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Posted 5/5/2013 by Caitlynsmommy in General Scrappin'


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October 2010
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Posted: 5/5/2013 7:52:30 AM
So who didn't finish/get to scrap yesterday and is going to be doing some today! ME ME ME!

Come and chat with us!!!!

Happy extended NSD!

What are going to be working on? Project Life? Challenges? Mini albums? Cards? Layouts? Mothers Day gifts?

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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March 2002
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Posted: 5/5/2013 7:57:05 AM
I'm going to continue trying out some TwoPeas and SG challenges. First I gotta have my second cup of coffee, feed the dog and husband (before he heads out to work) and get the oldest out the door for church (she didn't go with the family yesterday).

My pages are for my long-running chronological family album. I should go and count those...I've got to be nearing (if not surpassed) 50!


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March 2010
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Loc: London, UK

Posted: 5/5/2013 8:00:48 AM
I intend to be here this afternoon and early evening (2pm UK time now). I am continuing with the 2Peas Challenges and will also check out some of the challenges on Shimelle's blog.
In the UK we always have Mother's day on the fourth Sunday in Lent (this is when girls in service were allowed to go home to visit their Mothers, and the tradition of the date has continued), so for us it is time to start thinking about Father's Day.


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March 2001
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Loc: Northwest Missouri

Posted: 5/5/2013 8:05:23 AM
Me Me Me!!!! I had to work yesterday so today is NSD for me. I am going to be working on layouts for our family album and maybe a few for my grandkids personal albums. Right now just waitin for the hubby to get up so I can get in the bedroom to scrap!!!!!


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February 2012
Posts: 2,407
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Posted: 5/5/2013 8:09:41 AM
I'm going to try to get some scrapbooking done. I want to, but everytime I fiddle with the photos and paper, I just get sidetracked with real life, haha.

Maybe by tonight I'll have some worked on.


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April 2011
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Posted: 5/5/2013 8:10:11 AM
More scrappy fun for me today. I have a few hours to work on a gift album.


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October 2010
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Loc: in the trenches of motherhood

Posted: 5/5/2013 8:12:16 AM
YAY! I am not alone!

So for Mothers day, if you are making something, what are you making? I am stumped and behind


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April 2002
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Posted: 5/5/2013 8:24:55 AM
I am going to try and get in my scrap space and create a page or two. Yesterday, was post op day 2 and I just couldn't quite make it work.
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April 2007
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Loc: Midwest

Posted: 5/5/2013 8:28:01 AM
I am! I have two project life pages in progress and want to try and finish them up today. I scrapped a little yesterday too, but had to work till mid afternoon so I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. But here's to more fun!

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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October 2008
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Posted: 5/5/2013 8:28:42 AM
I think I'm going to celebrate NSD next week, or maybe Thursday this week, so I will be continuing for a long time!


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November 2003
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Loc: East Tennessee

Posted: 5/5/2013 8:31:07 AM
I had such a productive day yesterday, I'm going to try to keep the mojo going today I'm working on more 2peas challenges and some SG challenges (deadline tonight), and of course I have to do my FauxLOAD layout!!!

Is this an instrument of torture or communication?

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October 1999
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Loc: Long Island

Posted: 5/5/2013 8:40:01 AM
I'm scrapping today!


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September 2005
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Layouts: 85
Loc: somewhere over the rainbow

Posted: 5/5/2013 8:41:48 AM
ME! I got one page done yesterday, surprised I got that done with the SG chat going on. Today I need to focus and get more done. I'm aiming for 3 pages, we shall see if that actually happens.

Peapod in Oz

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October 2006
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Loc: in a twister

Posted: 5/5/2013 8:44:41 AM
Me! I have a couple layouts to finish. Should be cleaning lol. Have to go to a birthday party for my MIL later.


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September 2006
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Loc: central ca

Posted: 5/5/2013 8:57:00 AM
me! yesterday was a run-around day, started with babysitting the grandbaby and ending with a jewlery party at dil's house...so after church today is my NSD.

I think I'm going to go back and do the May Challenge.


