symptoms are greatly reduced or nonexistent.

Now if I accidentally have some (or cheat on purpose), I have the old allergy symptoms and also additional symptoms ranging from severe bloating to a feeling like my throat is closing up. It seems that going off of it has increased my sensitivity to it (or perhaps increased my awareness of sensitivity symptoms).

Try excluding gluten for a month or more and see if it helps. That's really the only way to tell. It's not as hard as it sounds - many foods are naturally gluten-free. I cook a lot more Indian and Asian-inspired dinners and a lot fewer Italian-inspired things. My advice: do not go out and stock up on on GF specialty items. For one thing, they're expensive and often very highly processed. For another, I have extreme bloating and GI reactions to some ingredient often included in those products - way worse than with gluten itself. I'm not sure yet what it is, but I steer clear of GF crackers in particular because they make me miserable ...

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Posted: 4/26/2013 10:37:24 PM
It could be gluten, but you could also be lactose intolerant. A food journal is a great idea. I would try eliminating either dairy or gluten for 3-4 weeks.

I'm allergic to gluten and lactose intolerant. My early symptoms of my gluten allergy were bloating and swelling in my stomach. It progressed to swelling in my arms, chest, nose, ears, eyes, and throat. It got worse after each pregnancy for me. When I 'gluten' myself now my first symptom is itchy eyes. Then the swelling starts in my eyes, nose, and throat.



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Posted: 4/26/2013 10:56:21 PM
It very well could be a gluten intolerance or sensitivity (it's not an allergy). I have that symptom, along with a whole bunch of other symptoms. As Merge said, it's fairly easy to go GF and see if that helps. It is worth a shot, in my opinion.

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Posted: 4/27/2013 3:20:24 AM
I'm also non-celiac gluten intolerant and have those symptoms as well as many others. If I am exposed my left eye will start to hurt and in short order I will have an awful headache. My skin will itch or my lip will swell-really just depends. I can't even touch gluten containing items (dog treats, play or my hands will feel like they are extremely dry to the point that they hurt/itch. If I carry something containing gluten around in my hand in its container, in time the headache will start. Elimination is the way to tell. I've been amazed at the things that have cleared up (memory loss, brain fog, skin issues, migraines, etc) and attribute a number of issues to having this undiagnosed for so many years (osteoporosis, early menopause, thyroid issues, allergies, sinus issues...)


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Posted: 4/27/2013 4:17:55 AM
It could be fructose malabsorbtion. I get bloaty, headaches, bad tummy and extremely tired from fructose.

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Posted: 4/27/2013 7:51:09 AM
I have the EXACT same symptoms. It's like I can literally watch my stomach grow by the minute! I also become extremely lethargic about an hour later, sometimes to the point where I have to take a nap. I decided to cut gluten out of my diet (I only eat tiny amounts) and those symptoms are gone.

I definitely think you should try removing gluten from your diet, wait a few weeks, then try eating some bread or something small and see how you react. I can no longer eat pasta, bread, crackers, pancakes, etc. Eventually you'll be able to figure out what triggers you and what you can tolerate. It's hard, but feeling better is worth it. Good luck!


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Posted: 4/27/2013 8:53:15 AM
I had this same problem. I eliminated all sugar, flours, artificial sweeteners, dairy.

I eat only fresh, organic if possible, veggies, fruits, eggs, lean protein and Ezekial bread on occasion. Sometimes I will eat a mozzerella cheese stick and it doesn't seem to bother me.

I feel SO much better and have lost weight which was my main goal to start with.

Eating healthy isn't that hard but unfortunately it is costly.

I love Quinoa and like the quinoa pasta on occasion. I eat NO processed foods because I blow up like a balloon when I do.

Also drink lots of water to flush the system.

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Posted: 4/27/2013 9:03:22 AM
DH, DS1&2 are celiac-each is different w/their symptoms, but DH suffers from horrible bloating if he gets glutened. My BF who was recently dxed celiac also gets horrible bloating.

If you think there's even a chance you could have celiac, ask your doc for a blood test right away, before you start experimenting with gluten free. If you don't have it, then you know and can move forward with trying other things.

But if it is celiac, and you go gf first, your test results could be invalid. It's important to know if its celiac because there are co-existing conditions and deficiencies that need to be looked out for. And cross contamination is a very serious concern for all celiacs, where it is not as serious for most (not all) gluten allergies.

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Posted: 4/27/2013 10:02:43 AM
I think it's not healthy to self-diagnose.

choose a health practitioner and start there. there are many conditions that cause bloating, and gluten intolerance is only one.

I read that gluten intolerance is pretty uncommon.

if you cut out a whole food group (grains) you rob yourself of essential nutrients and fiber.

Have you checked out with the doctor/health practitioner what might have changed in your diet/life lately? constipation can surely cause bloating for me.

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Posted: 4/27/2013 10:49:48 AM
After much testing, and eliminating both dairy and gluten, DD's doctors have ruled out pretty much everything except IBS. She can't tolerate lactose but she can do lactose free dairy stuff, so it's not the milk proteins that are and issue and she's been having gluten again with no noticeable change in symptoms....she still does eat some gluten free protducts just because she likes them.

This can be a complicated issue to solve so I'd make sure you're working with a doctor as there are a lot of things they can test to rule out...


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Posted: 5/3/2013 3:46:43 PM

if you cut out a whole food group (grains) you rob yourself of essential nutrients and fiber.

Sorry to BBT on this, but I couldn't let this untruth go. I hope you understand that Gluten is in Wheat, Rye, and Barley. Rice, Oats, Corn, etc., or usually ok. I'm not cutting out a whole food group.


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Posted: 5/3/2013 3:51:45 PM

I read that gluten intolerance is pretty uncommon.

It's actually much more common than you'd think. It's just gone unrecognized for a long time. We're lucky now that doctors are more aware of it and let likely to toss out the IBS card when faced with any digestive issues.

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