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September 2006
Posts: 3,632
Layouts: 19
Loc: central ca

Posted: 5/5/2013 8:57:00 AM
me! yesterday was a run-around day, started with babysitting the grandbaby and ending with a jewlery party at dil's house...so after church today is my NSD.

I think I'm going to go back and do the May Challenge.

Dana D
Jeepers PEApers

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May 2002
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Loc: Central NY

Posted: 5/5/2013 8:57:00 AM
Hi girls! Count me in for some scrapping today... not quite as much as yesterday, but a layout or two for sure!


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August 2002
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Loc: Florida

Posted: 5/5/2013 10:04:06 AM
I scrapped yesterday but I'm scrapping today as well. Finished up an album yesterday (Annabelle's first year of Daisies) and am catching up Cathleen's Cadette album (she just finished her second year)


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December 2012
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Posted: 5/5/2013 10:13:14 AM
I will be joining in the scrapping fun later this afternoon/evening. I had to work yesterday and have a wedding to attend this afternoon, but as soon as I'm home I'm kicking off the dress shoes and changing and retreating to the basement to work on our wedding album. We were married last August and just now got our wedding photos back (long story). I'm looking forward to being creative for awhile.


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December 2002
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Loc: Clarksburg, Maryland

Posted: 5/5/2013 10:24:37 AM
Me! I went to a crop yesterday... didn't get much done! LOL Maybe I'll be more productive today


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March 2012
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Loc: Carrollton, VA

Posted: 5/5/2013 10:36:42 AM
Me! Just did the Day 5 challenge while the boys were napping. Hoping to head to Michael's today and then do at least one more layout during their afternoon nap.
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December 2000
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Loc: Kansas

Posted: 5/5/2013 10:39:10 AM
I want to but not sure if I will get to. Maybe later today.


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July 2005
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Loc: Under The Stars

Posted: 5/5/2013 10:56:55 AM
I'm hoping to. I was up until 3:45am cutting and misting. (it's 9:00am now) If my teenager and toddler will play with each other, I'll be in my scraproom finishing up challenges I started.


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February 2005
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Loc: Alabama

Posted: 5/5/2013 11:37:01 AM
ME! I just finished my second challenge for today. I have 2 more that I want to get done today...we'll have to see how that goes


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March 2010
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Loc: Denmark

Posted: 5/5/2013 11:48:27 AM
I just started today. Was in the garden yesterday. Just finished my first Challenge and have to take a picture and upload it.
Great to be so inspired. It's dinner time here in Denmark and then it's back to scrapping
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Peapod in Oz

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October 2006
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Posted: 5/5/2013 11:55:16 AM
Ok I finished the layouts that I was working on. Now have to go and do laundry,clean up my scrap desk and go to party. Was called to come into work on Monday which is my day off so play time is done for me. have fun ladies and be creative Bye!

black eyed pea with soul!

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May 2001
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Loc: LI, NY

Posted: 5/5/2013 11:56:21 AM
I'm working on at least 2 layouts today and have to add journaling to another. I went to an 11 hour crop and only did 1.5 LOs. It was pretty fun though!


PeaNut 280,006
October 2006
Posts: 170
Layouts: 0

Posted: 5/5/2013 11:58:44 AM
I am celebrating NSD today. I have a friend coming over after church and we are going to scrap the day away! So looking forward to it!


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January 2009
Posts: 1,520
Layouts: 614
Loc: Sunny Florida

Posted: 5/5/2013 12:18:20 PM
Just finished another layout - I'm trying to make them do double duty for the challenges here and at Big Picture.

Drama Pea

PeaNut 70,463
February 2003
Posts: 10,366
Layouts: 161
Loc: Pea-ing from Orlando, Fl.

Posted: 5/5/2013 12:31:35 PM
I'm at work today and am working on a challenge layout between shows!!
I got two done yesterday but haven't been able to upload yet... I had fun jumping in the two chats I did yesterday tho!
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June 2011
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Loc: Mississippi, USA

Posted: 5/5/2013 12:42:58 PM
I am! Had to attend some familly wedding events yesterday so didn't get a bunch done. and today sore throat and stuffy head! I think I am about to take some meds and a lie down! So glad we have a week to play!


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June 2008
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Loc: Enjoying the summer sun!

Posted: 5/5/2013 12:53:03 PM
I scrapped all day yesterday...at a 12 hour crop. But I didn;t get a chance to do any of the challenges here...so that's what I'm doing today!

mama nay

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February 2005
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Loc: in the sunshine

Posted: 5/5/2013 1:04:46 PM
I scrapped all day yesterday. Today is finishing up those layouts and then peaing and maybe doing a few more challenges.

peaing from my beach room

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April 2004
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Loc: Northern Indiana...Fighting Irish Country

Posted: 5/5/2013 1:05:48 PM
Aside from going to M's and picking up some prints from Walgreen's I didn't have a chance to scrap yesterday. Soooo, that's what I'm going to do this evening. It is so beautiful outside that I need to be out there.


PeaNut 228,691
October 2005
Posts: 1,848
Layouts: 4

Posted: 5/5/2013 1:10:53 PM
I am, too! Yesterday, I couldn't tear myself away from the NSD fun and only made two layouts. I'm going to make another layout this afternoon after I go to the grocery store.

Now that I'm here, I have nothing clever to say!

PeaNut 144,090
April 2004
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Loc: In the land of the Giant Trees

Posted: 5/5/2013 1:28:15 PM
I didn't get much done yesterday, only one 2pager, and started another LO that I just finished this AM. I have some household stuff to do today, hope to get back to my scrap room this evening and get to another LO for a challenge.

ETA: it was hard to scrap AND visit the gallery and message boards yesterday


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April 2011
Posts: 276
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Loc: Cumming, GA

Posted: 5/5/2013 1:38:02 PM
i've been sick and haven't felt like doing anything at all.. but i have been online a little just seeing what everyone else is doing.

question - in past years, challenges were up for a week. i'm not seeing that this year.. oh no!.. is it true?

if nothing else, i think i will go through my nearly 1,000 photos from our trip to belgium and france last summer.. i made a cute travel journal and never put any photos in it, because i was so overwhelmed with how many i took! first step i think = organization. i should be able to come up with a few memorable photos to stick in there. now to see if i can remember the order we did it all in... YIKES. (note - if you're doing a travel journal, do it WHILE you are TRAVELING!) at least some of the notetaking part.)


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June 2006
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Loc: Virginia

Posted: 5/5/2013 1:46:16 PM
Didn't get much scrap time yesterday, so today I'm going to try and finish the Animal Kingdom portion of my Disney album, and at least get started on the Epcot pages.


PeaNut 577,699
January 2013
Posts: 412
Layouts: 14

Posted: 5/5/2013 2:22:55 PM
More layouts for me today if I can the littlest to take a nap sometime soon! I think this is my new favorite holiday!!!
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Garden Girl

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November 2005
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Loc: Canada

Posted: 5/5/2013 2:24:54 PM
I'm making tonight my big scrappy night. Company over this weekend made it impossible to really enjoy the day for the holiday it is. lol

But I'm going to crank some music and get my scrap on tonight! Or.. you know, just putter around in my room pretending I'm actually completing projects...


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June 2007
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Loc: the belly button of IL

Posted: 5/5/2013 2:29:58 PM
Had a family wedding yesterday so today is play day!

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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December 2003
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Loc: Isanti, MN

Posted: 5/5/2013 4:05:49 PM
I shopped today at the girls store and at the boys store. Spend alot but got some things I've been wanting.

Buying my cameo today. Can't wait to get that up and running.

Sylvia in MN


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December 2000
Posts: 397
Layouts: 0

Posted: 5/5/2013 4:15:00 PM
I am. I finished up a page today before I have to go into work tonight.. My grand total of pages for NSD is .... 1!!! I enjoyed doing it though and I used up some of my scraps. Used 5 different patterned papers.

k d girl

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February 2003
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Loc: southern california

Posted: 5/5/2013 5:39:33 PM
ME! I only got one page done and started another one. So I will do a little today, but I have next week off so I hope to gets lots done all week!
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